Who can be the child's godparents

Today, the tradition of raising children in the faith is almost lost. Often parents, bringing babies to church for baptism, do not really know Orthodox teaching and have no idea what is happening at this moment. But baptism is the sacrament, which the Holy Church calls the second birth. It is the Sacrament, not a rite, not a tradition, not another reason for a merry feast. This is a very serious and crucial moment in the life of a true believer, and therefore it is necessary to approach the issue of the baptism of a child with repentance and faith. The important question is: who can be the cross-parents?

What are godchildren for?

Anyone who wants to be an Orthodox Christian needs baptism.

Anyone who wants to be an Orthodox Christian needs baptism. Having passed this Sacrament, a person finds himself at the open door - this is the beginning of the journey. The road will be difficult, the easy way is not promised to anyone, and helping the child with it is the responsibility of the godparents.

Often a person at a baptism falls into the temple for the first and last time in his life. And this sin is not so much the most baptized, as his successors, who were obliged to teach the child faith and care for true Christianity of the godson. The baby is not able to swear allegiance to the Lord, the godparents give this oath in its place. They vouch to the Lord for the faith of the godchild. This is the sacred duty of the godparents, the neglect of which is a grave sin.

Is it possible to baptize a baby without godparents? If there are no believers among your surroundings who could have been godparents, then considering such a case as particularly extreme, the church allows for baptism. If a child is left without godparents, only parents are responsible for his spiritual development.

Who can choose godparents?

Only the believer is suitable for this responsible role.

Only the believer is suitable for this responsible role. Already at the age of 14 a person can assume such a responsible and honorable duty. There is no age limit, unless we are talking about disabled people. It is impossible to be the godparents of the baby’s parents, as, however, the husband and wife cannot baptize one baby. Choose your child receivers from among those who can be trusted with his spiritual development, who will become his real guardian.

Who are godparents for parents of a child? The answer to this question, probably, everyone knows - godfathers.

Responsibilities of receivers: What should the godparents know before baptism?

The time of preparation of recipients for baptism is a very crucial moment. It is important that the godparents learn their responsibilities before baptism. They need to fill their gaps in the knowledge of the Gospel, the foundations of Orthodoxy, Christian piety. The church recommends spending some time in fasting, after which to begin confession and Holy Communion. It is great if at least one, godfather or godfather, knows and can tell the Symbol of Orthodox Faith.

In addition to spiritual training, godparents need to worry about the set for baptism. It includes:

  • Orthodox consecrated cross;
  • baptismal shirt;
  • birth certificate;
  • sheet;
  • cloth or diaper to wrap the baby after immersion in the font.

The beneficiaries themselves must necessarily have wearable consecrated Orthodox crosses.

What to give to the godparents and the child?

To a significant event and gifts need appropriate

To a significant event and gifts are needed appropriate. You can pick up a symbolic gift that the godson will carry with him throughout his life, remembering every time about the godparents. Traditionally, such gifts include a cross. It does not have to be gold, less precious materials will do.

Another traditional gift that fully corresponds to the moment is a piece of white cloth that wraps the child after the font, it is called a kryzhmy. It is believed that after the Sacrament of the baptism of the Kryzhma is endowed with miraculous properties. It would be nice to give your child a shirt or dress, embroidered with his own hands. A great gift will be an icon depicting a guardian angel or an amulet.

The parents of the child in the face of the godparents find for themselves close people. I also want to keep this event for a long time in my memory and I have to think about what to give to godparents. If you want to give a gift of symbolism, then the object that will be used during the ceremony is best suited for this. For example, such a gift can be personalized napkins with embroidered patterns in which you can keep baptismal candles.

It would be appropriate to give a personalized icon with the image of the face of the saint, whose name is godfather or godfather. Whatever you donate, this thing should be presented from the soul, pure heart, with love to your neighbor.

What do godparents do during baptism?

Usually the sacrament is performed in the temple.

Usually the sacrament is carried out in the temple. During the ceremony, the godparents are next to the priest, and the baby is in the hands of one of them. First, in the name of God, the priest expels Satan from the baby, while reading the prayers. Then, the godparents, instead of their own godfather, three times renounce the human enemy and three times proclaim their connection with the Lord. After that, the consecration of the water and the oil, which is smeared on the infant, is carried out, which testifies to his being from this moment in the body of the Church of Christ.

The child is named the Christian name, which is included in the Saints, then the baby is thrice lowered into the holy water, and the priest pronounces the prayer.

After this, the child is handed over to the hands of godparents. Teukut his kryzhmy. Next is Confirmation, reading the Gospel and the Apostle, and the priest cuts a little bunch of hair at the baby. This order remains in the church as a commemoration of the sacrifice to the Lord.

The kid is wearing a cross - this means that he is already a Christian. The priest gives the child to his parents, and they accept a lifelong commitment to be responsible for the Orthodox upbringing of the baby and constantly pray for him.

The main duty of the recipients in relation to the godchild is to instruct the child to the Orthodox faith, teach the prayers, teach them to repent and accept the Communion, read church literature. And, of course, to be with him near and in happy and in difficult life periods.

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