How i rested for free abroad


I hasten to share with you my incredible story about how I managed to visit the sea, not having a penny. For several years I dreamed about rest, about the sun, about palm trees, about distant countries ... My soul sang when I imagined that I was flying on a plane to where there is always summer, where there are many tourists from different parts of the globe, where I finally I will relax and forget about all the problems. But my reality seemed to laugh at my fantasies - the chances of being in the disturbing heart of the world were zero! There was absolutely no way to do this exactly as desired.

But! For no reason, circumstances began to take shape in such a way that I could not even think of such a turn of events! It so happened that for three years in a row I couldn’t get to the sea: either family troubles, financial difficulties, or vacation for the summer months. Last summer I was close to seeing the Egyptian pyramids, but the young man, in the company with whom I had to spend my vacation, did not inspire confidence, to put it mildly, and I was also afraid of the plane so that the subconscious found a pretext: I caught a cold. And I continued to dream about rest and change of atmosphere. In May of this year, the same man offered a trip to Cyprus. I refused again. But unlike Egypt, which did not attract me, Cyprus was to my liking. In the evening I looked at photos of various resorts in the world, imagined that I was lying in a deck chair under a palm tree and I heard the sound of the sea. For myself, I noted the Maldives, Thailand and Cyprus. I looked at photos of celebrities who had the good fortune to pose against the background of all this beauty. And my mind whispered: "This is not for you! You will never have the opportunity to go there!" I was not very upset: no, no, no ...

The long-awaited summer has come.

A lack of money

In connection with the move to a new place of residence, significant financial investments were required in the arrangement of a cozy atmosphere. Vacation was scheduled in July, and I thought that I would spend it at home, sleep well as I should, put things in order, buy the missing things - there will be no money left for the trip to the sea, and it’s not at all interesting to go alone, even if we do not have enough money. Especially because my old friend took out almost every day to the river. By the end of the first month of summer, they began to ask me where I was resting - this was a tan! Increasingly, a friend asked me if I would go somewhere to rest this year. I kept joking, because the true reason was shameful.

Friend offer

Every day brought me closer to vacation, nothing interesting happened. And somehow my friend, with whom we regularly visited the river, mentioned that his vacation starts in July, too, began to share his thoughts on how to spend it. He told me that his friend lives in Ukraine, invites him for a long time, but somehow he didn’t work out. Arguing about this, asked my advice. I, of course, was in favor. Then he admitted that he would gladly accept the offer of a friend if I made him a company! In my heart I was delighted with this turn of events, but calmly replied that I would think about it.

To go or not

This question became the main for me for a week or two. Doubts were as follows: I never wanted to get to the Sea of ​​Azov, and I didn’t want to devote strangers to my material difficulties, but on the other hand, popular wisdom was recalled: “A bird is better than a crane in the sky!” So I argued with myself, consulted with my sister, friends. But she understood perfectly that the decision had to be made by herself!

Wonderful resolution of the situation

One day, when we were discussing the upcoming trip with a friend, something resisted in me so much that I could not remain silent anymore. I firmly stated that I would not go anywhere, because I need money at all for other needs. He hurried to reassure me that nothing was required of me, only I myself. In principle, there seems to be nothing to argue, but my heart is still hard. Inside, I still decided that I could not accept such an offer. And then my sister called, complained that she broke up with the guy, it would be cool to go somewhere to recover, forget, forget, but going alone is not an option. I still laughed that she had a problem - the lack of a company, and I had a lack of opportunity, to which she replied that we needed to unite and there would be what we needed! After lunch the same day, I sent her the passport details without even asking why they were for her. And so it became clear that my dream was near fulfillment.

Think of a dream, not ways to achieve

It remains to add that this summer my sister and I visited Thailand. Personally, I ended up there, not spending the ruble! It just does not fit in my head so far! What I couldn’t imagine was possible without any effort on my part! Instead of Ukraine - Thailand, instead of a car - an airplane! And the company - what was needed! In general, for me - this is a fairy tale! Thank you sister! But my story does not end there ... after that I visited the Azov Sea with that friend! There was no point in refusing, I was happy!

I would like to hope that my real story will help you to keep faith that the most incredible desire, in your opinion, has every chance of becoming a reality! Briefly list the main steps that will lead you the shortest way to your dream: understand what you really want; think about it in the format "it would be great here ..." to visit the sea, buy an apartment, conquer Everest or whatever you want, but take into account that life will not end if this does not happen; Be faithful to your dream (do not share your little things, using the expression “a bird is better in the hand than a crane in the sky”); Be honest with yourself and with others, listen to your heart and act in accordance with your principles and drop all thoughts about ways to achieve it - this is not your task! Here, perhaps, all that is required in order to feel how life turns into a fairy tale. Really, just? Do not believe? Check! Good luck!