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Women's health - from it take the origins of women's happiness, beauty and harmony. A healthy woman is a woman filled with energy, radiating light and heat, drawing goodness, abundance and love into her life. What are the top 7 secrets of women's health?

Healthy food: include sweets, milk and vegetables

The nature of women, according to Vedic knowledge, is very different from the nature of men. We must live in harmony with our feminine essence, only then we can find true happiness. This is indicated by the vedic psychologist O.G. Torsunov.

What to eat a woman? You must include in your diet sweets. Sweet food normalizes the hormonal system of a woman, improves her mood, well-being and gives a feeling of satisfaction. This does not mean that you need to constantly eat fatty cakes and chocolate. Food can be sweet, but healthy. Eat bananas, raisins, cook Ayurvedic sweets. And remember: for sweet food to strengthen a woman’s health, it must be taken in the morning.

Women also should eat more dairy products, since they are strongly associated with the energy of the moon, which gives us energy and supports healthy hormones. And have powerful female energy vegetables, therefore, they just need to be included in your diet.

But the flour and meat is better to use at a minimum. Meat should be completely excluded from use. It creates the energy of violence, murder and aggression, which is contrary to the soft female nature. In this way, to follow her nature, to be healthy and develop female qualities in herself, a woman needs to eat more vegetables, dairy and sweet foods.

The right time to sleep

It is now accepted to go to bed late, but it is in the first half of the night (until about half past twelve) that the female hormones are produced when the moon rises. therefore go to bed better no later than 22.00, and better at 21.00. If your body goes to sleep from now on, with time your mind will go away with anxiety, you will find peace, tranquility, inner balance, stop nervousness and be able to keep up. Get up better before 6 in the morning. To find out how to choose the best time for the morning rise, read the article. What time is better to wake up.

Women's clothes: skirts or pants?

Today, many women wear jeans. Here it is necessary to talk about the flow of energy in the body: where it is squeezed, the energy stagnates, and where it is free it goes. In men, the energy in the body goes up, which develops activity, will and activity in it. Therefore, men’s pants and a loose top are a natural form of clothing.

For women, it's the other way around. Above should be tight, and below - free. Our energy goes down, and this downward flow is associated with the child-bearing function. Therefore, the legs need to be closed, but not tight. Female beauty depends on the fullness of female hormones.: if their level decreases, health and beauty also go away. Therefore, a woman should take care of her hormonal system and wear the right clothes.

Correct attitude to work

A serious cause of a woman’s health problems lies in her education and attitude to work. By nature, the female psyche is created for love: the mission of a woman is to love, take care, create an atmosphere of warmth and happiness. For family health, 70% of female energy is needed. A woman forms the harmony of family life.

Modern education has little to do with family and family values. It allows you to be active and business in society and to live "in the male type." As a result, the psyche becomes tense, hormonal functions get upset, chronic depressions appear, as the woman lives in conflict with her true nature. There is no real happiness in life, where the main thing is a career.

Habitat: house or society?

A man is healthy when he is active and achieves goals, and a woman is when she is emotionally satisfied. Excessive stay in public, in public places, is wasting our strength, while at home we draw on these strengths. therefore the natural environment for women is home, and for men - society. A man who spends too much time in the family becomes unhappy, and a woman living in the family and family becomes happy and healthy.

A woman feels good when she spends most of her time in her home. She needs to walk barefoot, get energy from the Earth, look at the sun, listen to the birds sing, and go to the garden. So she lives in harmony with nature and becomes healthy and benevolent.

Caring for your loved ones and yourself beloved

Purpose of a woman - to decorate the world with beauty. Female energy must find a way out. Idle existence and idleness has not brought anyone any luck. Therefore need to direct forces to care for your loved ones and yourself. A woman’s vocation is to give warmth, give love and affection. Cooking with love, washing with love, cleaning with love - this brings true happiness. When a woman cares about a man, he has the energy to grow and develop, and his career goes uphill.

In addition, it is important to monitor their internal and external condition. A woman should feel like a flower, beautiful, perfect, loved. The man feels it and always goes home with inspiration and joy.

We develop women's qualities

Many women do not have enough female power. We have in nature - to be caring, kind and gentle. But at work, these qualities do not develop. therefore you need to learn to think, dress and treat women like women. Then personal life will begin to improve, because men value us not for the ability to earn and manage, but for the ability to be sensitive, fragile, affectionate, obedient.

  • Start giving love to others. Feed pigeons, write letters to boarding schools for single people, help grandmothers to cross the road.
  • Develop a sense of female dignityand take care of yourself as a jewel. It is not necessary to enter into a close relationship with the man you like on the day you meet. The longer a woman keeps a secret, the more valuable she is and the higher in the eyes of a man.
  • Be self-sufficient. Be able to be happy always, regardless of whether a man is near or not. Do not become dependent and capricious. Men value integrity, so they are always looking for just such a woman.

The wisdom of the Vedas teaches us to follow our own nature. If we are born women, then it is necessary to seek satisfaction in filling oneself with feminine energy, properly eating, dressing and communicating with men. Then we will be healthy, loved and truly happy.

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