How beautiful to make a selfie

Selfies (selfie, self-photo, self-maidphoto) in the past few years have become a particularly popular area in photography, in particular, after the emergence of the social network Instagram. Pictures of your own face, taken on a cell phone camera, allow you to share your current mood and emotions, or just to appear to the world. But even in this seemingly simple method of shooting there are a lot of nuances.

How to make a successful selfie?

Of course, self can not be called a particularly complex and innovative type of photography, deserving his long study, training and analysis of personnel. Independent photos - entertainment, but already included in the masses even among the stars and politicians. Any girl will be able to split the resulting pictures into "successful" and "not successful", and, of course, she wants the latter to be as small as possible or not to appear at all. How beautiful to take a selfie with 2-3 attempts and stop making major mistakes?

How beautiful to make a selfie?

As with any other shooting, it is important to find good lighting. A shortage of light can only be experienced by professional SLR cameras, while phones with their low light sensitivity cannot be said. The darker, the more "noise", less clarity and worse color reproduction. No matter how hard you try, to convey a new hair color or the beauty of just made makeup will not work.

Therefore, it is best to take a selfie in daylight or a sufficient amount of artificial white light that does not distort the shades by imposing a yellow tone on them. If the picture is taken in the evening or at night, it is advisable to find any source of light and stay close to it. In addition, the rays must necessarily be sent to the face, or at least to the side; but by no means because of the back.

Why is direct light important? It allows you to make the skin as smooth and smooth as possible, to hide its relief. It also plays well with the color of the eyes, allowing you to draw out the most vivid shade for them. Such metamorphoses of the skin are especially noticeable if the means with reflective particles were used in the removed make-up.

For those who want to get the same magical transformation, but without cosmetics, special filters have been developed. Some of them are present by default in the cameras of mobile phones, and some - related to third-party graphic editors. Contrary to the opinion that the filter is a mandatory color distortion, you can find soft and natural options: for example, "photochrome" on the iPhone. But if with the help of this device you get photos in the form of "Malevich's Square", then perhaps he is spoiled and then it would be worthwhile to seek the services of an iPhone repair specialist.

Since the issue of makeup has already been raised, it is worthwhile to linger on it for a while. Domestic cameras (digital) poorly convey soft and gentle transitions, natural shades. And if a direct light or, even better, a flash is directed at the face, then in addition to even light skin, nothing will remain. In such a situation, if cosmetic masterpieces are created for the sake of photography, you will have to make a choice in favor of clear lines and more saturated colors.

This concerns not only the replacement of the gray arrow with the coal-black one, but also the zygomatic correction, blush and other nuances: they add saturation, but the necessity of feathering the borders does not diminish. A constant change of makeup will make it possible, even with the same poses (which is not the best choice) to receive various pictures.

Selfies with friends: common mistakes

How beautiful to make a selfie?

Self-photos are a great way to share a photo with loved ones, if there is no one to take you off the side. But here too many difficulties arise, as a result of which the frames are not selected and are not allowed to be further published in the album or on the page network. What mistakes can affect this, and how to avoid them?

  1. First, the one who will take a selfie, should be in the midst of the surrounding company: in no case the side. Otherwise, someone can be accidentally cut, someone distort the features and proportions of the face. Therefore, the location is only in the center, and the maximum closeness of all other participants in the photo to its initiator is obligatory.
  2. Secondly, the camera is retracted so that its lens is facing straight. In a group survey, it is better not to experience different angles and use the most classic method. At the same time there is an additional trick, however, available only to owners of smartphones. If the phone is positioned vertically, all the views in the photo will be directed to the lens. If you put it horizontally, the view will shift to the right with the front camera on the left. And vice versa. In the case when the front camera is down, the view will rise up.
  3. Thirdly, it is impossible to reduce the significance of the right background, which is relevant for both solitary and group selfies. A sudden house mess will spoil even the most successful photo, so you should take care of the beautiful picture behind your back. The most interesting are selfies against the background of various attractions, recreational areas, parks. Most of the photos taken on the street are excellent and win in all respects the pictures in the room.

If the selfie is done in a cafe, club or other institution, it is also desirable to create the most attractive setting behind your back: move away from the wall and get up from the couch, move to a more lively area. And always as a fallback there is a photo in any reflective surface from the mirror to the tinted glass, which, which is nice, can accommodate more people than the picture from the front camera. And still such shooting allows to make experiments with poses.

Poses for selfie: photos and recommendations

How beautiful to make a selfie?

The question of a smile for a reason is touched upon in the context of postures for selfies, since facial expression depends almost directly on body position. And besides, on the Internet, the joke about the stretched lips and the same type of head tilting as the main signs of a female selfie goes not without a reason. Humor, of course, is hyperbolic, but this can be seen on the social network. However, it is unlikely that such photos can be considered a successful selfie, which is nice to see: nevertheless, like any picture, it should carry at least some idea.

Therefore, try to share a sincere smile: you should not pose for a good half hour, stretching your lips. Tension is always visible, and it does not add beauty. If you can not immediately make a good shot, it is better to take a break, change the situation and posture, think about a pleasant or even do your favorite thing, and then pick up the phone.

Pose for selfie come up with as much as for the shooting, conducted in the company, of course, impossible. Most often, the length of the arm and its lack of freedom becomes an obstacle, as a result of which the resulting photograph is portrait, and apart from the face and shoulders, at best, the other palm falls into the frame. Some phones and cameras have a timer for 3-10 seconds in the settings, but this amount of time is not enough to tune in, comfortably accommodate and completely get into the frame. Therefore, it is important to find a body position that will be beneficial for your face. And along with it you need to find a good perspective.

Here you need to take into account your own proportions: for example, girls with an elongated face should not take pictures from above, so as not to aggravate the problem, and if there are rounded cheeks, it is advisable to be photographed half-turn in order to slightly highlight the relief of the opposite cheekbone. -Bottom, and eyes look more almond-shaped and slanting, when the face is slightly tilted to the side.

Any portrait shooting, including selfies, can be spoiled by improper hand placement. If you want them to fall into the frame, check that the wrist and hand are visible in the picture, and the elbow is not directed towards the photo-technology: otherwise it will add in volumes and become the main spot on the picture. And if the distorted proportions of the face and body are not the goal of your selfie, do not lean your head forward when taking pictures of yourself: keep them on a single vertical with your back.

The only piece of advice that lovers of self-photos should take into account is to relate to this direction in photography with humor and not to make it the only one in my life, assuming that the best photographer cannot be found for myself. Smile, laugh at yourself, capture sincere emotions, and your selfie will certainly be successful.

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