How to find a person by phone number


Sometimes there are situations when you need to find a person, knowing only his phone number. This is complicated by the fact that there are not so many legal ways to solve this problem. The state carefully protects private information. But still there are several methods that help calculate a person by phone number without breaking the law. Also in some cases, you can find a location on it.

How to find a subscriber by phone number?

It is necessary to immediately make a reservation - there are few such methods. The main assistant in the search will be the Internet and social networks. Many people, filling profiles Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki, indicate truthful information. You need to drive a phone number into a search engine and view the results. If nothing was found, then try to add a dash between groups of numbers, brackets at the beginning. Use different combinations - number written together, divided into parts. This way you can find data if a person has posted any ads on the network. Sometimes users of social networks put a ban on the indexation of their pages. In this situation, it is worth registering an account in the first of them and enter the necessary number into the internal search on the site. These 2 ways to search are the easiest.

How to find a person by phone number?

Determining the place of residence of the subscriber, having a local phone number, is also not very difficult. You can use the help desk. Previously, special telephone books were issued in which information about the subscriber number was displayed. Usually indicated the address at which the phone number and the name of the person who issued the installation.

How to install the phone number of the owner: the main ways

  1. On the Internet there are sites that help to find a person by phone number for money. Usually the amount varies between 300-500 p. You provide a number, pay the required amount, and you are given data as a result. The disadvantage of this method is that fraudsters can operate through such sites. In most cases, they simply extort money without fulfilling contractual obligations to find contact information. Therefore, you act at your own risk. You can preliminary search online for feedback on the work of the selected site. Also sometimes on the Internet there are ads for the sale of databases.
  2. You can meet the advice to find out the contact person directly through the operators in the salons of cellular communication. From this little will come about, because it's illegal. This information is provided only by the police.

How to find a person by phone number?

Is it possible to determine the location of a person?

The location of the subscriber can be determined by phone code. In this case, the Internet will help us again. Find a website that specializes in determining the region of a phone number. To do this, just drive in all the numbers. The location will indicate the region code.

Sometimes it is necessary to check the local phone number. To determine the region, it is enough to look for decoding the first 4 digits of the number. By the same principle it is possible to determine the country from which the call was made.

Unfortunately, the location of the owner of the phone is found only in emergency cases. Without the permission and official request of the police here you will not manage. If you want to control the movement of relatives, you can use the additional conditions of mobile operators. For example, the MTS has the following options for controlling the movement of users:

Locator - connects only with the consent of 2 subscribers. From your phone you need to send an SMS to 667. It indicates the number of the subscriber and his name. If the person agrees, the service will be activated.

How to find a person by phone number?

Another useful option is the Baby under supervision. The service is connected online from the personal account. In it, on a special map, you can mark areas in which the child is often found. It also prescribes the time when it happens there. After the service is activated, you will be sent notifications about finding a child. It is very convenient when he moves to the 1st and the same places according to a certain schedule. Megaphone has a similar service for determining the location of the subscriber. It is called Navigator. The cost of additional options is determined by the tariff plan of each operator.

Some try to find a location by phone number after his abduction. This can be done, including by knowing the IMEI number. It is a digital combination that helps identify the device. The only problem is that the most effective search can only be carried out with the help of a cellular operator. They, in turn, begin to search only in emergency situations or when the police turn to them.

Just in case, you should know your IMEI number. It is written on a sticker inside the phone. Usually it is fixed on the battery near the SIM card. You can also find out the number by dialing * # 06 #. If you have an iPhone, after purchase you can secure the phone as follows. Sign up for iCloud. Then connect the function - Find a phone.

Finding someone with a phone number is sometimes difficult. The reason is understandable - it is possible to request data from cellular operators only in emergency cases after contacting the police. The legal way to find a person is to find out the number via the Internet. You can also search in social networks. For a successful search, you can try entering different combinations of numbers - through a dash, together and with brackets at the beginning.