Why do yogis starve

Cleansing practices play a huge role in the system of yoga methods. During the years of life, the human body accumulates a huge amount of slags and toxins, which reduce the energy potential and lead to the occurrence of diseases. It is the disease, according to the teachings of Patanjali, are an obstacle to the attainment of perfect abilities.

Who came up with it?

Fasting is not a newfangled trend, although in Western countries it began to be practiced only in the 20th century. It is known that purification starvation existed in ancient Egypt, many religious leaders (for example, Christ, Buddha), as well as saints and prophets for a long time refused food. Tens and hundreds of famous people practiced fasting, and the best minds of humanity came to the idea of ​​abstaining from food.

Slags poison our lives

For life, protein is necessary - it is a recognized axiom. However, it is equally indisputable that most digestible proteins form toxic compounds during cleavage. Namely: urea, uric acid, creatine, creatinine, etc. This happens either because the amount of food needed is significantly exceeded, or because of metabolic disturbance. Sometimes these two factors work on a two-and-one basis. In this case, self-poisoning does not occur only because the toxins in a “preserved” form are deposited in the tissues (connective, adipose, bone, and also non-working muscles).

If from time to time we do not undertake a “general cleaning”, our body becomes like a garbage bin, in which every healthy cell literally suffocates from poisons and cannot function normally. In fact, this is a slow death, because a person whose body is full of toxins does not live, but exists. All 365 days a year, he is sick - and this is not a metaphor! Overcoming it is also not easy. After all, at the slightest interruption in nutrition poisons are released, they seem to come to life. Having got from blood, they are distributed to all bodies and cause heavy sufferings. It is because of a serious deterioration of health during fasting, people are reinforced in the opinion that this is a false path, while this is just a trick, a deception of the flesh. That fasting helps get rid of severe slagging.

What gives fasting?

  1. The removal of toxins and toxins. During fasting, all excretory systems begin to work on the hung power. Sometimes, an unpleasant smell can emanate from starving people in the first days - it is literally the smell of death, but it marks not her arrival, but, on the contrary, retreat.
  2. Cleaning the joints. Looking at the flexibility of yogis, it sometimes seems that their joints are made of clay. This is so much at odds with our ideas about articular mobility. A rare man after 30 years will dare to do what he easily did in his childhood. The reason for this is not maturation, but clogged joints. Compounds of uric acid salts, which accumulate in them for years, at first limit mobility, but, over time, become causes of pain associated with arthritis, arthritis, etc. With the help of fasting, you can get rid of even mild forms of arthritis rather quickly (1-2 weeks).
  3. Update fabrics. Fasting is not only a method of cleansing the body and removing toxins. Imagine your body: if he constantly has food, he is lazy and slow. When the supply of nutrients is limited, he becomes forced to live at the expense of his own tissues. The body is cunning in its own way, and first of all it consumes the sick, least valuable cells (tumors, adhesions, ossified areas, necrosis and cirrhosis). The surgeon’s scalpel cannot remove the sick without damaging the healthy. Hunger is a great doctor, it destroys diseased cells without disturbing the integrity of healthy tissue.
  4. The extension of youth. The renewal of tissues is associated with their rejuvenation, correction of errors in the synthesis of proteins. Fasting is the best prevention of cancer that has become the plague of our time.
  5. Fasting cleans not only the body, but also thoughts. The famous Pythagoras went hungry for 40 days and demanded the same from their students. Thinkers and people of creative work are unanimous in their opinion that hunger has a positive effect on mental abilities. Memory improves, intuition increases, sensitivity sharpens. Therefore, fasting is important for yogis for spiritual development. After 40 days of hunger, the mental body is purified, and the person is freed from all evil thoughts and inclinations.

Interesting fact!

At one time, an amazing experiment was conducted. The planarian worm was kept without food, until its size was reduced threefold from the original. It was recorded that the "thinner" worm showed all signs of a young individual of this size. Then the pet was fed to the initial state and the starvation cycle started again. It is significant that this worm has lived 20 times longer than the normal life span characteristic of this species. Man is more complicated, but obeys the same laws. And Yoga teaches that all living things are particular cases of the manifestation of a single great thought.

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