Hawaiian party

A Hawaiian-style party can be held not only in summer, but also in honor of the New Year! Also, it will be appropriate on the beach in a warm time - this will be the best option. In this style, the 2nd wedding day and many other celebrations will be especially interesting!

Hawaiian party: do-it-yourself holiday

The main decoration of this event is flowers and fruits, both real and artificial, or even made of paper. Garlands from imitated banana leaves and bananas will look great.

You can make an ornament for walls and chairs from fabric and paper, and it is beautiful to arrange flowers and fruits in vases around the dance floor and table. Palm trees will look harmonious, by the way, you can order such a decor of balloons. Not the last role is played by the design of the table itself - it can be decorated with a skirt for a buffet table, only not usual, but made in the likeness of skirts of hula dancers. You can even make it from the Christmas rain or a thin braid strung on an elastic band. On the table you will need to put fruit and cocktails with bright color straws.

Hawaiian party: script

Clothing should also be consistent with the style of the holiday: for women skirts of hula dancers, and for men, Hawaiian shirts. But you can get by with bracelets and flower garlands around your neck, which will be worn to guests at the venue.

We organize fun contests

To cheer those present, you can hold fun contests. They will only give the mood of triumph!

  • "Whose slippers?" Looking for bright big slates or beach slaps. Their number should be less by 1 unit than the number of participants. Slaps should be put in a pile on the floor, and you should be present around them. Next, the game is on the script common entertainment "Musical chair." While the music is playing, participants need to either dance or walk around the shoes, and after the music dies down, everyone should put 1 slap on his leg. Who will not get shoes - he leaves. The winner is the one who remains the last shod lucky!
  • Zagorashki. This game is for adults. Participants dance to the music, standing in a circle, and the leader must say periodically certain commands - phrases. The one who refuses to comply with them is out of the game. If the leader says that the sun should substitute the knees, then participants should expose this particular part of the body. Some ladies may be in stockings or pantyhose, but they will not necessarily be removed. The leader should give commands like this: "Put the sun on the handle", and he will choose the part of the body himself. Anyone who turns out to be the most courageous and never saves before the sun will win. There can be several winners.
  • "Surfer". This competition will require some kind of equipment, namely: diving goggles, big panties, women can take the bodice from a large swimsuit, flippers, like surfboards and a camera. Guests can take part in this competition in turn, so the inventory can be in the 1st instance, and the presenter will just note the time. When he gives the command, the participant must quickly run up to the inventory, wear glasses, pants or bodice (everything depends on the competitor's floor), flippers, stand on the surfboard and take a photo of himself in that position. The winner will be the one who does it the fastest.

Hawaiian party: script

  • "Catch a pig." For this entertainment you need 2-3 melons, and watermelons will do, but only wrapped in pink cellophane. For greater similarity with the mumps, the tails should be attached to the berries, and also the ears, the penny and eyes made of paper. Pigs should be placed on the table or on the floor, people should not be near them - it can be risky. Participants will have to throw a few darts from a certain distance, while aiming at the mumps. The one who hits the greatest number of times wins.
  • "Coconut Shake". Participate in this competition couples. The leader must give them a coconut (or its imitation - a balloon or a ball). Participants should press coconuts to each other’s bodies with their bellies and dance to different music - slow, hip-hop, traditional Hawaiian. Whose coconut falls - that pair is eliminated from the game. If a coconut doesn’t fall over several participants for a long time, then the leader may offer to clamp it between other parts of the body - back, hips, legs.

Even at such a holiday, you can hold a competition for the most unusual rotation of hula hoop, juggler competition, song games, for example: who can remember the most songs about the sea, summer, sun, etc.

Pick up music

To make the evening unforgettable, you need to think over all the details, including music. Music for a Hawaiian party should be incendiary and fun. It is better to choose rhythmic melodies that are fun to dance to. Latin American songs or lambadas will harmoniously fit in here, but it is better to include the latter at the end of the celebration. In any case, the music, one way or another, should intersect with the Hawaiian style. If it will be difficult for you to make such a collection yourself, then you can find ready-made music on the Internet or purchase a special collection in the store. Well, if someone from the guests can play the guitar, because this musical instrument will be very useful!

Hawaiian party: script

If you decide to organize a memorable and unusual event, then a Hawaiian-style party is the best solution! Believe me, good mood and a sea of ​​joyful impressions will be guaranteed to you and your guests. And to prepare such a thematic feast of thematic holiday is easy enough, the main thing is to think over all the details in advance.

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