How to learn to save


In the article How to learn to save money? Many recommendations were given. But there are more of them! Therefore, this article continues to talk about how you can save money.

Learning to save: proven methods

  • There are many programs on the Internet, where you can keep your home accounting, given the income and expenses. Such programs are completely safe (on well-known sites), and they will vividly show you your financial picture. In addition, many such programs show as a percentage what you spend the most. Some versions will even show you charts.

  • After receiving a salary, arrange it in piles. You can make paper envelopes. In one we put money on payment of utilities, in the other - money for food, and so on. Experimentally, it was found that those who lay out the salary into piles spend less money than those who keep all the money together.
  • A great way to save money. Open a savings account at a bank branch that is away from your home and place of work. In accounting at work agree that the accountant will transfer a certain amount from the salary to this account. The calculation is simple. There is no money that you can’t see or hold in your hands, as if there wasn’t. It’s inconvenient to drive far away every time to withdraw this money. Thus, a decent amount will accumulate over time in your bank account.
  • Think about what you would like to save. This may be the acquisition of furniture, a trip to the sea or buying a new car. Whatever the goal - it should be pleasant for you. When you save for something concrete, introducing yourself as the owner of this thing, you can easily refuse to buy unnecessary details.
  • Refuse to buy semi-finished products. They are much more expensive than raw foods, and also harmful to the body. It is better to spend extra half an hour near the stove, besides saving money.
  • Going to the supermarket, do not take a grocery cart near the entrance. Take the basket. Its severity will not allow you to wander for a long time between the shelves, besides, the basket fits less, and you do not grab too much.
  • Give your loved ones hand-made gifts. Of course, this is not about plasticine crafts and cartoons. There are many beautiful things you can do yourself. For example, beautiful flower pots, or scrapbooks (for more details, see Paper Scrapbooking).
  • Do not buy what you do not need right now. If you buy something in reserve, you will most likely throw it away with time. This also applies to products and cosmetics and other unnecessary details.
  • Do not leave the cashier until you recheck the check. It often happens that the “program” scores on the check an extra position that you pay without buying. Recently, cases of another type of fraud at the box office. There are several items in your check. The sum of each of them is correct, but the total amount is not calculated correctly. Guess in whose favor!
  • Before you make any major purchase, do not rush. Gather about her maximum possible information. Browse similar products in stores in your city, find out the prices in them. Make a final purchase only after you make sure - the lowest price on this item is in this store.
  • Think about forgotten free fun. Do you like to read and buy all the new books? Why not visit the library at the weekend? Do you prefer to go to the cinema at the weekend? Why not watch the movie online? Go for a walk. Doing so at least a month, you immediately feel how much money has been saved on entertainment.

  • Think about giving up bad habits. If you smoke and quit, calculate how much you will save! On average, a pack of cigarettes costs fifty rubles. If you smoke one pack a day, a month you spend fifteen hundred rubles on cigarettes! And if your husband also smokes, the amount doubles - three thousand rubles. But this money could have been spent on the payment of obligatory payments, or deposited in a piggy bank. In addition, smoking is harmful. So at this point you can save with health benefits.
  • Forget about the habit of visiting stores like "All by .. (5 rub., 10 rub.)" Yes, some products there are indeed cheaper. But there are those that are more expensive than in a regular store. It is thanks to this balance that such shops exist. And your subconscious mind tells you: “You are in a cheap store, take a little more, everything is cheap!”, And you buy something that you could easily do without.
  • If you decide to go on vacation, do not be lazy to track the burning ticket. Yes, you need a lot of patience, but the savings will be very substantial!
  • Never go grocery shopping while being hungry! You will definitely get a lot more products than needed. And in your basket will be present and fast food, which does not lead to savings.
  • If you see a thing in the store, do not rush to purchase it immediately. Well consider it, touch it, but do not buy. When you return home, your emotions will subside and you can calmly think about whether you need this thing now.
  • Do not go to the stores just like that, without a goal, "walk". If you go to the store, having money with you, but aimlessly, it means that you will spend this money on unnecessary goods.

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Now that you have so much invaluable information in your hands on how to learn how to save money, you will be able to control your spending, learn to save and, soon, realize your dream!

Good luck and patience!