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Why pay more? This is a question that does not require an answer, because the desire for savings is the life rule of modern society. The century of developed technologies provides an opportunity to make sure that you can buy quality goods at very affordable prices. One of the easiest and most popular ways is to order them from online stores in China. Let's get acquainted with the service, which allows not to turn such purchases into a lottery with a little predictable result.

Goods from China: and want, and prickly ...

China may be different. The goods ordered in the Celestial Empire are able with equal success to exceed expectations and disappoint bitterly. In social networks, quite often you can see photos of things sent by Chinese online stores and causing new owners of a storm of negative emotions. Especially annoying cause low-quality products for our kids.

Is it possible to insure at the same time both overpayments and the risk of getting burned on orders from unscrupulous suppliers? Fortunately, there is a simple and convenient solution - use the AliExpressTools application for a smartphone or computer! Quick installation - and in a few seconds you will have the opportunity to choose products exclusively from reliable sellers, analyze market offers and order products at the best prices. How can a modest application solve such important tasks for any consumer? Let's see!

AliExpress Marketplace Plugin - Buy in Anti-Stress Mode

Many people associate Chinese shopping, first of all, with AliExpress - a gigantic market, uniting many sellers. Buying here is often much more profitable than in traditional shopping centers or local online stores. But the largest commodity platform is not without drawbacks inherent in shopping in the Middle Kingdom as a whole. Goods from unscrupulous sellers are sometimes accompanied by complimentary reviews, which actually turn out to be the same fake as the "high quality" of the products they describe.

Do not fall for such a bait allows AliExpressTools plugin. This extension was created by the team of the portal, which sets itself the task of helping to make "only profitable and honest purchases" on the largest Chinese trading platform. In order to solve it, the makers of AliExpressTools have thought out a lot of utilities to protect customers, speed up and ease the process of acquiring quality products.

AliTrust rating: who is trustworthy?

One of the main functions of the application is the seller's rating, formed by AliTrust, or rather, by the users themselves. Its main task is to provide the AliExpress visitor with true, regularly updated information about a particular store. AliTrust's alternate seller rating accompanies any product, "embedding" in the rest of the information about it.

Its formation is based on an objective analysis of important data for the buyer:

  • whether the product matches the description on the site;
  • how long the seller provides its services;
  • what is the efficiency of delivery of goods to customers;
  • displaying the percentage of buyers who liked the purchase and service of the seller;
  • the presence of complaints about the seller, which can be found on the link.

Practical AliExpressTools interface: useful features

AliTrust rating is a very important, but not the only option for the AliExpressTools plugin. Maximum convenience when shopping on the well-known Chinese Internet site is provided with other useful features. Using the extension is very simple: clicking on the plug-in icon activates the menu.

The user has the following features:

  • find goods on AliExpress;
  • follow links to (website and forum);
  • read a video review of a specific product on YouTube;
  • to track the package;
  • share the boasts - images, videos of purchased goods, reviews about them;

  • if necessary, leave a complaint against the seller, open a dispute.

I also want to buy in China cheap but safe!

Everyone has this opportunity. You can choose the AliExpressTools plugin directly in the app store, you can also install it from It operates in all the most popular browsers (Yandex Browser, Google Chrome, Amigo Install an extension that does not require a lot of resources - and you will make your online shopping a much more relaxed and comfortable adventure!

AliExpressTools is an app for profitable, useful, fast and enjoyable shopping. With him, you no longer have to order the cat in the bag. You can be more confident in the quality of the ordered goods, the justification of its price, and the speed of delivery. Install AliExpressTools plugin on your smartphone or computer - and please yourself with secure online shopping and things that meet your expectations!