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Trees are endowed, like all living things, with consciousness, and possess an inexhaustible supply of vital energy, from which the healing power emanates. But often we do not notice this miracle, for us they are only part of the landscape. Trees are the largest and most energetically close to us creatures from the plant world. They are in continuous meditation, and subtle energy is their natural language.

Trees perfectly conduct unhealthy energy accumulated in our organs into the earth. They strengthen the nervous system, improve mood, rejuvenate, promote longevity.

How to find "your" tree?

  • People and trees have always had family and friendship ties. The wounded, weakened warrior, in order to regain his strength, went to the oak. A woman, to be happy in the family and give birth to a healthy child, went to the linden tree. The girl, so that her life could be successful, went to the birch. Today, biophysicists have confirmed: the oak is more empathetic to the man, the linden to the woman, the birch to the girl.
  • Spruce is considered a sacred tree. The ancient Germans not only strictly guarded the sacred fir trees, they appeased them in every possible way. The sacred tree was decorated, bonfires were laid around it, delicacies were prepared, good spirits conjured up by dancing and singing. Then the tree was burned. The ash from him was also considered sacred, it was kept until spring and scattered in the fields, believing that it was able to protect household supplies from rodents.
  • According to the customs of many nations, on the birthday of the child they planted a tree, and it became like the second “I” of a person, his patron, it transferred to him some of his strength. If a person was sick, his malaise was transmitted to the tree, it was stunted and faded.
  • Each Siberian and Altai shaman found his own shaman tree in the taiga. The life of the shaman has since been firmly connected with this tree: if the tree died, the shaman died too.
  • Each plant has its own unique bioenergy. The human body can respond or not respond to the energy of certain types of trees: a man in a blink of an eye becomes friendly with one tree, another - leaves him indifferent, next to the third he experiences causeless anxiety, irritability or tiredness, apathy, fatigue. The fact is that each of us has our own tree, which is closest to us in its bioenergetic characteristics. Such a tree will help in the event of illness, help to cope with a lack of energy, support and nourish in difficult moments of life, will not allow to lose heart. But for this you need to find your own tree.

  • Why do we get sick and tired? In particular, because the energy balance in our body is disturbed. We feel bad from a lack of energy, but an excess of a certain energy does not bring us health and well-being, mood. So, it is necessary to restore the balance. To do this, it is enough to turn to a tree that will compensate for our lack of energy or, on the contrary, take its excess.
  • How do you know if a tree is right for you at the moment or not? It is necessary to approach it, to distract from the thoughts, to “merge” with the tree (to feel that you are one being), and to listen to the sensations that arise. How does it affect you? Are you well or not?
  • You can try to check using the dowsing frame. Go to the tree, holding the frame straight ahead. If the frame starts to move, the tree does not suit you, if it stands, stands still, this is your tree.
  • Trees react to people individually, they themselves feel, they know what you need. If you decide, for example, to recharge from the tree with energy at the moment when you have it and so in abundance, the tree will repel you, trying not to cause harm: you will feel a heartbeat, tinnitus, other signs of indisposition ... So the trees warn us: do not do this, stop!
  • Having determined which tree suits you, approach it, press it to its trunk, send it sincere love, feel sympathy and tenderness to it. Give up all thoughts. Try to feel yourself for a moment as a tree ... Feel the energy descend from the air down the leaves, along the trunk - to the roots ... Feel how the roots go deep into the ground, and streams quietly flow from them along the trunk. ..
  • But if contact with a tree causes unpleasant, painful sensations, you better not just communicate with each other. Does this mean that a tree is bad? Of course not! It's just not yours. But it is someone, it can help someone else.

Healing energy of trees

The spring biofield of trees is especially strong. All trees are divided into two large groups: those that give bioenergy and that take it away.

  1. Giving energy - oak, birch, pine, apple, cedar.
  2. Energy takers - alder, aspen, poplar, bird cherry, all climbing plants. They can take harmful energy if you are sick.

The energy of trees also has its own characteristics: in oak it is more rigid than in birch and pine; maple invigorates; willow, on the contrary, calms; aspen relieves pain; poplar relieves irritability.

Using biolocation methods, it has been established that birch and oak are energetically fueling approximately for the majority of residents of Central Russia. Next in this row is pine. Birch relieves fatigue, increases vascular tone, neutralizes the effects of stress. Cedar belongs to the life-givers and perfectly helps all the processes of purification in the body. If your cardiovascular system is weak and suffers from various diseases, aspen, poplar and bird cherry do not improve your condition. But birch, oak, linden can heal you.

You can make healing chocks, branches, boards, dies for future use and store them at home. The approximate size of the dice: height 2-3 cm, diameter 6-15 cm. Migraine, hypertension, chronic diseases of the brain vessels eliminate dies or branches sucking the energy of tree species. Dies should be applied to the sore spot and on the projection of the diseased organ on the body or on the point of exit of the organ meridian (through the Chinese channels): the soles, ears, palms. Dies are applied for 10 minutes for 5 days in a row, then take a break for 1 day. And so about 1 month.

Trees treat us not only with the help of redistribution of energy, but also with their smells. The smell of oak and birch reduces blood pressure, and communication with these trees is very beneficial for patients with hypertension. In the coniferous forest, it is better for hypertensive patients to be in the winter, in the summer headaches, on the contrary, may increase, there is a risk of disturbance of the heart activity.

Choose your tree. Stand at a distance of 1.5 m from him, stretch a vertically unfolded palm towards him, move slowly. Already at a distance of 1 m, you will feel warm and tingling in the palm of your hand. This means - contact took place.

How to contact a tree to help you?

Walk calmly to your tree, turn your face to the east and lean against it. Put your right hand on the solar plexus, and your left hand, back side, on the buds, with her also lean against the tree trunk. Try to plunge into a state of contemplation and not think about anything for a while.

Then mentally refer to the tree asking to clean you (if the purpose of the contact is only cleaning) or to heal (if you are already sick). Wait a few more minutes and calmly move on. Don't forget to thank the tree for your help before leaving.

According to the site www.1reikiveda.ru

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