Herringbone green came to visit us

We all used to celebrate the arrival of the New Year on the night of December 31 to January 1. Already, not everyone knows that this custom was introduced into our life by the decree of Peter I (on the introduction of the new chronology not from the Creation of the World, but from the birth of Christ, as in all of Europe). This decree prescribed the inhabitants to decorate their houses with pine, spruce and juniper branches.

The custom of decorating the Christmas tree came to us in the 40s of the 19th century from Germany. It was there in the Middle Ages that it was decided on December 24 to commemorate the first parents (Adam and Eve), setting up Christmas trees in the houses. As a rule, then they were decorated with apples, as the personification of the "Tree of Knowledge" from the Garden of Eden.

Artificial trees appeared in the 80s of the 19th century. It is quite logical that the Germans invented them too. The emergence of this invention is associated with a sharp reduction in forest area in Germany. They began to make green feathers from goose feathers. Then it was fixed on a pyramid of wood or wire, which was then wound around the "trunk".

After a while they remembered the lightness of aluminum and began to use it. Artificial spruces quickly became popular in Germany, and then in the USA. But the USSR took a step further: the first artificial Christmas trees were made of plastic. Mass production of them began in the 60s of the 20th century. Despite the clumsy and obvious difference from the natural, Christmas trees immediately began to enjoy great success among the population.

Nowadays, many of us face a dilemma every year about what to choose: real or artificial spruce. Perhaps it is worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Interesting facts about the Christmas tree

Natural fir, pine or fir


  • Of course it smells! The one that since childhood, many of us associate with the arrival of the New Year.
  • Every natural tree is unique. Therefore, the holiday will be different from the previous one.
  • The opportunity to buy a Christmas tree in the tub, so as not to destroy the natural plantations. Most often, firs grown in nurseries in the Netherlands, Germany, etc. are sold as such a tree. After the holidays, the tree can be planted on the garden.
  • Choosing a Christmas tree is a great opportunity to have fun with the whole family, to take part in making a decision, to choose the best option. Then all this can be remembered as an interesting adventure.


  • Each tree will sooner or later begin to crumble. And then we find her needles in the most unexpected places for another six months.
  • Needles and resin secreted by the tree can also cause some trouble. This is especially true if there are small children or animals in the house that may get dirty in the pitch or needles.
  • It is rather difficult to find a natural tree whose branches will be evenly spaced on all sides. Be sure to somehow have to mask the possible absence of branches.
  • It is necessary at home to have a special stand for installing a living fir and a place to store it for a year, until the next holiday.
  • It is necessary to care for a natural tree (water, clean falling needles).

Artificial tree


  • Once purchased artificial fir, with appropriate treatment, will last for many years. This will relieve from the annual hassle of finding a beautiful "New Year tree".
  • Artificial needles needles are soft, and there is no resin on the trunk. It is practically safe for small children and pets.
  • Now there is a large number of design options with a variety of color, design and even attached ornament on the branches!
  • Easy installation and no need for constant maintenance.


  • We, as a rule, do not know what the artificial fir tree was made of and how safe it is for us. Materials may release formaldehyde or other harmful substances.
  • Artificial spruce is devoid of the "coniferous" smell and we will have to either come to terms with this, or put a number of natural fir branches indoors. You can use air fresheners with the smell of pine, but it definitely will not add to our health.
  • When disassembled, folded for storage, artificial spruce will take up more space than a stand for natural.

As mentioned above - the choice is yours. In our family, traditionally, a natural New Year tree is bought and installed. And each time our dog seems to be mislead: in the apartment suddenly begins to smell her favorite forest ...

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