How much alcohol is held in the body


Some people get very drunk very quickly. Maybe that's why they are trying hard to refuse obsessive offers to drink health at birthdays or other similar events. There are people on whom alcohol acts differently. To really relax, they need to drink quite a lot. But often they do not know the measure.

How long does alcohol stay in the body?

Alcohol can only be taken at home or in the company of good friends. Get behind the wheel, even a little drunk person is strictly prohibited! This is risky not only for the life and health of the person himself, but for the life and health of others!

How much alcohol is held in the body?

Therefore, many people are concerned about the question of how much alcohol is kept in the blood in our body? After how much you can get the owner of the car behind the wheel, if he allowed himself to relax a bit in good company?

Alcohol is eliminated completely from our body in about two weeks. But many drivers will object and say that only a few hours are enough (for example, sleep at night, if you did not drink too much the night before). But even they recognize that alcohol, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, can stay in the human body less or longer. What affects the duration of alcohol in the blood?

What determines the time of removal of alcohol from the body?

How much alcohol will remain in the body of a particular person depends on a number of reasons.

  • The weight of a person. The less weight, the longer the time for removing alcohol from the body. Dependence is inversely proportional.
  • Half a man Alcohol acts on the female sex more strongly, more destructively, and it lasts for about 20% longer than that of the males. About the dangers of alcohol for women, see the article The effect of alcohol on the female body.
  • The age of the person. The younger, the faster alcohol can be removed from the body. Dependence is directly proportional.
  • Dosed liquor. The more taken, the longer the alcohol is eliminated from the body. Dependence is directly proportional.

What determines the time of removal of alcohol from the body?

  • Psychological condition of man. There are cases when a person drinks and, as it seems to him, does not get drunk at all. It means that he is so tense that alcohol acts slowly. However, the more depressed and abnormal the psychological state of a person is, the longer his body will need to remove alcohol from the blood.
  • Type of alcohol. Wine in the blood, on average, lasts 3 times longer than the stronger alcohol - vodka. It is a mistake to consider beer the most harmless kind of alcohol! After all, 1 liter of beer contains as much alcohol as it is contained in 300 g of wine or 100 g of vodka! In addition, beer has a tendency to longer removal from the body than vodka.
  • Percent alcohol. Dependence is directly proportional: the higher the percentage of alcohol, the longer it stays in the body.
  • Health man, his physical condition. Even a young body is unable to remove alcohol from a person’s blood quickly if he is sick. The main issues in this issue are the kidneys and liver. In addition, the elimination of alcohol depends on genetic factors and proceeds individually for each. Many will remember that the morning after an alcoholic feast a headache and a terrible condition (hangover). In healthy and athletic people (and real athletes do not drink at all!) Alcohol is eliminated faster.
  • Satiety. If alcohol is taken on an empty stomach, then intoxication will occur faster, and, accordingly, it will be eliminated from the body faster. Taken on a full stomach alcohol will be displayed longer.
  • What is served for a snack. As a rule, meat products slow down the elimination of alcohol, because they dull the feeling of intoxication. Therefore, be aware that on kebabs with alcohol it is fraught to overdo it! Juices in large quantities help the body to withdraw alcohol. But coffee or tea creates only the appearance of well-being.

Removal of alcohol from the body

How much alcohol is held in the body

After an hour or even half an hour (it all depends on a number of the reasons listed above), the alcohol concentration in the body reaches a maximum level and the process of disintegration and elimination of alcohol begins. First of all, alcohol enters the bloodstream, is spread throughout the body and enters the brain, where it has a destructive effect on the cells of the gray matter.

The process of removing alcohol from the human body occurs at a certain speed. Scientists have calculated that on average in one hour the concentration of alcohol in the blood falls by one to two-tenths of a ppm. And 1 ppm contains 0.5 mg / l (500 µg / l).

Therefore, if you answer the question about the specific time of removal of alcohol from the body, it will, on average, be several hours - 3-8 hours.After 2-3 hours, the main part of the alcohol is removed, the rest - after 8 hours. And the alcohol completely disintegrates after about 1-2 weeks.

Thus, if you plan to go somewhere behind the wheel immediately after the feast (or after 2-3 hours), then in no case do not drink alcohol! It is very dangerous for your own life, and for the lives of your passengers and the people around you!