How to choose rare and beautiful names for girls with a

When choosing a name for a girl, young parents often diligently look for not only the most beautiful option, preferably, not too often appearing on hearing, because you want the child to be special; but with a pleasant interpretation. It is believed that the name is able to determine the fate of the baby, and therefore it is worth a responsible approach to this issue.

Rare and beautiful Orthodox names for girls with interpretation

Some young parents still maintain a long tradition of giving the child a name according to the calendar date, but now it no longer depends on the day on which the baby was born - only on the personal preferences by which the heavenly patron is chosen. Even here there are a lot of unfairly forgotten names, which at first glance may seem completely non-Orthodox.

Rare and beautiful Orthodox names for girls

  • Augusta. From the new martyr Augusta Zashchuk and from the Roman Empress. The meaning of the name is royal, sacred, majestic. The bearer of such a name will have strong determination and strong will, self-love, emotional stability. Possible option - Augustine.
  • Agnia. One of the variants of the name Anna, from the Roman maiden, but the name is Greek. The meaning of the name is immaculate, pure. There is a different interpretation - fiery. A girl with that name will be open to others, sensitive, sociable, it is easy for her to adapt to the circumstances.
  • Alevtina. Variant named Valentine, from the Palestinian martyr. It has Latin origin, the name meaning is strong. Despite this interpretation, the owner has a softness and tact, dreaminess, a tendency to act rather than deliberate.
  • Anatolia. Female version of the name Anatoly, the Roman martyr. Name of Greek origin, interpreted as Eastern. His bearer is shy, has a subtle nature, fair, easily finds a common language with others.
  • Angelina. According to the Serbian queen, of Greek origin; the interpretation of the name is a messenger, an angel. A name with a strong energy, its owner is a passionate nature, easily addicting, self-interested, active and self-willed.
  • Antonina. Name of Greek origin, meaning - opposing, praiseworthy, entering into battle. There are versions of "wide" and "spacious." Corresponding to the main interpretation, the bearer of the name has a desire to rule and direct, to be the hostess in the house, but with no less activeness she gives love to loved ones, welcomes guests, helps parents at a young age.
  • Glafira. Name of Greek origin, after the Maid of Amasia. The meaning of the name is slim, smooth, elegant, thin, beautiful. Externally, a girl may seem closed - rarely giving a smile, strict, collected, but she is curious, a frequent guest in other people's houses, hardworking, but it is not easy to come together with her in opinions.
  • Domnica. The name is of Latin origin, the name is interpreted as "belonging to the Lord," "Lord." Its owner is purposeful, persistent in any actions and thoughts, executive, can make rash decisions. In any company, it will be its center due to internal strength and cheerfulness.
  • Eve. Initially from the great mother, also from Abbess Pavlova. The etymology of the name - giving life, breath. The bearer of the name of a two-faced: for those around her, sweet and docile, for loved ones - capricious, persistent. Capable of science, but has no desire for them. It is inconstant and does not tolerate control over itself, but it likes to build someone else’s life.
  • Euphrosinia. The Greek name, very common in the calendar, came from charity fun. The interpretation of the name - joy, grace, fun. The girl will be energetic, lively, noisy, but assiduous, easy to learn. Her friends are almost always of the opposite sex, but she does not seek marriage: she is interested in science.
  • Zoe. Name of Greek origin, in the meaning of "life", equivalent to Eve. His bearer is tender and dreamy, insightful, active, able to become a ringleader in a company, but has a very vulnerable psyche, and even reproaches from parents can be very painful for her.
  • John's. A Hebrew name meaning "God's grace", "God's gift", "God pardoned". The modern version is the name of Joan, absent in the calendar. The owner of the name is stubborn, but attentive to others, good, but cocky. It is not easy to communicate with her, sometimes she seems quarrelsome and domineering, but she is a faithful wife and friend, a loving daughter.
  • And I. A truncated version of the name Evdokia, of Greek origin, but the interpretation comes from the Georgian. The etymology of the name is "violet". The character of his carrier only superficially correlates with the interpretation - quiet and restrained in public, calm, obedient even at home, the girl can stand up for herself, and not only verbally, talented and artistic, with a wide range of interests.
  • Pelagia. The Greek name, interpreted as Marina - "sea", "sea coast". The owner of such a name is a complete mystery to others, no matter how well they know it. She has a non-standard thinking, the girl is balanced and thoughtful, has high requirements for a life partner, is persistent, but only when necessary.
  • Taisiya. The name of Greek origin, can have Egyptian roots, according to etymology - "wise", "fertile", "generous". Its carrier is easy-going, mixed, careful in words, but it can also besiege her who took advantage of her gentleness. Affectionate, gentle nature coexists with cunning.

Beautiful and rare Russian names for girls and their meaning

It is worth saying that there are practically no purely Russian names - even those that are considered Slavic, for the most part, are of Greek or Jewish origin. Nevertheless, they were rooted among Russian names, which allowed them to be included in this list.

Beautiful and rare Russian names for girls and their meaning

  • Aglaia. From ancient Greek - "beautiful", "radiant", "magnificent", "brilliant". In accordance with the etymology, the fate of the owner of the name is often formed: she has always been in the center of attention since childhood: the natural charm and mystery are to blame. At the same time, the girl treats people with caution, calm, collected, easily controls her emotions.
  • Aksinya. The etymology of the name is "guest", "stranger". In some ways, the character of the name corresponds to its interpretation - a girl from an early age stands out among her peers with self-esteem and a desire to defend her opinion, which often gives rise to conflicts - she should immediately be treated like an adult. The girl is quick-tempered, intelligent, striving for independence in all spheres.
  • Bogdana. The truncated form is Dana, the etymology of the name is "God given." His carrier is artistic and impulsive, but at the same time hardworking, sometimes even too serious about work. Executive, responsible, caring. The main quality of the girl is to see only the good in any phenomenon or person.
  • Vitalina. An alternative version of the names of Vitaly and Vita, meaning "full of life." Because of the education from a male name, the girl often suffers from "non-female" hobbies and occupations, which affects even the profession. At the same time, she is feminine, inconstant, caring, but in every way avoids household chores. She is amorous and windy, but becomes a faithful wife.
  • Vladislav. The female version of the name Vladislav, meaning "owning fame." The owner of the name is quick-witted, energetic, independent and independent, seeks to lead in everything, but is not inclined to command and rule. She has a positive outlook on life and an eternal smile, although sometimes it becomes a cause for conflict.
  • Yesenia. The etymology of the name is "beautiful", "spring wind". By the nature of this gentle, sophisticated nature, able to show boldness and perseverance in certain circumstances. She does not tolerate the command, is always mindful, inconstant - nothing can carry her for long. She attracts any interlocutor with her energy, but it is not easy to communicate with her if you do not accept that the nature of the girl will not change.
  • Inessa. Name of Latin origin, meaning "rapid flow." Nature is changeable than the sea surface: in childhood she is calm and quiet, with age the girl becomes tough and persistent, able to show character and firmness. But internal vulnerability and sensitivity do not go anywhere, she cannot escape from deep feelings and uncertainty.
  • Mayan. Dedicated to the goddess of spring and being equivalent to the Greek Demeter, the name has the meaning "mother", "nurse". The girl has many talents, but rarely she realizes them, the liveliness of her character does not allow for a long time to strive in one direction, the intransigence to find compromises in disputes. The owner of the name is charismatic, feminine, sharp on the tongue, does not like criticism in his address.
  • Miloslav. The old Slavic name, in the meanings "sweet", "glorious". Nevertheless, his bearer, though appeasable and balanced, usually grows a very strong-willed woman. Energetic, has a good intuition, easily forgets insults, friendly, wise. In disputes, makes a decision after careful analysis, does not throw words to the wind.
  • Seraphim. Given by the name of the archangel, the name means "fiery", "burning", "torch". The bearer of the name is meticulous and picky, demanding of herself and others, but optimistic and not inclined to look for problems where there are none. She acutely carries the negative in her address, acts impulsively, sometimes regretting later. To close people attentive and responsive.
  • Ulyana. By origin the name is Roman, from Julius Caesar. The etymology of the name - "divine", "unearthly." Nature is broad, but sensitive, easily addicting, not having a penchant for science. Despite the external balance, inside the girl - a real fire, which goes only to loved ones. Uncompliant in their decisions, but absolutely not purposeful.

Should I rely on the meanings of names when choosing them? Astrologers claim that the name is only a part of the factors influencing the person’s fate, therefore, there is no need to refuse the attracted version only because of some qualities in its interpretation. When imposing other factors, a child’s life may change dramatically.

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