Beautiful statuses with meaning. examples of the most

Status is a statement, quote, principle that you like and who would like to be guided in life. We share our statuses with friends on social networks. Sometimes they talk about us much more than photographs and profile information on a personal page.

Beautiful statuses for classmates: examples

Classmates are full of different statuses. We read them every day in dozens, put the "class" under those that we especially like. The statuses provoke lively discussions, disputes, they can be to someone's taste, not to others. They are as different as all of us.

Beautiful statuses with meaning

What to consider as beautiful statuses? The statements of famous people, philosophers who make you think about the main thing, to reconsider something in your life. These are the truths with which most people agree, captured in beautiful literary phrases.

  • “Today you should be better than you were yesterday, but worse than you will be tomorrow. This is the key to any success.”
  • "God created you dear original, do not become a cheap copy"
  • "There are such feelings, emotions and condition that are simply impossible to describe in words. They only need to be felt. But, alas, it is impossible to describe them ..."
  • "A clever is not one who speaks much, but one who speaks much"
  • “You can’t keep rain, woman and life by force”

Beautiful statuses can not be vulgar and vulgar, contain in themselves, though abbreviated, but obscene language.

Your statuses will be read not only by people close to you, your friends and loved ones, therefore think over what you write. In other words, decide whether to pour out your soul in front of everyone. Maybe what you want to write is to say only to someone in a more intimate setting.

What are the statuses about the meaning of life?

Beautiful statuses with meaning

Many world philosophers, writers and poets, who devoted their lives to the search for answers to the questions that tormented them, thought about the meaning of life. Many people think about the meaning of life, while their age, social status, religion and wallet thickness do not matter. Use statuses that make you think.

  • "What a person often thinks about is what he becomes."
  • "If you can not live as you want - live as you can"
  • "Not the wise one who knows much, but the one who knows the necessary"
  • "Who has nothing, he still has life, and in life there is everything ..."
  • "The goal in life is the pursuit of the goal"
  • "Strive to overtake in life not others, but yourself"
  • "Perfection is when there is no gap between what you want and what you have achieved."
  • "Nature is always right: mistakes and delusions come only from people"
  • "Do not be afraid to make mistakes in your life, be afraid to repeat them later!"
  • "Throwing a stone from the soul, do not cripple the people around you!"
  • "Love is the only reasonable and satisfactory answer to the question about the meaning of human existence"

Statuses about love: beautiful words about feelings

Beautiful statuses with meaning

Love can be different: mutual, unrequited, platonic, the list goes on and on ...

Status about love also does not count.

  • "True love is not the one that endures for many years of separation, but one that endures for many years of intimacy"
  • "Love is the desire to make a loved one happy."
  • “It’s better to lose pride for a loved one than to lose a person you love because of pride”
  • "You need to feed your love all the time, not feed on it"
  • "The strongest love is that which is not afraid to show its weakness"
  • "Love is forgetting about yourself and enjoying the joy of another person."
  • "I will stop loving you only when a blind artist draws the sound of a falling rose petal, on the floor of a nonexistent castle!"

Looking for statuses and thinking about their meaning is very useful. Do not deny yourself such a pleasure by reading books, watching movies. Find your special status and make it a true life principle.

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