When prophetic dreams

About prophetic dreams known for a long time and widely. In essence, they are those dreams that are prophetic and show what will happen in the near future. Of course, no matter how desirable, but not all dreams are prophetic, and not everyone can dream about.

Sometimes, events, places, or people can dream because the dreamer is too fixated on a problem. For example, nightmares in which someone is chasing a sleeper can be interpreted as having a problem that has been tormenting for a long time but has not yet been resolved.

Most often, prophetic dreams are women’s dreams, since they, by their nature, have developed intuition, or persons with a certain predisposition to clairvoyance, even if it is insignificant.

How to understand - whether prophetic dream?

When do prophetic dreams occur?

Many impressionable people can say that they constantly dream of prophetic dreams. A simple situation: after waking up in the morning, the girl remembers the night vision of beautiful birds flying away. This dream was so vivid that there was a desire to turn to the dream book and interpret it.

According to the description, flying birds promise a quarrel with loved ones and the loss of happiness. Our thoughts are material. And such a dream literally programs for conflict. It is hardly possible to call him a thing, the whole thing is in the subconscious and mood.

The situation is no less popular, with dreams of doubles, which are more characteristic of creative people, focused and completely devoted to their work. Historically it is known that many great people drew inspiration and even discoveries from their dreams. It is known that it is in the dream of A.S. Pushkin found rhymes that he could not find for a long time. Rafael saw the pictures that he later recreated. The most famous discovery is the table of chemical elements D.I. Mendeleev.

So why such dreams arise? Psychologists and physiologists explain this by saying that while we are awake, our brain is at the limit of concentration. From serious concentration on the same thing, obsession appears. Even in a dream, the brain continues to work and look for solutions. Moreover, all external stimuli that cause distractions during the day disappear at night. For these reasons, it is easier to find answers to the questions posed in a dream than in the waking period.

There are also so-called symbolic dreams that predict the future http://womeninahomeoffice.com.ru/more/interesno/kak-razgadyvat-sny, but not with specific pictures, but indirectly, through various symbols. This kind of clues can be solved with the help of dream books.

When do prophetic dreams occur?

  • The phenomenon of prophetic dreams has been interested in humanity for a long time. Many astrologers and psychologists are trying to find an explanation, and that and others. The party puts forward their theories. So, many astrologers are sure that during sleep a person’s soul connects to a certain information field, in which there is information about everything: about the future, present and past.
  • According to the theory, all events occur at the same time, and that linear understanding to which we are accustomed simply does not exist. Everything else has to happen has already happened.
  • And to these events that have already occurred, we connect through sleep. Thus, we get images of past, present and future. Of course, when I woke up in the morning, most of what I saw was simply not remembered, and what I remember is just excerpts, and they are very small.
  • Psychologists say differently, sleep is a continuation of a person’s mental activity, but already in a state of rest. It is necessary for relaxation of the brain. It is in dreams that we experience fears, unrealizable desires, achieve our goals. Experts say that there are no clear predictions or guidelines for action that give us dreams. But still the relationship between health and dreams can be traced. It is in a dream that you can get some signals from the body, for example, about beginning diseases.

Why do prophetic dreams dream?

There is nothing mystical about the appearance of prophetic dreams, although it is difficult to explain their appearance rationally. Sometimes, a simple person can see events that happened to his relatives and loved ones thousands of kilometers away. Dr. the so-called empty dreams that do not carry any semantic load, even the interpretation of the dream book does not bring any results. For these reasons, skeptics say that you should not give importance to the visions, they are simply meaningless. This is nothing more than a collection of pictures collected from the information received and experiences that have arisen during the day.

But still, more or less scientifically, the phenomenon of prophetic dreams can be explained. During the day, everything that happens to us is fixed by the mind, remembered and begins to be analyzed. At night, based on the information received, the brain begins to build some kind of forecast for the future. And many see him in a dream, taking him for predicting the future. It turns out that in the occurrence of prophetic dreams, there is not anything mystical. This is just the work of the subconscious.


When do prophetic dreams occur?

"From Thursday to Friday - dreams come true" - this expression is familiar to everyone. But are prophetic dreams and days of the week related, the question is rather controversial. It is customary to think so, in addition, bright and colorful dreams to withdraw from Monday to Tuesday.

There is a connection between the truthfulness of dreams and the day of the month. So, for example, on the 1st of the most truthful dreams can dream, but on the 2nd - the empty. Even in ancient Russia there was a belief that prophetic dreams can be removed during the period from Christmas and after Baptism, they are no less likely in any church holiday. There is a high probability that the lead prediction will be a dream in the days of energy imbalance - the full moon, the winter and summer solstice.

It is considered that prophetic dreams warn us against any danger and, in most cases, are negative. In this case, it is important not to allow the materialization of thoughts, to avoid problems by all means, and not to create all the conditions for their formation.

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