Wishes card

The Wish Card is a magic tool for fulfilling wishes. It helps to articulate what we want to get, tune in to communicate with our Higher Self and speed up the process of execution. How to make a wish card?

We make a map of desires

Having prepared for the creation of a desire card and having decided on what you want, choose the images of your desires. Pick and cut pictures from magazines or just print from the Internet. Use your photos, as well as draw something suitable image that you did not find.

In the center of the map, place your own photo in which you are truly happy. This will be the image of your happiness, which is the ultimate goal of all. We want to be happy, everything else is just the means to achieve it. You can also place not your photo in the center, but an image of a dream, which is the mission of your whole life. For example, for people who are devoted to God, the main thing is serving Him, therefore, there may be an image of the Divine face.

Now, around this central image, paste or draw pictures and photos symbolizing your desires. Sign each image. Enjoy the process of creativity and creation, get real pleasure from this magical activity!

There are no strict rules for posting pictures. Listen to your heart and draw everything that makes your heart beat faster and inspires. These could be images of famous people, beautiful photos of the place where you want to go, decorations, a dream house, pictures of happy children, etc. Those who love feng shui, we can recommend the use of the Bagua zone. To do this, place the desires from different spheres in specific corners of the sheet.

Formulate your desires

All the most important things in your life should be drawn in the map. Each of the drawings must be signed. This is a must!

Remember three important rules:

  1. Formulate the wishes clearly, concretely and clearly, expressing them succinctly and succinctly in a few words.
  2. Formulate your dreams only in the present tense and in an affirmative form as if it already exists.
  3. Your desires must be pure, good and absolutely safe for you and those around you.

Visualization of desires, their clear wording gives a signal to the Universe to start their implementation.

Wishing Card Decoration

Use different decorations for the card of desires. You can portray flowers that are dear to the heart, stick ribbons, draw a sun, paint a white background in bright colors, draw arrows from each picture to the central photo, make a border frame with an image of angels, etc. Imagine and use your own talismans and secrets. You can read a prayer or some magical conspiracy to impart magical power to the wish card.

Little secrets of creating a wish card

  • Recommended be limited to nine wishes, no longer should write.
  • The pictures and clippings you use should find deep in your heart emotional response. Then they will work!
  • It is important to depict on the wish card only those dreams that are sacred, very significant, for which you are ready for much. Such desires, which are characterized as "it would be good if ...", do not write!
  • If the fulfillment of a dream is connected with a specific person, discard it.. For example, the desire "I want my husband to return to the family" carries the energy of violence, because it is likely that a person does not want this. If you want to be happy in a relationship, find a photo of an attractive man you like and put it on your wish card.
  • In order for desires to be fulfilled, you must continue to strongly desire and do something. Road going by walking! If we add knobs and sit on the stove, the Universe cannot help us. The universe helps those who do something themselves! It provides opportunities, and whether to use them or not, we choose.

How to work with the desire map?

When you have finished working on your wish card, close your eyes and mentally thank the forces that you turned to for help in creating it.. Tell your wish card something kind and warm and ask her to help you in the implementation of your plans. Then decide where to place your card. You can hang it in a prominent place in the house to see your dreams and remember them all the time. If you are not ready for someone to see your innermost dreams, place the card in a place where no one will know about it. Every day, spend 5-15 minutes alone with the card, carefully examining it, rereading plans and creating an internal connection with the energy of your desires.

For more information about the method of working with the wish card, see the article Wish Card: what is it and how to work with it?

Let the wish card be your friend. Dream and achieve! Universe to help you!

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