Favorite dishes in the year of the dragon

The beloved holiday, the New Year, is rapidly approaching. I must say that this is the only holiday that is celebrated in all countries. Yes, in different ways. And yet, on this night, for some reason, one feels united with the whole world. Perhaps this is not so. But under the battle of the clock with us all the inhabitants of our planet invisibly clink.

In Russia, the New Year is covered with a light smell of needles and tangerines. But why in Russia? Perhaps the whole post-Soviet space!

New Year's holidays are a kind of halt between the last summer holiday and the future. The only difference is that in the summer you do not want to be in the premises, and in the winter you don’t want to leave them. And when on that very day, December 31, a cheerful and noisy company or a small family gather around the table, their desires are the same: to eat, drink and have fun from the heart. Most attention is paid to the menu. This is associated with the belief that the better the table is set, the richer the coming year will be.

You can please the hostesses that the coming 2012 is the least problematic in the field of dishes. This is all because the Black Water Dragon is the patron of the coming period of life. And dragons are omnivorous and voracious creatures. Therefore, the festive table should break, but not necessarily delights or delicacies.

Most of all, the Dragon loves the products to be freshly prepared, so to say, "with piping hot." If this is a salad, then it's better fresh, without the use of pickled, pickled and canned vegetables. Allowed baking, roasting in a pan or grill, delicious sauté.

The abundance of spices will benefit: pepper, garlic, ginger, cloves clearly belong to the "favorites" of next year. Instead of gravy, put horseradish, adjika, mustard on the table. After all, these products allow the mouth to create the same fire as that of the Dragon. And it is possible to extinguish this flame with any drink, the New Year symbol does not have any special addictions. The main thing is that there is no shortage of drinking. But it is better to give preference to natural juices, compotes, uzvaru, and not alcoholic beverages.

As for the main courses, it is still easier here. Of course the meat! That meat should be a lot. Be it a suckling pig, stuffed goose or simple chicken legs. Be sure to hot and hot. You can win a special favor with the patron, if, at his accession to the throne, right under the fight of the clock, serve up a skilting meat pan, grilled kebabs or baked game in the oven.

How to be those who obey the fast and on New Year's Eve is forced to abandon meat dishes? They can be replaced by fish or seafood. For example, mussels can be fried with onions and served hot. And the fish is good baked in foil along with seasonings and vegetables.

By the way, no matter how strange it may sound, but some astrologers say about the Water Dragon's addiction to the pumpkin. According to eastern beliefs the dragons' permanent residence is the moon. And the pumpkin with its shape reminds them of the house. Therefore, its presence on the table can give success throughout the whole of 2012. Pumpkin can be served as a side dish in the form of the most simple porridge, and as a baked dessert. You can pour thin slices of honey or mix in a salad with other raw vegetables.

By the way, those who are fond of syroedees actively support the idea of ​​putting a pumpkin on the table. After all, there is no evidence that the Dragons loved just meat, right? Size is not the main indicator of taste preferences. And judging by the archaeological excavations, many years ago dinosaurs lived, eating only green foliage. Still, the Dragons are very similar to some representatives of dinosaurs ... So decide for yourself what dishes you want to see on the table on New Year's Eve!

Happy New Year 2012! And may the Black Water Dragon bring happiness, prosperity and fiery passion for a long time!

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