How to learn magic

Magic in understanding people is a kind of mystical power that leads to change. With the help of magic, we can turn our dreams into reality. So does magic really exist? Skeptics say that magic is just a consolation for weak people who tend to rely on some higher powers, and not on themselves, while others believe that there is magic, it just does not open to everyone.

Therefore, if you firmly believe that magic does not exist, there is no point in reading further, because any doors open to those who believe in their success and only in this way can we learn magic.

How to let magic into your life?

  • Decide what you need to become a sorceress. Any goal should have some reason, and if you want to learn magic, simply because it is exciting and interesting, then you will lose your fuse too quickly. Even worse, if you want to learn magic for negative purposes, for example, to damage someone or to take a man away from the family. All the bad things that we do come back to us as a boomerang, so do not fill yourself with anger and negative energy. In addition, for any appeal to the dark forces, you will have to give some sacrifice, for example, you will pay for it with your health or relatives will turn away from you.
  • You must fully believe in the existence of magic. Any person has the ability to magic, someone less, someone more. This can be especially seen on small children: if everyone had developed these abilities since childhood, they would have achieved incredible results, but, as a rule, parents focus on the development of very different abilities in their children. But if you are already in adulthood again believe in the existence of magic, then it will be easy for you to let it into your life.
  • Magic is a very broad concept, and if you decide to do this, choose a narrower area. At the same time, focus more on your abilities rather than desires. If you find it difficult to decide what you are more inclined to seek advice from professionals, and after several sessions they will be able to reveal your hidden qualities.
  • When people begin their first steps on the road to magic, they often make one mistake. They study a lot of literature on magic and magic, while not even bothering to check its authenticity, but in vain - because many books do not carry practical benefits, on the contrary, they can only clog your mind. Perhaps this advice will seem strange to you, but in order to learn magic, it is not necessary to read literature on the subject of magic, start with your own self-development. Read books on awareness and personal growth. These wizards are precisely those that stand out from ordinary people, that they have a highly developed intuition and a lot of energy, which can only be achieved through self-improvement.

Fulfillment of desires with the help of magic

Begin to master the magic of small. Surely you have any dreams and desires that you would like to fulfill, but for some reason you do not decide. And you often think that it would be a real magic if all wishes were fulfilled. Think about what you want, but do not limit yourself to anything. You can write your wishes in a separate notebook.

To achieve your desires you need to remember three important conditions:

  • Place in your mind the thought that your goal has already been achieved. Constantly present your desires, but not as something far and unattainable, but as what you already have, and it will definitely attract you.
  • Constantly in a state of love, no matter who. You can be in love with yourself, with your man, with your parents or with life itself. Being in love is magic itself, which helps us to walk confidently through life and in this state everything is much easier for us.
  • Desires must come from the depths of your heart, and not be imposed by society or fashion.

Once you start to fulfill these conditions, the magic will settle in your life, and you will easily get what you want. Then you will only wonder what unknown ways events and things can come into your life. For example, a girl has two cherished desires - to become an actress and visit an exotic island, and she cannot even imagine what ways she can achieve such lofty goals. But if she believes in magic and begins to fulfill these simple conditions, as she begins to approach her goals, they will already seem to her to be so difficult.

On the way to magic, fill your life with passion

To learn magic, fill your life with passion and emotions. What does it mean to fill life with passion? It means doing what you love, what your eyes are burning about. Work should not be a burden, if you go to your work as hard labor, then run from such work. If you are engaged in what you get satisfaction from, then you will always feel inspired and will feel like a magician of your life.

Learn to rejoice - and the magic will come!

Fill your life and heart with joyful moments, then the magic will not hesitate to enter your life. Think about what you experience when some magical moments happen in your life: at such moments, people feel happy, happy, they want to laugh and smile. And if you are in such a state, then according to the law of attraction, magic will attract you.

Well, and perhaps the most important advice to learn magic is to change your perception and attitude to life. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to shovel a mountain of literature or go to distant countries to search for truth to bring magic to your life. Just look at things in a new way, and then the world will shine with other colors.

Believe in the existence of magic, in the possibility of fulfillment of desires, enjoy every day, love the world, and he will answer you in return.

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