How to choose an electric razor for a man as a gift

To present a gift is a simple matter, but to make an impression by choosing the ideal option is much more difficult. For most girls, a headache is caused by a search for the actually needed present for their man. Most do not bother and make a choice in favor of the classic options (perfumes, underwear, cigars, etc.). But this is not interesting, especially for a man. If you want to surprise, buy the right gift.

Electric shaver is a win-win

Using an electric shaver frees extra time in the morning. It is convenient, comfortable and safe. Most men would like to look perfect, but do not want to spend time on it, especially in the morning when you want to sleep so much. The problem is solved by a good electric shaver, which quickly does its job.

How to choose an electric razor for a man as a gift?

Subtleties of choice

If a man has never used an electric razor, then the choice will be wider, but you should pay attention to those models that are designed for sensitive skin. As practice shows, the initial use of an electric shaver causes skin irritation.

If the man is a confident user of the razor, you should pay attention to a similar model, which your chosen one is already exploiting. Most males love stability and consistency. Although you need to take into account one nuance when the razor does not fit a man. Then you need to pay attention to other models with appropriate functions.

Where to buy a battle?

The sale of electric razors is so common that no problems should arise on the way to the perfect gift. Shops of household goods and electronics are in every city in sufficient quantities.

It is much more convenient to choose among the offers online storeov Advantage number 1 - range. You can select several favorite models with the desired set of functions and then compare. Reading the characteristics, reviews and comments, you can choose the most worthy gift. Most online stores provide a few photos in which you can examine the product in detail from all angles.

Electric shavers for gift

Electric shavers for gift

If you want to donate a reliable model that will be indispensable and reliable, pay attention to proven brands (Panasonic, Braun, Philips) and do not save on the purchase. Below is a selection of good models that will be the perfect gift for men.

  1. Philips PT 870. Quickly and effectively doing its job. By means of the device it is possible to forget about uncomfortable feelings forever while working with a razor. Three heads perfectly cope with their task. Designed for dry shaving. With its help, you can gently trim your mustache, beard and sideburns.
  2. Braun 4745. Used net shaving system for dry and wet type. The bristles are cut with vibrating blades. Three shaving heads work very effectively, carefully treating hair. The model ideally repeats bends, therefore guarantees a good result. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. Panasonic ES LA83. Grid system with wet / dry type shaving. Feature of the model - the handle, which is convenient to fit in the hand. Shaving heads have vertical vibration, providing high quality work. The kit includes a cartridge, which is enough at least 40 times. Blades are made of durable steel, sharpened at an angle of 30 degrees.
  4. Braun Cruzer. Rotary mechanism with two heads. Hair shave with high speed. After shaving, a rather soft bristle is formed, which does not cause any special problems. The head works simultaneously in 4 directions. Used environmental battery.
  5. Philips AT 890. Provides a perfectly smooth shave thanks to the Aquatec special sealing system. Razor raises hairs on its own to make the process easier. Easy to rinse under running water. Three moving shaving heads are used.

Describe options for electric razors can be indefinitely, but the choice should always be individual. Knowing the preferences of men, you can choose the perfect gift.

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