How to find a lost phone

Many were faced with the fact that their phone was either stolen or simply lost. This is a very unpleasant situation. Nowadays, mobile is not just a means of communication, but practically a miniature personal computer where a lot of necessary information is stored. What to do if you do not know where your phone is currently?

How to find a stolen phone?

How to find a lost phone?

There are several options to find a phone, the choice depends only on whether you are suspicious about who could have stolen it.

If you are sure that you can tell who took your phone, you should not try to negotiate with the thief to get you back lost in a good way. Immediately contact the police, write a statement about the theft, providing all the documents on the device. If you see that your phone is being sold in used equipment departments or on similar websites, you should immediately make an appointment with the seller, but come there with a police officer. Independently buy mobile, and then go to the police should not be.

Worse when you do not know who the thief is. In this case, they resort to the innovations of technical progress. The missing phone is searched by the IMEI code. This is the unique identifier of your mobile. But first you need to contact the police with a statement about the loss, as the cellular operators of this code provide information only to law enforcement agencies. Having an IMEI code is easy to find the location of the phone.

What if the phone is turned off?

To find a phone, in most cases, they simply call it. Well, what if the mobile is turned off or broken: what to do in such a situation? First of all, remember the picture of your movements, where and how did you go with the phone, where and what did you put? Consider all the little things, they can help. It is possible that the device has fallen down somewhere or lies in a prominent place, but you simply do not notice it. If memories don't help you, go to standby mode. If the phone has an alarm, it will react in any case, and you will find it at the signal. If not, you have to count on the case.

How to find a lost phone?

As you can see, there are many ways and methods to find a stolen and lost phone. Modern technologies make it more likely that the device will be safe and sound. Before you start using your mobile (if you have an android), take care of its safety. It is not so difficult and does not take much time. If you have a regular phone, follow simple safety rules. Do not leave the device unattended in public places, but at home put it in the same place.

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