Who are the energy vampires

Who are energy vampires? In fact, not everything is as scary as it is often said when it comes to vampires. Rarely there are cases of intentional vampirism, much more often energy is taken from us unconsciously. There may be many reasons for this, someone initially has a very low energy supply, and therefore they try to communicate with people who have this energy in bulk, i.e. by donors. It also happens that a person is morally broken, as they say, there are no forces, either physical or mental. And in such a period of his life, he will, perhaps without thinking about it, draw energy from other people. In fact, there are many ways to replenish energy, and it is not necessary to replenish it at the expense of those around you.

Many rulers knew about this, for example, King David deliberately surrounded himself with young and beautiful girls in order to draw off his old age. Also, Mao Tse Dun, already in his advanced years, liked to spend a lot of time with pretty girls.

How does energovampirism work?

So that you imagine this mechanism, let us remember physics. If a tubule is held in two connected vessels, then gradually the water level in them will become the same. Also, everything flows in humans. The one who has more energy gives it to the "vampire", the main thing here is to establish contact. And this is all not so difficult, you can make a little physical contact - to hold your hand over the other person, shake hands. But you can do this without physical contact, you just need to tune in to the same wavelength with the other person. And then only energy shells will come into contact. And they have one interesting property, when its owner shows interest in something, then it opens up and tries to understand this object. Therefore, the main task for a vampire is to cause interest to yourself so that you yourself will open to him to meet.

In one of the worst books on black magic, they teach how to deal with a victim: turn her attention to yourself ... behave mysteriously so that the victim is intrigued by you and starts giving you her emotions. Any emotion is energy for a vampire. So, you have already remembered that the main thing is to switch attention, but this is not all. Next you need to introduce a person into a psychological trance, i.e. adjust it to the same energy wave with you. Another property of the energy shell is to perceive only the energy peculiar to it at the moment. And therefore, the vampire, in order to draw strength from the victim, tries to evoke the right emotions in the victim, better, of course, negative ones. Vampires love anxiety, fear, irritability, anger. Negative emotions are already causing an energy drain, and the vampire is taking advantage of this situation.

Surely you have come across the fact that in any company there is a person who loves conflicts and often provokes them himself. As soon as he appears, some ominous situation is immediately planned, everyone can swear without even having a reason, and after that they feel empty. Such people have almost no friends, and if there are, they are strong donors, because they can get along with such an energy consumer, either the one who has it in bulk or the same as he is an energetic vampire.

There are a lot of kinds of such consumers. It can be leaders who tyrannize their subordinates and causing them fear, fueled by this. There is such a peculiar type of “dirty tricks”, they even scratch the hands of someone to offend, or just spoil the mood, but they all act according to the same scheme, attract the attention of the victim to themselves, cause it to have the right emotions, and that’s it already on the "hook".

Are you glad, but you can not defend against such an attack? It's not that hard, just ignore the aggressor. Even if you are very cunningly bred on emotions, do not enter into a fight, only lose your strength. Be taller and smarter than the aggressor, do not accumulate anger and resentment in yourself. Sometimes you have to be able to forgive just when you learn to do this, your life will become much easier and you will already succumb to provocations.

The famous writer V. Hugo said a wonderful phrase: "If you are offended - revenge courageously. Be calm - this will be the main thing in your undertaking, and then forgive and release the offense." Evil, irritable people who carry the burden of grievances and feelings are always very vulnerable. Remember, the vampire does not feed on pure positive energy.

But it is certainly an ideal option to let go of all the insults and worries. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely, because we are all human and not holy at all. In this case, you need to follow the recommendations.

Try for a long time not to linger in places where agitated people gather, such as demonstrations, rock concerts, or near drunkards, drug addicts.

If a person is unpleasant to you at the level of sensations, try to communicate with him as little as possible. When talking, try to look as little as possible into your eyes, this is the main conductor of energy. And vampires usually love to look into their victim's eyes. Do not direct your energy channels to unpleasant people. When talking with them, hold your hands, arms crossed, or folding the lock near the solar plexus. Feet are also better to connect, so you lock your channels and it will become much harder to get your energy.

Now we are talking about people, communication with whom can be reduced to a minimum. But what to do in the case when a loved one, a relative, a friend draws energy, because we cannot but communicate with them. In this case, the victim can easily be recognized by pale skin, weakness and quick fatigue. In general, in any relationship, often in pairs, someone gives up this energy, someone accepts. It is not scary if within normal limits. But if you feel uncomfortable in a relationship, then you have to decide or end with them, or weaken your connection.

There is another type of consumer - "sticking". They love to lug after you, doing all the requests and pleasing, thus they feed on energy. They have one distinctive feature - it is almost impossible to get rid of them. Initially, this type can be quite sweet, and not cause you aggression. But after a while, you will feel deprived of your inner space. In fact, everything is. You get so used to the problems of sticking that they start to be missed, even when it is not there. Sticking literally envelops your aura of his, as if the spider entangles its victim with a web before death.

A kind of sticky - "bore" (aka "whiner"). They always find some insignificant problems and love to complain about them, and the explanations that things are not so bad do not help, will bore you that he has nothing worse to do. The main goal for this species is to find a vest, and to merge all your problems onto it. The victim begins to be imbued with his problems, think about them and look for solutions for him, thereby getting hooked.

Another type of energy vampire - "talkers". It would seem that it is quite harmless, well, a person likes to talk, but with their endless idle talk, they are pulling your energy.

How to get rid of the "attacks" of such people? The easiest way is to avoid communication with them. If you can not do this, then do not fall for their attacks. With talkers do not engage in conversation, do not ask them questions. Do not indulge whiners, do not listen to their whining, you can only try to cheer them up. But do not encourage their constant nagging, it is even worth answering them very sharply in order to revive a little.

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