How not to be afraid to drive a car

Since the woman mastered the mechanism called the car, men have not stopped their attacks on the weaker sex, and in all civilized countries can attract it. Since ancient times, it was believed that a woman should stand at the stove in a beautiful apron and cook. She can handle a frying pan, a crepe maker or a toaster, but she no longer has a car.

History shows that a woman can successfully master a car, a tank, a combine (including a kitchen one, which sometimes can not be given to men) and an airplane. Moreover, if desired, it can have any spacecraft at its disposal - it only needs to say that there are 50% discounts on fashionable seasonal boots on Mars now. She will capture her friends and a map of the galaxy, and also will not forget about the discount on other goods, all of a sudden she will be able to save on something else. But still, not all women are so carefree and brave. Some of us are afraid to do many things, and this is normal.

Why are women afraid to drive?

Each woman has several large "fears" that sometimes turn into whole problems, preventing her from developing. Fear of driving a car just from this category. Why are women afraid to drive? There are many reasons: they are afraid of disapproval and ridicule of men, afraid to get into an accident and take the life of a person or animal. These are understandable fears, from which it is better to get rid of immediately, if you decide to become a driver. Get behind the wheel in a panic makes no sense. It is clear that at first every girl and every man, as a beginner, is afraid to drive. Here we are talking about something else. If you are not sure that you will not be able to mentally experience your mistakes on the road, and some of them can be very serious, then you should not even get behind the wheel.

In order to be more understandable, we will explain: there are people who are knocked out of a rut by a collision with a cat or a pigeon. It is better for such hypersensitive individuals not to drive a car, because on your road there will be a lot of pigeons, cats, dogs, and, possibly, people. You cannot control everything and everyone. That is why it is necessary to impose the mission of the driver on the man. By the way, it is not prohibited to have rights for a tick, it is even encouraged, because situations in life are different.

How to stop being afraid to drive?

Where to begin? The question is reasonable. First, tune in to the fact that you decided to become a motorist. You now need more confidence in yourself and your strengths. From now on, you must clearly understand that the responsibility that you now have to experience will be doubled. Now you carry her for your actions, and “for that guy,” because pedestrians are very inattentive. You also need to get used to the fact that in our country, men will treat dismissively and with a grin at the girl drivers.

In order not to experience discomfort, just learn how to drive well. It is quite real. Then men will start to envy you and this will be the highest reward for you, plus you will increase confidence in yourself and in driving a car.

Your next step should be monitoring, and that’s all. If you have a husband or fiancé, ask him to explain the basics to you, you can also involve your dad or older brother. Check the forums of your city and find out which driving school is the most qualified. We advise you not to join the exclusively female group. Believe me, men can draw a lot, both from the automotive field, and from the male psychology, and this is never superfluous.

After you have found a suitable driving school, go and study, moreover, as you have never studied. Remember the motto of the leader of the proletariat and forth. Do not miss the opportunity to gain knowledge. Do not stop at one course. Watch online educational films, meet women car enthusiasts, read specialized literature, find adequate male acquaintances who will respect your hobby with respect. Be in the subject, as they say. And learn to drive in your free time, learn in practice how to drive a car.

After successful training, when you are already in singles ride on highways and highways, do not take your husband with you! According to automotive expert Yuri Geiko, this is a bad thing. In his book "Fools, roads and other features of national driving," by the way, very clearly described the reasons why men should not be taken as companions. We advise you to read. Do not take children with animals. Plus it is better not to be distracted by phones, players, books, lipsticks and mascara. Do not try to paint at the wheel! This is allowed only anecdotal blondes, but not responsible female drivers.

We also advise you not to use your feminine weakness and incompetence in the following automotive moments: do not label yourself! Forget about the stickers that will give you a newbie. Shoes, kettles and God knows what else to leave in the trash. They only hurt. Know that some men are happy to create an emergency situation for a novice woman and watch how she gets out. Not all men differ in such behavior, only a few. But if at least one such reacts to your sticker, you will have a very hard time. Yes, and for a psychological attitude it is better not to glue a yoke, so you will feel your way in a stream of cars, it is better to immediately learn to drive without privileges.

Next, traffic police officers. Their women are no less afraid of maniacs. What's wrong with that? In any case, you will be stopped sooner or later, because there are no sinless drivers. Remember that they are excellent psychologists and can determine the degree of your excitement by sight. Calm If you violated, you have to pay a fine, these are the rules. And if not, then you need to defend your interests in court, but this is another topic for conversation. If a DPS officer seemed suspicious to you, you can memorize or write down his data and check it later. Also, do not forget about the number of the State Traffic Inspectorate's trust service, it should always be in a notebook, and a notebook - at hand.

Finally, remember that you are a girl! You should always be correct and educated, no matter who you are talking to. The automotive world is like the nine circles of hell, especially in our country. But wherever you live, remember: it is better for a fool to give way or to miss it. A second will not play a role, but your mood will be on top, and your life is safe! Ladies, no nail, no greedy rod to you!

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