Feeling tired how to recharge the internal battery

"Morning is wiser than the evening" - says popular wisdom. You can interpret in different ways. But, perhaps, it is a question that a “clean” head is needed to make an important or not very important decision. Without emotions, without advice, without reference to the experience lived through. Some kind of - "reset".


A dream, as such, alas, cannot always help. Loaded with problems, people simply "turn off", and sometimes they just can not sleep at ease. Psychological stress makes taking antidepressants, alcohol, nicotine. In this case, stress, and drugs, and cigarettes with alcohol detrimental to health, cause addiction.

Is there a way to get in a rut? Holidays are the main means available to everyone. And this kind of holiday people look forward to the whole year. Everyone decides how to spend it: a trip to the sunny beach, sitting in front of a TV or monitor, hiking in the mountains, health work on the backyard. Whatever the choice, any change in activities and surroundings will be enjoyable.

But leave is shorter than work days about twenty times! Yes, and it flies faster than we would like. Rested very quickly plunged into the maelstrom of labor events: home, work, family, beer in the evenings. From year to year, this scheme of life oppresses a person. And the fact that bends - it breaks.

Rescue option

Psychoanalysts who have developed a stormy activity in the twentieth century, give a simple solution: sometimes you need to be alone with yourself.

Of course, man is a "social animal." He has his own territory, which must be protected and protected - personal space. This, by definition, all the same psychoanalysts, is a space of approximately one meter radius around a person. It is in it that we are in emotional and mental balance. With a constant violation of the boundaries of outsiders begins to feel discomfort and tension.

It is easy to draw conclusions that most of life goes on in violation of personal space: communication in the family, neighborhood of colleagues, work with clients, public transport. Each penetrating into this space brings its own energy and emotions into it. A person feels that he loses his individuality, adopting the habits, fears, and sufferings of the people with whom he has to contact.

The consequence of constant discomfort is a constant pre-stress state. The only way to regain individuality is periodic loneliness:

  • Leaving work, it is better to walk one or two stops along the crowded streets and mentally leave all the negative there.
  • Not worth it, coming home, immediately turn on the TV or computer. Better to go to the balcony to admire the view. If there is a dump outside the window, then you can look at the sky, find the sight of a floating bird.
  • Happy owners of a noisy family can always hide in the bathroom, lie in the bathroom. Water in itself perfectly relieves stress and emotional stress, besides, 15-20 minutes hardly anyone from the household dares to interrupt the state of loneliness with their questions or clarifying the relationship.
  • Take a walk in the park, in the forest, somewhere on nature. Even trips every weekend to the country can provide an opportunity to move away from the daily bustle of the working week.

The active rhythm of life makes it so that people sometimes do not see any beginning or end. There is a feeling that they were born in this chaos, which absorbs vital energy. In order to "recharge", you must stop at least briefly, get out of the stream and look at what is happening from the side.

Be sure to remember the past, look at the present and think about the future. If today you do the same thing you did before, then you will get the same life as before. Want to change the future - change your present!

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