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China ranks third in the ranking of popular tourist destinations. And this, in fact, deserved! After all, China is an unusual culture, exquisite cuisine and magnificent architecture! At least once in your life you should definitely go to China! What you need to know about this country, going there on vacation?

Geographical location and climate of China

China - a country occupying a fairly vast territory. In size, it ranks third in the world! China is located on the Pacific coast.

Holidays in China: general information

The climate of the country is quite diverse, and is associated with the location. In most of the country, the climate is temperate and subtropical. In southern China reigns a tropical climate.

Summers are hot throughout the country - an average of +32 degrees and slight precipitation. In the north of the country, the winter is quite cold - on average -25 degrees. In the central part of the country, the climate is milder and winters are not harsh - the average temperature in the winter season is about -5 degrees. In the south of the country it is warm all year round. The average annual temperature is 30 degrees, the average annual water temperature is 22 degrees.

China's currency

The national currency is yuan. The second name is renminbi. The currency is considered the most stable in the world, its rate fluctuates extremely rarely. In recent years, the approximate exchange rate of the yuan to the dollar is 1: 8. For one yuan, you will be asked for about 5 rubles.

Currently in circulation are notes of the following dignity: 1,2,5,10,50 and 100 yuan, coins and bills with face value of 1,2,5 jiao and 1,2,5 funyn. The ratio is as follows: 1 yuan = 10 jiao = 100 funny.

China Holidays: China at Night

You can exchange currency for yuan almost everywhere - in banks, special exchangers and even in some hotels. In addition, almost everywhere credit cards are accepted - Master Card, VisaCard, AmericanExpressCard, JCB, DinersCard. Banks are open from 8.00 to 17.00 with a break of one hour from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, the working day starts at 8 am and ends at 11.30. In hotels, exchangers work on a longer schedule and do not have a weekend.

China's national cuisine

One can talk endlessly about the Chinese cuisine! It is popular all over the world and has an ancient history. If we talk about the diversity of cuisines, then in China you can count as many as 10 types!

  • Exquisite and inimitable imperial cuisine. After all, as you know, dishes for the imperial table are prepared only from high quality and the freshest products. And the technology of their preparation is thought out to the smallest detail!
  • Be sure to try vegetarian-buddhist cuisine! Its peculiarity lies in the fact that all dishes are prepared from vegetarian products, but completely coincide in taste with meat and fish dishes! The main ingredients are vegetables, mushrooms and soy, which is incredibly nutritious and healthy.
  • Kitchen Dietotherapy- dishes based on Chinese medicine recipes! You can enjoy the food and heal! About Chinese diets and other ways to lose weight, read the article Chinese Weight Loss.

Fishing in china

  • Snacks and sweets in China are sufficiently diverse, and you will definitely find something that you have to taste! For baking, mainly rice flour is used.
  • Be sure to try the masterpieces of local cuisine, and you will remain under the impression for a long time! For example, Peking duck. It is prepared using a special technology, the cooking time is more than a day! You can also try local exotic dishes, for example, soup from swallow's nests, the dish "Dragon's Battle with Tiger" (made from snakes and cats) or fried bear palms.
  • If you don’t like this kind of cuisine, you can always find a restaurant with international cuisine or fast food places where you can buy pizza, hamburgers and other fast food products.

Shopping and Tips in China

Trading is one of the favorite activities of the Chinese people. This is not just a way to make money, but also a kind of game. Be sure to bargain, even in large and large stores!

Holidays in China: flowering trees

If one of the goals of your trip to China is successful shopping, you definitely need to visit the markets located around Zhitan Park. However, be careful, pay special attention to the quality of the products you purchase.

The most interesting things to bring from China are bone and stone products, porcelain products, jade and opal jewelry, lacquer miniatures, brocade and embroidered products, tea, wines, Chinese fans and Chinese medicine.

Tipping in China is not accepted. But, in the event that you offer the maid 1-2 yuan, she will not refuse. In all restaurants in China there are two menus. One of them is given to Chinese visitors, and the second to foreigners. In the last menu prices are twice as high! Keep in mind that it is better to double-check the amount of the bill - there is a high probability that you will be cheated.

Customs in China

  • Carrying with you products made of precious metals, you must remember that their number should not exceed the needs of personal use. If you have a precious product with you that weighs more than 50 grams, you should add it to the declaration. And when leaving the country, this product should be with you. If you take jewels out of the country, you must have a check for these things, otherwise problems may arise.
  • When importing currencies in excess of $ 5,000, this amount should be included in the declaration. And on the way back you will be sure to check if the amount you declared has not become higher than the one you indicated upon entry.

Excursions in China

  • When leaving the country, you can take with you the Chinese currency in the amount of not more than 20,000 yuan.
  • If you export cultural values ​​(for example, art products) out of the country, you must have an evaluation certificate and a receipt confirming the fact of purchase. If you do not have these documents, customs have the right to deal with these items at their discretion.
  • According to the law, you cannot export medicines from the country in the amount of more than 300 yuan. Medicines purchased by you during your stay in the country for personal use can be shipped if you have the appropriate checks. Musk is strictly prohibited for exportation.
  • Souvenirs and other items purchased by you during your travel can be carried across the border without hindrance, but only if you have a check.
  • In addition to customs, you will have to go through quarantine inspection. If you have any biological materials with you, you should definitely indicate this in the declaration. Foreigners suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, leprosy, an open form of tuberculosis or mental disorders are not allowed to enter the country.
  • It is prohibited to import into the country various bacteria and harmful microorganisms, animal carcasses and soil samples. If you bring a dog or a cat with you, remember that there should not be more than 1 animals per person. In addition, a certificate of immunization, as well as the fact that the animal was vaccinated against rabies.

Coast in china

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Visiting China, you will return full of amazing emotions! A completely different culture, cuisine and architecture will allow to look at the world with different eyes. You just can not stay indifferent!

Good luck to you rest!

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