Words and health

The words are familiar to us. We do not think about how they affect our health. But words have power that can heal or cause trouble. In order not to harm our own health and the health of others, we must think about the words we utter.

The power of a word

People have always known that words are a special element of our culture. A certain set of words and individual words can change our life and affect health. We communicate with words, words create images and evoke emotions in us, we think with words. All this directly affects our emotional state, psyche and physical health. After all, no wonder they say that all diseases of the nerves. With the help of words we can program ourselves to achieve success and fulfillment of desires, with their help to help your body fight diseases.

Why are words important to our health?

The purpose of words is to communicate with each other. They express our emotions and attitudes towards other people. That is why words can encourage, and offend, and inspire a person to do something important and necessary for him. We all want to be supported and encouraged. And at the same time, it hurts us and hurts when, instead of good words, we hear very different ones. When we swear and argue, even the words that we say in the heat of anger to someone else harm not only the person to whom they are intended, but also the one who said them. But the word that was said in time, can even cure.

The mechanism of the influence of words on our health

When you say a word, the analytical process begins. First, the word is realized by our mind, and then it evokes in the subconscious a certain image associated with it. After all, the word is connected with something definite, sometimes we can even not understand each other due to differences in perception.

Also, scientists have recently established that water has an information function and is able to change its structure under the influence of what has been heard. And from what words the water hears, its structure becomes beneficial for a person or not. Man is almost 87% water, which is why every word we say affects our state in the most direct way. If you often hear bad or good words or pronounce them yourself, the water in your body changes its structure, and this causes such processes in the body that can heal as well as harm you.

Impact of words on our subconscious

Having said the word, you transform the energy that is transmitted to the one who listens. Energy then causes a change in nerve impulses. Impulses, in turn, are transmitted to internal organs, endocrine glands and muscles. What you said the word becomes a biochemical and biophysical process that directly affect the work of cells, glands and all organs.

Prayers, mantras and frequently repeated phrases have a great influence on our subconscious. If we often say words with a positive meaning, it lays a positive program in our subconscious, which leads to subsequent success and recovery.

Positive and negative words: health effects

Try to say the following words as rarely as possible: work, guilt, must and must. They carry a negative charge for your health, because they are associated with unpleasant things.

But such words as gentle and joyful, brave and beautiful, hearty and bright, sublime and bright, should be increased in your vocabulary. Make yourself a list of words that cause you positive emotions, and pronounce them as often as possible.

Words and our emotional health

The words that we hear, can cause us truly powerful emotions. They can be and sad, and joyful events. The first to reflect their impact is our emotional state. A lot of stress occurs only because of the words, and they cause the appearance of such a terrible disease, like depression. But, despite the destructive power that they, too, unfortunately have, words can heal.

No wonder it has been recently accepted, especially abroad, to communicate with psychoanalysts, and in this role we have friends and like-minded people on the Internet. With a simple heart-to-heart talk, with someone who hears you, you can avoid turning stress into a chronic affliction. It's over, don't forget that it is impossible to avoid all stresses, and not all of them are caused by words. But words that hurt, no matter whom, avoid with all your might, and positive, on the contrary, use as often as possible. Then your emotional state will always be healthy, and your mood will be vigorous and cheerful.

How can words help combat anxiety?

Anxiety in the first place in us causes uncertainty. To get rid of this feeling, which negatively affects our health, you need to get enough information about current events, and try to understand what words have caused you anxiety. Having received enough information, you can calm down and alleviate moral suffering.

The impact of offensive words on health

Abusive words lead to the most negative consequences for our health. Under their action there is a change in the structure of the water of which we are composed. Swear words cause a mutation of genes, very similar to the effect of radiation exposure. Hearing such words often, our chromosomes begin to change their structure, this leads to the creation of a program of self-destruction, which is passed on to descendants. Negative emotional state causes the occurrence of psychosomatic disorders and diseases.

All the sounds that we hear from childhood, all the words that are often spoken: everything affects our physical and mental health. Everything begins with the words, any deed, action and your health, therefore speak only good words to each other. Take care of yourself.

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