Holidays in italy

Italy is a country where everyone can find exactly their vacation. Beach lovers will appreciate the many beaches of Italy and warm water. Those who prefer ski vacation can go to Italy in winter and enjoy the descent from the snow-covered mountain. And shopping lovers should definitely go to Milan, because this is the recognized capital of fashion!

Holidays in Italy: architecture

When is it better to go to Italy?

  • The best time to travel to Italy is spring and summer. It is at this time that the most favorable weather is here. However, it is worth remembering that the weather may be different in different cities of Italy, it will be warmer somewhere, and cooler somewhere.
  • Fans of ski resorts are best to go to Italy from November to March. And choose to travel should be the northern mountainous areas of the country.
  • Beach lovers can go to one of the islands of Italy in the summer. Despite the fact that in summer there is quite a high temperature, the sea breeze is refreshing, and the heat is transferred very easily.

Customs in Italy

  • Drugs, weapons and ammunition, pornography, explosives (fireworks), cold weapons, flowers, plants, and objects made from rare plant and animal species are strictly forbidden to be imported into Italy. Prohibited to import and antiques, icons, works of art. In addition, the import of counterfeit goods of well-known companies in the amount exceeding personal needs is prohibited.
  • Things that are transported for personal use, must necessarily be present with you and on the way back. This means that you can not sell them, exchange or donate.
  • Without paying the duty, it is allowed to import 200 cigarettes, 250 g of tobacco or 50 cigars. You can also import up to 1 liter of strong alcoholic beverages with a strength of over 22 degrees, no more than 2 liters of wines with a strength of up to 22 degrees.
  • Coffee is allowed to import in the amount of 500 grams. Tea - up to 100 g
  • Toilet water can be imported in an amount of not more than 250 ml, perfume - not more than 50 ml.
  • Medicinal products can be imported within acceptable limits for personal use.

Holidays in Italy: gondolas

  • Meat and dairy products are strictly forbidden for importation. If you find them at the customs, the products will be confiscated and you will be fined. Allowed only the import of infant formula, in an amount of not more than 2 kg.
  • When imported into the country of domestic animals, they must have a certificate of vaccinations against rabies. The certificate must be issued no earlier than 10 days before the trip, and be accompanied by a transfer.
  • Currency can be exported and imported into the country duty free. However, if the passenger does not reside permanently in the territory of countries belonging to the European Union, the amount of more than 10,000 euros must be made in the declaration.
  • Without paying the duty, you can import into Italy no more than 500 g of jewelry and jewelry. Anything that exceeds the specified amount must be included in the declaration.

Italian currency

Since Italy is a member of the European Union, on its territory one official currency is the euro. 1 euro = 100 cents = 43 rubles. In circulation are banknotes in denominations of 5,10,20,50,100,200 and 500 euros. As well as coins of 1,2,5,10,20 and 50 cents.

You can exchange money at banks and exchange offices. Exchange offices are located on all major streets.

It is not necessary to exchange currency at airports and train stations, as a rule, the rate there is greatly undervalued. There is one significant negative exchange points. Most of them work with a limited type of currency, and the ruble is a rarity among them. But almost everywhere credit cards are accepted for payment. To find out whether the organization accepts cards, you can look at the window. There should be a sign with the inscription: "Carta-si" or ordinary pictures with logos of credit systems.

Be sure to keep in mind that, according to the law of Italy, it is strictly forbidden to transfer from hand to hand amounts equal to or greater than 12,000 euros. You should know that this act is criminalized. Therefore, all transactions using these amounts must be carried out using checks or through a bank.

Prices in Italy

Italy is considered one of the most expensive countries. However, it should be borne in mind that prices in the capital and major tourist centers will be much higher than in the provinces.

Holidays in Italy: the province

  • The cost of average housing here ranges from 40 to 120 euros per day. If you agree to spend the night in a hostel, it will be much cheaper - from 15 to 35 euros per day.
  • Eating in Italy is also not cheap. But this is one of the points that can not be eliminated. If you decide to save a little on food, it will be enough to 50 euros per day per person. If you do not refuse fast food, fatty meals, and do not adhere to proper nutrition, 30 euros per day will be enough for food.
  • Christmas and Easter - teprazhdniki, during which all stores offer discounts and grand sales. Sales are arranged by shops and on all sorts of local holidays. However, acquiring things, be extremely careful. According to the law of Italy, you may be fined up to 10,000 euros in the event that you acquire the falsification of a well-known company. To protect yourself from this, be sure to keep all checks for items you have purchased. Only in the case of a check, you can avoid a fine, and the organization that sold you these items will pay it.
  • Tipping in Italy is usually left at about 10-15% of the amount of the order, if you like the way you were served. Tips are left even in the event that in the account there is a point "For service". If you decide to sit down at a table, be prepared for the appearance of such an item as "Restaurant Fee" in your account, and it is rather big; with a small order, the bill can double. You will not pay a Restaurant Fee if you sit at the counter. Taxi drivers do not leave a tip, but porters and maids are usually given 1-2 euros for tea.

Rest in Italy: restaurant

Important phones of Italy

Important phone numbers should always be with you wherever you go.

  • The hotline for tourists is 039-039-039. There are Russian-speaking operators on the line, from whom you can get almost any information you are interested in. By the way, you can also complain about the service at this number. The program of the nearest cultural events will also be prompted here. Service hours from 9.00 to 22.00.
  • The Russian Embassy in Italy: 494-1680, 494-1681, 494-1649 and 494-1683.
  • Emergency services: military police (carabinieri) - 112, police - 113 (4686 - in Rome). First aid - 118 (5510 - in Rome). Rescue service - 113. Fire protection - 115.

Traditions and customs of Italy

  • Italians are people who profess the holy traditions of the Catholic faith. But on the territory of the country there are a lot of various fortune-tellers, fortunetellers and sorcerers. Believers of the country believe in all sorts of signs, and the numbers 13 and 17 are unhappy for them.
  • The main value of the Italian family is the children. Everybody here pampers them.
  • It cannot be said about Italians that they are workaholics. They always work just enough to provide immediate needs. That is why there may be an opinion that they have an eternal vacation.
  • A distinctive feature of the inhabitants of Italy is extraordinary punctuality. They are almost always late, but for them it is not something scary and unpleasant.

Holidays in Italy: the temple

  • Italians believe that a person who averts his eyes necessarily lies. Therefore, try to look directly into the eyes of the interlocutor during conversation.
  • In Italy, revered senior. Everywhere they go first, sit down on more comfortable places. Women are subordinate to men in everything, but an older woman can easily interrupt the story of a young man or give him some kind of commission.
  • Favorite topics for conversations with Italians are sport and politics. About this they can talk for hours.
  • From 14.00 to 15.30 at the Italians siesta. At this time, all shops are closed.

Italian cuisine

Italian cuisine can be safely called one of the attractions of the country. At least once in a lifetime, but you need to try the dishes of this cuisine.

  • At the beginning of the meal it is customary to serve a dish called “antipasti” - croutons with tomatoes, olives and smoked meats. But true connoisseurs of delicious food should definitely try carpaccio - sliced ​​veal, seasoned in vinegar with lemon juice, olive oil and cheese.
  • At first, it is customary to serve pasta. In Russia, the opinion is that pasta is spaghetti. Italians also call pasta any pasta. Remarkable is the fact that pasta in Italy is made from wholemeal flour, which has a beneficial effect on the stomach, and also allows you not to recover.

Holidays in Italy: Italian cuisine

  • The second most often eat steak with an appetizing crust, or the same steak, but with blood. In addition, Italian people love swordfish and baked pheasants.
  • If you are not a big fan of Italian cuisine, you can look at fast foods, of which there is a huge amount. In addition, this is where you can taste real Italian pizza. However, be prepared for the fact that a piece of pizza is not for sale here, you need to pay for a whole pizza, which is simply huge.
  • Do not forget about the traditional salads and vegetables, fruit mustard.
  • Italians' favorite drink is coffee. They do not drink it in large cups and mugs. For this purpose, special coffee cups.
  • Particular attention should be paid to ice cream. This product is famous for its taste outside the country. If you want to try the most delicious ice cream in your life, look for a sign that says "produzione pgoria", which means "Own cooking".
  • Taste the Italian dessert Tiramisu.
  • Be sure to try the real Italian wine, it will not leave you indifferent. And in the event that the soul requires something stronger, pay attention to the national grappa drink - grape vodka and limoncello - lemon liqueur. The strength of drinks reaches 50 degrees!

Telephone and Internet in Italy

Almost everywhere telephones are installed, from which you can call anywhere in the world. We accept phone cards and coins. There are phones that work on the postpay system, they are distinguished from other red labels. Please note in Italy one of the highest rates for telephone calls. Therefore, try to call in the preferential time - from 18.30 to 8.00 on weekdays and from 1.00 Saturday to 8.00 on Monday. One of the important differences between Italian telephony and ours is the sound, which means that there is a connection - these are short beeps! And not long, like ours.

Rest in Italy: evening Italy

There are no problems with the Internet in Italy. Almost everywhere there are access points to the Internet - in cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars and train stations. In addition, there is a fairly large number of Internet cafes.

City transport in Italy

Transport in this country is very well developed. Orange trams and buses run through the city streets from 6 am until midnight. At night, you can travel on buses marked with the letter "N". You need to enter the salon through the back door and exit through the front. Public transport tickets can be purchased at newsstands. The ticket costs about 1 euro, and the ticket is valid for one and a half hours, but with one ticket you can make no more than 2 trips.

A day pass costs 2 euros. The cost of a weekly pass will be about 12 euros. More accurate prices depend on which particular city of Italy you are in.

Useful stuff about Italy

  • The official language of Italy is Italian. English is also common, but you shouldn’t strongly rely on your understanding. The fact is that only those who need it at work know English here. Therefore, it is best to stock up on an Italian phrase book.
  • When you exchange currencies in exchange offices, first of all, pay attention not to the rate at which the currency is exchanged, but the percentage that the company charges for services. Sometimes, despite the high rate, it becomes unprofitable to exchange currency because of the interest for services.

Holidays in Italy: Tower of Pisa

Visiting Italy, you will bring from there a lot of impressions about the fashion center - Milan, about the magnificent landscapes, delicious pizza, real pasta and the most delicious ice cream in the world! Having been in Italy once, you will certainly want to go back there! Before leaving, we advise you to watch a feature film with Julia Roberts “Eat, Pray, Love” about the unusual country of Italy.

Have a good and enjoyable trip!

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