Why do yoga

We offer you the top 10 reasons to do yoga. So let's go!

  1. Regular yoga practice improves health.This is a fact that does not need proof! Yoga exercises (asanas) have a stimulating effect on the entire body: they train muscles, improve flexibility of the joints, lymph flow and blood circulation, and have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. And besides this, according to studies, people who regularly practice meditation seek medical help 50% less often than representatives of the “non-mediating” part of humanity.
  2. With the help of yoga you can easily lose weight.No matter how much they say that yoga is not a means to lose weight, but, nevertheless, think about it, have you ever seen obese yoga? A fat yogi is the same oxymoron as a “living corpse”, only much funnier. Yogis are not complete. In addition to the general normalization of health and metabolism, a person doing yoga gains goals that are incompatible with the absorption of buns, lying on the couch in front of the TV. For example, perform a complex asana. Slimming will happen by itself, unnoticed, and this is another plus, i.e. you do not have to exhaust yourself with diets and are constantly measured in this way and that. Do yoga - and the excess weight will go "in English."
  3. Yoga helps to normalize blood pressure.The British Journal of Medicine "The Lancet" published the sensational results of studies of the effects of hypertension on the Corpse (Savasana) posture. It turned out that after three months of practicing the asana "upper", the subjects' pressure dropped by an average of 26 units, and the "lower" - by 15. The higher the initial pressure was, the stronger it decreased. Ordinary rest on the couch did not reveal a similar result.
  4. Yoga helps to get rid of insomnia and stress. Relaxation, breathing exercises and meditation contribute to the development of the so-called "pratyahary" (turning inward). This gives a break to the nervous system, which is constantly experiencing the onslaught of information, all sorts of negative and stressful factors. According to studies, yoga normalizes the emotional background, calms the nerves and has a beneficial effect on sleep.
  5. Yoga exercises help to normalize the spine and improve posture. Movement is life. Ancient wisdom is the best applied to the work of our spine. After all, the nutrients of the vertebrae and intervertebral discs receive only when they are in motion. In ordinary life, our spine is often hungry due to sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, etc. When practicing asanas with various deflections, bends and twists, no vertebra will be left without work!
  6. Cleansing the body. Almost all yoga exercises contribute to the activation of metabolic processes. During asanas and bandhas (muscle contractions), a natural “massage” of all internal organs takes place. Therefore, thanks to the practice of yoga, activates the lymphatic system, which is responsible not only for fighting infections and getting rid of toxic products of cellular activity, but also plays an important role in the destruction of cancer cells.
  7. Practicing yoga helps strengthen the immune system. The beneficial effect of meditation on the protective properties of the body has been confirmed in the course of scientific research. In addition, as you know, immunity directly depends on the work of the intestine. Stress provokes the development of gastrointestinal diseases, which, in turn, lead to a weakening of our immunity. All these problems are successfully treated with yoga. Motor activity stimulates the process of excretion of digestive waste, thus solving the problem of constipation, and theoretically reducing the risk of colon cancer. And although this is not scientifically confirmed, yoga experts say that twisting helps to remove toxins from the body. Thus, the work of the intestine is normalized and the immunity increases.
  8. Regular asana practice and meditation help reduce painwith arthritis, radiculitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems and other chronic diseases. This has been proven by scientific research. The only feature of yoga for people with serious health problems is inconspicuous medical supervision.
  9. The practice of yoga calms the nerves. Media yoga techniques contribute to a deeper awareness and the elimination of such destructive emotions as anger, rage, etc. According to scientific data, chronic aggression and negative attitudes toward the world around us are a direct path to heart attack, diabetes, and other unpleasant diseases. Yoga, soothing the mind and nervous system, heals anger. She teaches us to maintain internal balance even in the most difficult life situations.

Yoga can change life for the better.And this is perhaps its strongest side. Yoga encourages us to develop more healthy habits: without any special effort, you suddenly begin to eat better, respond more calmly in stressful situations, pay more attention to physical activity, etc. Most likely, by doing yoga, you will quit smoking without any special effort. And this is a serious victory!

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