Yoga for pregnant women

For many, pregnancy is a time of discovery, of learning new sensations and anticipation of change. Natural changes in the body of a woman can cause discomfort, anxiety. It is very important to learn to accept the naturalness of all the processes taking place, to maintain a positive mood and to trust in a miraculous transformation.

Briefly about yoga

The time of pregnancy is the right moment to get acquainted with the practical calculations of yoga, which allow to reveal the inner possibilities. Yoga for pregnant women includes a set of exercises that take into account the possibilities and needs of special physiological changes in the woman’s body. It can be a wonderful addition to preparing for the upcoming childbirth, to transition to a new level of relationships, to perceiving oneself organically with the outside world.

Yoga belongs to the ancient complex of exercises that have spread far beyond India. Yoga classes for pregnant women include in their program, mainly static poses in combination with breathing exercises. Elements of light meditation allow you to immerse yourself in your inner world, tune in to the coming changes and gain composure. The existing system allows you to develop the flexibility of the body, which is important both throughout pregnancy and directly during childbirth.

Regular yoga classes affect the improvement of the functioning of all body systems, the improvement of overall well-being and attitude.

Processes inside the body of a pregnant

Due to the displacement of the center of mass in the body of a pregnant woman, the spine begins to experience constant tension. After the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy should be more actively engaged in strengthening the muscles of the back. But the ability to relax has an important role. During yoga classes, complete relaxation of the core muscles occurs, which allows the body to adapt to increasing loads.

Learning the technique of full breathing helps to fill the blood with oxygen, and in combination with moderate exercise, improves blood circulation throughout the body. What affects the clarity of mind, and the full work of the heart, and an adequate blood supply to the placenta that feeds the baby.

The basics of meditation help get rid of chronic tension, prevent stress, have a restful sleep, and feel confident in your abilities. The peaceful state facilitates communication with the fetal child, are the foundation of a warm relationship after birth.

Yoga complex for pregnant women

The body of pregnant women is constantly undergoing changes, therefore, for security reasons, the complex of asanas includes only simple positions that prevent back pain, headaches, swelling of limbs, and constipation. At its core, it is based on the principles of hatha yoga, which allows for a sparing effect on the spine. When performing asanas, it is better to listen to your body, to perform only those postures that are comfortable. Each organism is individual and should learn to read its needs.

Yoga accent for pregnant women:

1. Strengthening and stretching the internal muscles.

2. Development of joints.

3. Performing dynamic exercises to improve blood circulation.

4. Learning respiratory practice (pranayama).

5. The ability to relax and concentrate (meditation).

6. Exclusion of potentially dangerous body positions: asanas with a raised pelvis and twisting of the spine.

We remind that yoga in its essence is not an ordinary set of exercises. This is something more. Yoga is a lifestyle, a friendly attitude to the world every second, it is a state of peace and clarity of mind.

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