Gatsby party. dress features

Luxury, decadence, aristocraticism, sophistication - all these epithets perfectly describe the beautiful era of the 20s. For many, it is associated with the Great Gatsby film. Looking at these magnificent images, I want to repeat them, to plunge into the alluring atmosphere. The idea can be realized, for example, at a wedding.

Gatsby Style Wedding: Organization Features

The most often jazz-inspired party is held as part of a wedding. As a result, both the main heroes of the celebration and the guests become its participants. Only partial stylization often takes place here - for example, the bright and dramatic make-up of women of the 20's, on a bride, will look too rough. But no one bothers to get as close as possible all the other details to the required epoch.

Gatsby Party

For this purpose, 2 elements are actively used in the decor: pearls and feathers. They will appear not only on tables and walls, on invitations, candlesticks and glasses, but also on clothes, and even in the bridal bouquet. The color range is in the range of beige, gray-brown, sand, dusty rose and gold. These are the basic colors used in the interior. The main task is to do everything in the art deco style, to recreate the spirit of luxury and wealth. You can take sparkling chandeliers and fringe for decoration, marble and chrome as the main materials. Much depends on the images of the young and their guests. Therefore, it is on them that it is necessary to focus.

Gatsby dresses for the bride and guests

If the men's fashion has not changed as such, then women's toilets deserve special mention. And the main detail is the silhouette of the dress. No lush crinolines: the 20s was promoted by fitted outfits. At the very beginning of this era, even the flare skirt did not exist. This technique has already begun to be used closer to the beginning of the 30s, when shuttlecocks and asymmetry appeared. Here the waist changed its location: at first it was significantly underestimated, then returned back. Which option to choose is not important.

The sleeves of such dresses for the most part turned out to be very short, they were lost behind such an accessory as a boa. This fur narrow cape was almost a permanent addition to the evening dress, as well as a string of pearls wrapped around the neck and lowered onto the chest. Frequent here were long gloves, completely covering even the elbow.

An additional accessory is a purse-purse worn in the hands. She had either a lock or her neck was laced together. But the style of shoes is quite familiar even to today's women of fashion: rounded neat toe, low stiletto heel, tapering to the bottom.

Gatsby Party

Hairstyles: waves and veil

It was precisely by female hairstyles that the 20s of the year could be identified immediately. Only at this time were the so popular veils and evening hats: a lot of hanging strands of pearls or stones, headbands, feathers, felt bows, hats. For the bride, the use of such a bright accessory eliminates the possibility of wearing a veil.

The hair itself was laid in waves and gathered in a bun. That self-Hollywood wave, which today is used on curls freely falling in one direction, at that time was tightly attached to the head. At the peak of popularity were short haircuts, and therefore problems in the collection of long strands did not exist. Today, the bride or her girlfriend may not cut the growing curls: it is enough just to twist them in the manner of the Greek beam, finally securing the hairpins and bandage.

Gatsby Party

Gatsby Party

Application rules

Without the final touch in the form of correct placement of accents on the face, the image of the 20s of the year could not be considered complete. And in order to recreate it, it is necessary to clearly determine the reference points for yourself. The fact that today - a sign of bad taste, in the beginning of the 20th century, was in trend. This attention to the lips and eyes at the same time. To the dramatic smooki were added not only clear arched high eyebrows, but also sponges "bow". The skin of the fashionistas of the time was actively highlighted. Blush was not used on principle or they only touched the apples of the cheeks. What is required for a spectacular makeup in the style of Gatsby?

  • The tonal framework is selected lighter than usual. But not so that the face looked like a white mask, but only acquired aristocratic elegance.
  • Proofreaders and concealers - as required. If the skin is already perfect, it will be enough for the usual tone equalization.
  • Pencil or eyebrow shade.
  • Stretching palette in shades of gray - from ashy to charcoal black.
  • Brushes for shadows: flat and shading, and also "keg".

Gatsby Party

The main step is the preparatory work. Since the focus will immediately appear on the 2 zones, the face should be perfect in its shade. No acne, bruises and other minor defects can be left: otherwise lipstick and shadows hyperbolize them, creating an unhealthy and non-aesthetic look. Therefore, if required, problem areas are locally leveled by a corrector, after which a tonal framework is applied to the face.

Now you need to pay attention to the eyebrows. In the 1920s, they were given an arched shape, and their tail went far to the temple. As part of the theme party, of course, you should not change the native form. It is enough to lengthen the tail with shadows or a pencil, and also with a highlighter, to lighten the space under the eyebrow curve.

The next moment is smouki. It will be performed on the basis of a black pencil. It is allowed to carelessly shade their movable eyelids: it is still quenched with a flat short brush. It is desirable that her nap was from the column.

The beginning of the 20th did not promote the cat's eye, which is familiar today. On the contrary, round eyes dominated there, with a darkening in the inner corner. For this reason, on girls with close-set eyes, such makeup will not look advantageous.

To prevent this blackout from resulting in a bruise effect, carefully work out the area around the eyes with a dense concealer. Otherwise, any hint of dark circles will intensify. And so that the shading is easy, girls who do not have experience in such a technique should stop using the base: apply a pencil and shadow just on the powdered eyelid.

The shaded pencil is duplicated throughout the moving eyelid with a dark gray tint, slightly deducing color to the stone of the fixed eyelid. In order to create greater drama, the water line and the mucosa of the upper eyelid are stained with black waterproof pencil. The lower eyelid is supplied with a thin brush with a dark gray pigment that is gently extinguished.

On a fluffy and thick brush for feathering with a pile of 14-16 mm a gray shade is typed, which softens the black border on the upper eyelid, gently pulling under the very eyebrow. To reach her shadow should only at the base of the eyebrow. The zone under the bend is processed in a light matte shade, also on a feather brush. This tone, going down, blends smoothly on the eyelid with a gray haze. In the final eyelashes are stained or tufts are glued, but not thickly.

How to make lip makeup in the style of Gatsby?

Gatsby Party

The main difficulty in the makeup came in the eyes, but the lips also have their own characteristics. It requires lipstick deep muted wine shade. To her, it is desirable to use a pencil. The darker the lipstick, the better. It is recommended to choose a version with a matte, rather than a glossy effect.

Before applying lipstick, the corners of the lips are treated. We'll have to change the natural shape, if it does not look like Cupid's bow, so the corners in hue should merge with the skin tone of the face. After that, the curved parts of the “heart” on the upper lip should be drawn with a pencil in the color of lipstick, and at the bottom one should emphasize the contour exactly 2/3 to each side of the midline. Shade the space with a pencil and then put lipstick on top. If it has a glossy effect, the coating is blotted with a tissue and slightly overlapped with a transparent powder.

Do not be afraid to experiment, even with such a seemingly traditional celebration as a wedding. The style of Gatsby will make the holiday memorable and bring a highlight to it. But be sure to practice your make-up, as well as try on all the details of the image in advance to eliminate unpleasant surprises.

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