Blood type and character

Sometimes it is not necessary to turn to astrologers and soothsayers to understand the peculiarities of one’s own character and destiny, one can simply pay attention to one’s body. Or rather on your blood type. And this is far from fiction, scientists have long identified the relationship of the influence of blood groups on character. As a result of many years of research, patterns associated with a particular blood group were derived.

blood type

The very first source from which it was possible to find out about the influence of the blood group was the book - “You are your blood type” by Alexander Besher and Toshitak Nomi. Scientists who continued the traditions of the famous Nomi dynasty, spoke about the character traits of people of different blood groups. Thus, a tradition was born in Japan to pay attention to the blood group when meeting a person, and this country became the birthplace of such an idea. But still the authors of this book had somewhat radical views on the theory of blood type and character. In their book, they recommended that you can choose a partner for your blood group, work and make decisions in many situations.

This is a slightly strange approach, one cannot completely build one’s life according to one theory and it’s generally very difficult to divide the entire population of the earth into four groups and be sure that the same recommendations will work for each group of people. But at the same time, the structure of our body, undoubtedly, influences the peculiarities of character and psyche, how our body is susceptible to diseases and how you react to this or that situation.

Characteristics of people with the first blood group

First of all, these are very strong and independent personalities. They are determined to lead, try not to lose heart in difficult situations, and look far into the future. Among all groups, people with the first group are the most ambitious and goal-oriented. Self-confidence these people do not hold, they will easily find an approach to any person, very sociable and full of energy. But they also have negative qualities - they are jealous, with high self-esteem and arrogant. They do not like comments and critics in their address, even if it is constructive.

The nature of people with the second group of blood

This type is distinguished by harmonious development and integrity. Such people responsibly approach to any business, they strive to put everything on shelves, they love order and demand from other people as well as self-discipline and organization. Always clean and tidy, they do their work with maximum efficiency. Due to their friendliness, conflict-free and high level of empathy, they are very valuable employees in any team. If we talk about the minuses, then in this group often there are stubborn and irritable people. Moreover, they can accumulate all their experiences in themselves to such an extent, until a nervous breakdown occurs or this does not result in depression. Because of their emotional instability, they are often prone to eating junk food and alcohol.

The nature of people with the third group of blood

Among them are many creative people who live in the world of their imagination. They are driven by the desire for self-realization, freedom is one of the basic principles of their life, as well as independence. Very often, these people have some kind of talent, and if they apply their ability to concentrate on business to this, they can achieve quite good results. This group of people is tired of frequent communication, they are quite reserved and sullen. Very emotional, sensual natures, in extreme situations can reach cruelty. But at the same time, in time, they can put themselves in the place of another person and understand the reason for his action. They will always treat other people's problems and experiences with understanding. At first glance, these people are rather cold and restrained, and only they themselves know what a storm is happening in his soul. Women with a third blood group are often big property owners and jealous women.

The nature of people with the fourth blood group

These people cannot even live a day without socializing; they love big, noisy companies, which is why they often have many friends. They can competently get out of an unpleasant conversation, they never take revenge and are unforgiving about what people have for them. Also among this type there are a lot of caring and loving spouses. They are distinguished by a calm, stable and compliant character, but they are surrounded by listening to their opinion, as they are excellent organizers. They do not focus on life's trivialities, have a high level of curiosity, are purposeful and often are ready for many things for the sake of their goal, but at the same time people of this group often find themselves at a crossroads and have difficulty making a choice. In their soul, there is almost always an internal conflict that tears them apart from the inside and lowers their self-esteem.

Link blood type to health

Studies have been conducted that have revealed the propensity of people for diseases depending on their blood type.

  1. People of the first group rarely suffer from diseases of the nervous system and mental disorders. Among them there are especially many long-livers, as they are quite hardy. But the representatives of this group often develop diseases of the stomach and digestive tract, such as gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, their body badly fights against any kind of infections. These people need to eat a lot of protein meat food, play sports, so as not to lose their endurance and strength.
  2. Representatives of the second group have an unstable psyche, may fall into depression. Quite often, they choose quiet sedentary work, which is why they often suffer from modern diseases - cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, diseases of the spine and joints, there is a risk of heart attack, bronchial asthma, various kinds of allergies, kidney stones. People of this group need to rest more, sleep, adhere to a healthy diet, it is better to exclude meat from the diet. Among sports activities yoga is great, which focuses on relaxing the whole body.
  3. The third group is a cross between the first and the second. People of this group can choose almost any kind of physical activity - running, light aerobics, strength exercises or martial arts. Persons of the third group often suffer from diseases such as pneumonia, various kinds of infections, women suffer from purulent mastitis, postpartum sepsis, joint diseases and sciatica.
  4. Owners of the fourth group are distinguished by the lowest immunity among all groups. But at the same time, they have a large stock of activity and physical mobility. Among sports loads, it is better for them to choose to walk long distances, swimming or jogging. Most prone to colds, flu, viral diseases, may be subject to diseases of the cardiovascular system. The defenses of their body are very weak and therefore very susceptible to attacks of various kinds of microbes. Herbal medicine, taking vitamin preparations and cold showers in the morning will help to avoid this - all this will strengthen the immune system.

Knowledge of the individual characteristics of your body and their relationship with your character and health is a very important thing that will help you choose the most appropriate diet, exercise and many other things.

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