How reading affects intellectual development

Modern lifestyle dictates a certain rhythm. Woman in the modern world performs many functions. Being extremely busy with everyday problems, a woman completely forgets about the need for education, raising her intellect. It is considered more important to improve your body: fitness, yoga, visiting the spa.

This is of course necessary, but the highest value for a person is intelligence. But can a modern woman be blamed for lack of attention to her own mental development?

If sociologists had compiled a table of priorities for a modern woman, she would have looked like this:


Work, the pursuit of career success


Family, close relatives


health and beauty



In the first place, of course, career. It is extremely easy to explain. The cherished desire of any modern woman is independence, including material. A financially free woman can not only feed herself, but also ensure a comfortable existence for her children and parents. The next priority in the table is the family. For all modernity, the woman still remembers the importance of the family, the creation of the hearth. Beauty and health is not available to everyone. Someone does not have extra time, and someone does not want money, but still the vast majority of women regularly attend beauty salons. As for leisure, it can not be called regular, informative, necessary. Many people believe that spa and fitness, manicure and beautician are leisure, that is, free time. This is the deepest fallacy! Leisure - free time for rest from family, work and beauty procedures, which can be dedicated to self-education.

How does reading affect intellectual development?

Why do I need it?

Each may ask: "Why do I need it? What will it give me? After all, I have everything I need!" Yes, quite rightly, but there is no limit to perfection! If you think well about what takes precious time of leisure, it becomes obvious, it is wasted, does not bring benefits. Watching a TV show that turns a thinking person into a stupid animal or talking for hours with fresh news friends does not bring moral satisfaction. This is just a bulwark of habit, firmly entrenched in our consciousness. Irritability, poor health, nervous breakdowns have their own well-known reasons, among which are “habitual leisure”! Over the years, there is a sense of moral and moral exhaustion. And given the speed of development of science and technology, a woman who has been buried, has gone into everyday routine, can feel like a black sheep. Then it will generally cease to fully live, communicate, develop. This is a direct path to scandalous transfers, gossip and as a result - problems in your personal life, complete degradation. Therefore, to develop mentally is very useful. Not only for the highest praise of others, but first and foremost for myself.

I have no time, I am too busy and will not give up old habits

This terrible thesis! Unfortunately, women can think so. The biggest nonsense is no time. One has only to start doing something new as a new graph appears in the diary. Among the many cases you can find an hour to read, visit a museum or an exhibition. As for old habits, building them into a cult is not permissive retrograde! Habits need to get rid of. They can be harmful or even dangerous! The modern woman should keep up with the times, and not cultivate old habits

What is the best place to start?

The most interesting, useful and informative in the process of self-education is reading. The time spent for a fascinating literary work, trains attention, memory, develops imagination and creative thinking, increases literacy, expands vocabulary. In addition, reading allows you to think broadly, and openly, objectively and logically.

Your guide is a literary classic. Ranging from love and ending deeply philosophical. But it should be remembered that the "gutter novels" that are in great demand among women are not classics! This is a pathetic parody of literature! Reading such love nonsense, you will not develop, but quite the opposite. In the "novels of artisanal genre" absolutely no choice! One story, one story, but different character names. The world classic literature is quite another matter! You can choose from Russian classics or from foreign literary masterpieces. Historical adventures, detective stories, poems and novels, poems and prose - a huge choice for every taste! Now everyone has access to the Internet, almost everyone has a laptop or computer, so it’s not necessary to carry a book with them. You can simply follow the link, discover and enjoy your favorite piece. This is especially useful if the work consists of several volumes. I think that you will be interested in the works of the French classic Alexander Dumas or the English writer Edgar Poe. Detective Chase may be of interest.

Literary Tips

For speed selection I advise you to visit the following sites. They will help you to product to your taste -;;

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I think that reading will become an indispensable part of your holiday, it will interest and entice. Intellectual development is important for your self-esteem and the opinions of others. After all, a modern woman is not only a successful business woman, a mother who is able to keep up with everything at once, but also an intelligent, knowledgeable, “savvy” on all issues, an independent and independent whole person!

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