Cons of lending

Of course, there are certain plus crediting. But there are iminuses in this situation.

  • For starters, this is, of course, a debt. Debt that hangs on your shoulders for a long time. And, unfortunately, not always - a burden.
  • Anyway, the banks earn on what they gave you a loan. Your overpayment is the income of the bank. For you, this is a loss.
  • If the process of payment was not entirely successful, then you are waiting for legal proceedings with the bank. And this is not only a waste of money, time and nerves, but also a damaged reputation.
  • A loan can become an unbearable burden for you if you are fired or reduced.
  • If the loan is issued on the security of your property, then for any breach of the contract, on your part, the pledged property may be taken away. In addition, throughout the entire crediting period, you cannot, at your discretion, dispose of the pledged thing. Because, at this time, it is the property of the bank.

  • Sometimes there are various inconveniences when paying a monthly payment. For example, the queue to the only terminal in the city of your bank. And it’s especially unpleasant if you don’t have the opportunity to pay a loan without a fee. Which adds some extra money to your overpayment.
  • For our country, characterized by economic fluctuations. No one knows what will happen tomorrow in one or another area of ​​the economy. The bank may have a force majeure, and to stay afloat, it can change the terms of the contract.
  • Often, along with the loan, you get a variety of additional services. This may be life and health insurance, job loss insurance, SMS messages. All these services are paid, sometimes even the payment for them exceeds the overpayment of the loan.
  • When you come to the store and see the things you dream about, while realizing that you can get a loan right away, and after an hour take the thing home, your eyes, like a veil of veils! You have the illusion of having to buy. Under its influence, you can get a lot of unnecessary. And when the initial pleasure from owning the thing expires, you can realize that the purchase was unnecessary.
  • Another disadvantage of lending can be the fact that an employee of the bank who issues a loan to you will keep silent about some information contained in the contract. You will learn this information later, but it will be too late to change anything.
  • The downside can also be a moratorium on early repayment. Or a fine for it.
  • If you allow the delay in the loan, the bank will charge you a fine. And nobody cares, for what reason did you allow this penalty - did your salary delay you, or is it generally the mail that the payment did not go on time. You will pay.
  • When it comes to a cash loan, the execution can take a long time. Surely they will require a lot of references. In addition, in the case of a cash loan, only your official income is taken into account, even when an unofficial one is several times larger.

  • Some banks still require guarantors for large loans. And to find them is very difficult. Moreover, the income of the guarantors should not be less than yours.
  • Sometimes banks put different restrictions on the terms of the loans, it may be age (in some banks, the initial age is 25 years, and you need to pay the loan before you retire), the minimum and maximum loan amounts (perhaps not what you need) . Permanent registration in the loan processing region (if you urgently need money in another city, you will not always be able to get a loan there).
  • Some banks set a fee for issuing cash. That is, you will receive a sum less than the one you needed.
  • There are banks in which there is a condition - loans are issued only to those who have a home landline phone.
  • Lack of required work experience will allow you to get a loan. If you, for example, only two months ago switched to another job (even with a higher salary), the bank will hardly give you a loan.
  • Another disadvantage of lending. For example, once upon a time, you borrowed a mobile phone. They allowed delays, and barely paid it, although the amount seemed to be small. And now, when you matured and smarter, decided to take, for example, a car. And the bank, in view of the negative credit history existing at you, will not give you a loan.
  • And finally, when you have a large amount of money in your hands, even realizing that the money is credit, you have an illusion of wealth. There is a chance to squander money.

As you can see, there are plenty of loans for cons. What is important to you and what is not - you decide. On the pros of credit, see the article Crediting and its benefits.

Good luck with the bank!

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