Gems are a rare natural formation that has high strength and extraordinary beauty. In nature, more than 4,000 types of stones are known, but not all of them are precious.

One of the most important determining valuable minerals is their beauty: brilliance, color, and optical effects. Stones, which are used in jewelry, must have high strength to serve their owners for many years. Due to their durability, they can be passed down from generation to generation.

Gems: Names


Brilliant - one of the most expensive and beautiful minerals. It is called the king of all the stones for its stunning appearance and solid structure. The most valuable are transparent diamonds, as well as multi-colored. Diamonds can be blue, blue, pink and red. That's great rarity. As a rule, there are diamonds with a yellowish tinge. This stone has many magical properties. If you believe the legends, the owner of the diamond will be saved from the evil eye, disease and nightmares. A diamond should come to its owner only in an honest way, otherwise it can bring grief and unhappiness.


Alexandrite is a durable and solid gemstone that is very popular with women. Its uniqueness is that it can change its color under the influence of lighting. Natural alexandrites are an expensive insert in jewelry. True, this stone is very often forged. Alexandrite - a symbol of love and impermanence. According to folk tales, the appearance of a yellow spot on the stone was a threat to the health of the owner and his safety. Currently, alexandrite is considered a stone of success, creative victories and prosperity.


Charoite is a gemstone that is easily polished and used as an insert in jewelry. This stone is truly rare, but claimed. Charoite looks great in earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and other jewelry. Thanks to lilac-purple color, the stone is ideal for any color of skin, eyes and hair. This is a universal mineral, for the wearing of which there is no age limit. Charoite has healing and magical properties. It is considered a stone of philosophers, wise people who lead a calm and measured lifestyle. The stone keeps the family hearth, grants love and never let the creative person. Charoite teaches endurance, calmness, restraint, awakens intuition and strengthens the spirit.


Kunzite is a spodumene type of jewelry which has different shades of pink and lilac. This stone is often used to create jewelry. Kunzite creates a balance between the mind and heart, it does not allow its owner to worry, regret and think about the past. The stone inspires man to live today without looking back. In addition, kunzite perfectly relieves stress, fatigue, nervous and psychological stress.

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Green gems: name


Emerald is a stone of rich green color, which has long been used as an ornament and has been an integral part of ritual ceremonies and ceremonies. It is a fairly solid mineral. Almost every real emerald is smeared with painted cedar oil to fill all the cracks on the surface of the stone, to give it shine and transparency. Like many jewels, emerald has magical properties. He is able to drive away terrible dreams, strengthens the heart muscle and expels evil spirits. The emerald does not tolerate insincerity and lies, therefore, for deceitful and hypocritical people, the stone will bring misfortunes, illness and failure.


Verdelite is a very beautiful gem of rich green color, which is well cut and used to decorate jewelry. In ancient times, this stone was an alternative to emerald. As a rule, verdelit is used to create copyright jewelry, because it is very difficult to find this stone. It has universal healing properties. It creates a protective field around its owner, which protects from the evil eye, helps to find harmony between the physical and spiritual world, eliminates fear and anxiety, helps to concentrate, gives clarity to the mind and memory. In addition, verdelit has anti-aging properties.


Demantoid - a gemstone that has a color from honey to emerald green. The mineral has a distinctive play of light and bright glitter. Overflows and color play is not inferior to the diamond. Demantoid is believed to increase potency, relieve infertility, cure colds and respiratory diseases. Stone helps a person to gain composure, concentration, focus on success and thoughtfulness in actions. Demantoid owners are never late and do not borrow money. They are inherent property of punctuality and thrift. Stone helps women to find their love and find happiness.

Black gems: name



  1. Pearls are one of the most beloved stones in the East. It has different colors, including black. The Japanese consider this stone a means of returning youth. It is customary to wear pearls in a silver frame, because only in this way can it fully reveal its magical and healing properties. The gem gives a person the opportunity to sensibly assess their strength, correct mistakes and reconsider their decisions. Pearls are a symbol of love, which personifies loyalty, protects against the evil influence of envious, strengthens marriage and the home.
  2. Black onyx - this stone is a type of agate and is considered precious. He is recognized as a stone of orators, so in ancient times he was placed under the tongue to amaze the audience with his eloquence. The stone helps to stimulate the appetite and normalize digestion. Onyx is effective in diseases of the brain, liver, rheumatic diseases.

Black onyx

Blue gems: name


Turquoise - this stone at all times was considered a symbol of happiness. As a rule, it has a sky blue color. Jewelry is often made from it: earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, beads, etc. It is believed that turquoise strengthens the heart and blood vessels, eliminates fears and eliminates overwork. The one who wears turquoise will always live in prosperity and prosperity. The stone strengthens intuition, gives a person courage and insight, gives his owner happiness.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a gem that shimmers very beautifully in the sun. It contains calcium aluminosilicate and sodium in its composition. Lapis lazuli has a strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The gemstone is recommended to be worn in gold. Like all stones, lapis lazuli has magical and healing properties. In folk medicine, it is believed that the stone is able to fully restore vision, reduces high blood pressure, soothes the nerves, relieves insomnia and nightmares. Lapis lazuli helps to purify the aura, ridding its owner of negative emotions, removes poisons from the body, helps a person in spiritual development.


Topaz is a precious stone that can be of various colors: from blue to blue, from green to yellow. The stone is able to inflame passion, reduce fear, develop intuition, increase premonition, gives strength and beauty, wealth and well-being. In ancient times, topaz was used as a means of poisoning, it was used to treat the liver and stop bleeding. The precious mineral is often used to decorate jewelry.


Sapphire is translated as "blue stone", but this does not mean that it has only one color. In nature, you can find purple, pink, orange, green, yellow and even colorless sapphires. This gem has high hardness. When buying jewelry with sapphire, you need to remember that dark blue is most appreciated. In ancient times, the stone was considered a symbol of higher spiritual values. He is able to strengthen prudence, to prevent differences and calm the nerves.

Red gems: names


Ruby - translated from Sanskrit means "king of gems". This stone has a special magical power, giving a person energy and strength. Ruby is best suited to people who have already achieved something. The gemstone is able to stop blood, develop memory, strengthen courage and cheerful disposition. Ruby is recommended to wear to people who suffer from low blood pressure, appetite disorder.

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Precious stones are used in the manufacture of jewelry. They are able to cheer up, give confidence and give their owner unique abilities. Before you buy a jewelry with a precious stone, you need to carefully examine it from all sides in order to prevent the purchase of low-quality products. Choose jewelry with precious stones only in proven jewelry stores to avoid fakes.

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