Woman's happiness

What is female happiness and where to find the ingredients for this dish? Often we tend to make happiness dependent on external circumstances and other people: I will be happy when I move to another city, when I find my soul mate, when I buy myself a car. But now the dream comes true, we achieve what we have been walking for so long, and happiness does not come. The thing is that we do not take into account the main source of happiness that is inside us. And you just need to look into yourself and find the desired female happiness there.

Ingredient 1 - love yourself

Love yourself is beautiful. Such love is natural, and it has nothing to do with selfishness. After all, only by learning to love yourself unconditionally, you can love both the other and the whole world. On the other hand, each of us attracts into his life the energy that he radiates, so if you truly love yourself, people who just as purely and strongly love you will begin to come into your life. In addition, the entire universe will begin to show you how she loves you, sending pleasant surprises, amazing events, generous gifts. About how to love yourself, read the articles: How to love yourself?, Learn to love and accept your body, Love to yourself: how to increase self-esteem.

Ingredient 2 - take everything as good

This is a very important component of the dish called "women's happiness." It consists in accepting any event with the certainty that everything happens for good. Whatever happens, take it not as a punishment, but as a lesson - an opportunity to change something, to correct it for the better. It is very important to learn how to forgive and let go of offenses. When we understand that with hatred we only poison our lives, and we are freed from the burden of grievances, life becomes different!

Thank everyone for the lessons of pain, because thanks to them you have become stronger and wiser. On how to forgive and get rid of even the deepest insults, read in the articles The most important words for healing everyone, Thoughtful image of a rose as a method of forgiveness, Meditation of parents forgiveness.

Ingredient 3 - remember your purpose

You are a Woman, you decorate the world with your presence, your gentleness, kindness and ability to love. Believe in yourself, remember your divine nature, be in a state of fullness and harmony. To learn how to do this, read the article Purpose of a Woman - to highlight the world with beauty.

Ingredient 4 - constantly work on yourself

In order to live happily, you need to develop spiritually, work on yourself, consciousness, inner world and your body. Ability to concentrate on the main things, awareness, understanding of your unity with the Universe, purification of thoughts, words, actions, spiritualization of each action and regular spiritual practice. - that's what you need to strive for. Only by developing, changing, cultivating, can a woman create, give light, love and joy.

Cooking dish "Women's happiness"

Remember: to be happy, you need to be able to be happy without any reason. Happiness is not an experience, not a feeling, it is just an action that needs to be able to do — enjoy every moment of life without conditions and reasons. Love yourself, accept each event as a gift, remember your mission, work on yourself, find the beautiful in everything and be happy right now! The state of permanent causeless female happiness is absolutely normal and as natural as breathing. Just choose to be happy and be her! Good luck!

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