How to choose a steamer for clothes


Some types of clothing are made of such delicate fabrics that can only be steamed to give them a well-groomed look. In other cases, steaming clothes allows you to quickly reach the ironed look of any item of clothing.

For the effect to truly meet expectations, to choose the right steamer for clothes and get acquainted with the existing rules of choice.

Clothing steamer: how to choose?

Steamers of clothes appeared quite recently, but every day they begin to make a serious competition to ordinary irons, even with a large number of functions.

How to choose a steamer for clothes?

In addition to their direct functions, the steamer helps to cope with old pollution, to disinfect toys and fabrics, clean any surfaces, eliminate unpleasant odors and even destroy dust mites. And similar results can be achieved without the use of chemicals, in an absolutely environmentally friendly and clean way.

Answer the following important questions:

  1. Why do you need a steamer: for domestic or professional use when processing clothes?
  2. What features do you need most often?
  3. How much can you pay for a steamer for clothes?
  4. What is most important in it: functionality or ergonomics?

Answers to these questions are also necessary if you choose a steamer for yourself and as a gift.

When choosing any device, including a steamer for clothing for both professional and household use, it is necessary to pay attention to the basic parameters inherent in any technique and determining the type of a particular model.

Clothes Steamer Selection Parameters

  • For the steamer, the most important parameters will be power, water tank volume, ergonomics, dimensions, functionality and additional options.
  • By power clothing steamers are divided into 2 groups: with a power above 1800 Watts, which makes the steamer versatile, allowing you to cope with 97% of fabrics, and with a power below 1800 Watts, when a steamer can steam almost all fabrics except thick jeans, blankets, winter jackets and down jackets .
  • The more powerful the steamer, the higher its price. For the house, you can purchase a steamer of any capacity, but the most powerful one will cope with the task much faster. For owners of clothing stores or studios, it is better to choose steamers with a capacity higher than 1800 watts.

How to choose a steamer for clothes?

  • Tank capacityfor a steamer it is not as important as power, but it’s still worth paying attention to it. Large tank capacity increases its size and weight, but allows for a longer time of continuous operation. A steamer with a small tank is more compact, but it will have to be constantly filled with water, which will require more time and effort.
  • DimensionsThe steamer is very important, because it is much more convenient to keep it assembled, at any time to turn on and process any clothing. For storage in the hallway, you can pick up a device with a narrow body, and the manual one is suitable for use on the road, when you need to tidy up an evening dress or suit, besides, it can easily fit in a bag, thanks to its compact size.
  • Concerning ergonomics, now there are a number of models differing in vertical design, retractable hose and hangers. The main disadvantage of such steamers is their small tank. The manual otparivatel allows to process curtains and curtains with ease, at the same time it is not necessary to pull all design together with it.

Rules for choosing a steamer for clothes

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing is multimode device, meaning the ability to switch between powers. Multimode on the steamer is necessary so as not to burn the delicate thing. Without low power to which this device can be switched, things can be damaged.
  • Also, multi-mode is necessary if the thing is dense, because without switching to a powerful mode, steaming the thing will not work well. The multimode steamer is characterized by the ability to adjust the level of steam saturation. But most often, in practice, mainly the maximum mode is used, which makes the multi-mode steamer work as a single-mode one, while it costs much more.
  • There is an opinion that a multi-mode steamer is more appropriate for a tailoring studio, and when used in everyday life it is better to stop the choice on a single-mode one with a fixed level of steam saturation. But here everyone has to choose independently, taking into account individual needs.
  • Next you should look atpresence of additional tools or options. Special tools in the form of different brushes allow you to provide more convenient cleaning of things, it is the shirts or collars that can be stripped off.

How to choose a steamer for clothes?

  • Last but not least is steamer convenience, which provide its additional features. A telescopic stand, a hose with an internal spring or a light indicator for water are just some of the things that help you to steam out your clothes without much difficulty. The convenient otparivatel guarantees many years of comfortable work with it.

The selection of the steamer begins with the answer to the question what it will be used for. If for ironing and cleaning after fitting, a low-powered and small steamer is suitable, andif for permanent use in everyday life, it is better not to save money and choose for yourself a high-quality and multifunctional device. Each buyer has the right to decide for himself which steamer for clothes is best to choose, but in order to avoid any difficulties in the future when using it, it is best to study the rules for choosing this useful device.