How and where to change the tin in connection with the


Banal life situation: you got married or divorced - this resulted in a change of surname. If everything is clear with a passport - you have to get a new one, then there may be questions regarding other documents. One of them is whether it is necessary and in what time frame to change an inn in connection with the change of surname. And how to do it quickly, without a long walk to the instances?

Surname new - what to do with the TIN?

How and where to change the TIN in connection with the change of surname?

The personal code of the taxpayer is available to each individual. It is a unique digital combination. This document is issued at birth and remains unchanged throughout life (regardless of whether you acquired a new surname or regained your maiden name). The code is necessary in order to deduct taxes from your salary, and subsequently you will be granted a pension.

There are only two cases when a person changes the TIN number, and they are in no way associated with the last name. This happens if the relevant legislative acts are changed or a new structure of the identification code is introduced. In all other situations, the code remains the same, and only the registration certificate should be changed. It will bring a different name.

So that you have no doubts left, we will quote an excerpt from the official document entitled “Procedure and conditions for assigning, applying, and changing the taxpayer identification number” (03/03/2004). ”It reads:“ Replacing the TIN in connection with the change of surname is not direct duty of the taxpayer ". That is, you can do it, but are not obliged. REGISTRY OFFICES and without your participation will make changes in the register of taxpayers. So you will continue to take the tax, as before.

So you can safely live on and not fool yourself? In practice, however, everything turns out to be a little more complicated. Suppose you left the testimony the same. And now you needed to get a job. It will take a long time to explain to the employer why personal data in the passport and the TIN do not match, all this is supported by relevant documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of divorce). Isn’t it better to simply change your inn in connection with changing your last name? Moreover, everything is done for free and quickly enough - just five days after submitting the application, you will have a new certificate.

What documents should I take with me to get a new payer's TIN information?

What documents should I take with me to get a new payer's TIN information?

In order for a newly acquired last name to appear in your certificate with your personal tax code, you will need several documents. Their list is strictly regulated by law. Check that you have such papers on your hands:

  • a document confirming your identity (a passport or another one, where the full name, place of registration are indicated);
  • application for the replacement of the TIN when changing the name on the form 2-2-Accounting. It should be written on a special form, which will give the tax service;
  • your previous certificate with the TIN number (with the same name), which confirms your tax registration;
  • a copy of the certificate of marriage (or termination) of the marriage.

If you are a citizen of another country, you will need to expand the list with your international passport (with a notarized translation of all pages) and a certificate confirming registration.

You submit documents personally to the tax inspectorate. If you have no time to go to institutions, you can use the help of intermediaries who provide this service for a fee.

If you collect all the papers, you will be able to carry out the entire procedure for one visit to the tax.

All possible ways to get a new TIN

All possible ways to get a new TIN

Change the TIN code should be in the tax authorities at the place of residence. If you, along with your last name, changed your registration, then apply for changing your personal data in the TIN at your new place of residence.

The application can also be sent by mail. But for this you must first notarize the copies of all documents, download a sample application form from the state site and fill it out, and then send all these papers with a letter of receipt. You can also send a new certificate by mail (by registered letter) if you choose this delivery option. The Internet will help you to issue a new certificate promptly and without much fuss. If you value your time or, by the nature of your business, you cannot visit the tax office during business hours, then use the very convenient online service of state services. Visit any of these sites using the following addresses: or There is no special tab titled "Replacing an inn when changing a family name through public services". Open the option "Submitting an application for tax registration" and complete the online application form. Pay attention to two important points:

  • Do not use to replace the certificate page where the order is issued re-issue of such a document (for example, if it is lost or damaged). This service is paid - in contrast to changing the name, which is not subject to duty;
  • even if you submit an application remotely (via the website), you can receive a new TIN certificate only on a personal basis, appearing at the tax office (or entrusting this mission to authorized representatives).

According to regulatory legal acts, a new certificate must be issued to you no later than after 5 working days. But very often she is discharged immediately if the applicant has personally applied to the appropriate authorities. Only if you have a certified electronic signature, will you be able to receive a certificate with a code “in absentia” (in electronic form). This can be done with the help of the free program "Taxpayer LE".

Thus, the problem of how and where to change an inn when changing a last name is solved easily and fairly quickly. Although there are no strictly established deadlines for the implementation of such measures, we are not advised to postpone it indefinitely: it is better when all documents are in perfect order. Change your last name? After receiving a new passport, submit an application to the Tax Inspectorate (in person, by mail or online) and get a new certificate with your current name.