What to read for self-development

Develop yourself and your personal qualitiescan with the help of books. The book is an invaluable source of information in which the wisdom of the ages lies. Reading the right books, you can change yourself, your consciousness and, in the end, your whole life. So, What to read for self-development?

How to choose a book for self-development?

Before you go to the nearest store or library to find a book, decide what exactly you would like to do. start your self development. There are several main directions of self-development, decide. What is more important to you at this stage.

  1. Philosophy of life
  2. Practical psychology
  3. Classic Fiction
  4. Physical development
  5. Intellectual development
  6. Creative development
  7. Business

Read the philosophy of life for self-development

  • "Medicine for the soul" - El Tat. The book of the psychologist living in St. Petersburg. In his work, he shares with mankind his opinion about humanity and the world as a whole.
  • "The mysterious power of the word. Formula of love" - ​​Valery Sinelnikov. Describes how you can change life with ... words!
  • "What to do when everything is not what you want" - Alexander Sviyash. A book about esoterics at home, about human karma and how to form the desired events in your life.

PracticalSychology for self-development

  • "Practical psychology for women" - Vasilina Veda. It is always more useful to learn more about psychology.
  • "The smoke of an old fireplace" - Andrei Gnezdilov. Awesome book on fairy tale therapy!
  • "Secrets about men every woman should know" - Barbara de Angelis. It never hurts to learn even more information about the male field.

Classic fiction for self-development

  • "Gone With the Wind" - M. Mitchell
  • "War and Peace" - Leo Tolstoy
  • "Madame Bovary" - Gustave Flaubert
  • Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare
  • "Dowryless" - A.N. Ostrovsky

These books really make you think, mentally participate in the fate of the heroes, analyze their actions. In a word, to gain life experience on another example. For most classic works, you can also watch movies.

What to read for physical self-development?

  • "The Eye of the Renaissance" - Bernie S. Sigel and Peter Calder. The book contains exercises. Fulfillment of which promises to prolong youth. In addition, the book contains information about proper nutrition and product compatibility.
  • "A new book on yoga. A phased manual" - Lucy Laydill, Narayani Rabinovich and Giris Rabinovich. The book is accessible and understandable talked about yoga at home. The whole book is equipped with illustrations and photographs, thanks to which it becomes clear how to perform this or that exercise.

What to read for intellectual self-development?

  • "Master Key" - Charles Enel. This is a real classic of the literature about the benefits of creative thought, aimed at success in most areas.
  • "Teach yourself to think: a tutorial on the development of thinking" - Edward de Bongo. Thanks to this book you can improve your thinking. Absolutely simple technique, which includes five stages.
  • "Unlock your mind: become a genius!" - Stanislav Muller. A special technology that helps increase brain activity and the percentage of active thinking. After studying this book, you can become a highly trained person, regardless of your age.

What to read for creative self-development?

  • "The Artist's Way" - Julia Cameron. A truly amazing book, after reading which, several million people have already managed to change their destiny. With a daily study of the methodology course is designed for twelve weeks.

  • "How to write books" - Stephen King. An extraordinarily useful book for beginner writers. The author in accessible words explains how to write so that it is interesting to the reader. King also reveals the stylistic mistakes of some authors. The book is easy to read, the text is very clear.

What to read for self-development in business?

  • "How to put things in order" - David Allen. The author talks about how to prioritize, organize all the affairs and plan your time.
  • "How to start your own business. A guide for beginners" - Y. Moroz. The book will be interesting to those readers who seriously think about the possibility open your own business.
  • "From a loser to a successful merchant" - Frank Bettger. At the time of this writing, the author was the highest paid sales agent in the United States of America. He shares with a wide circle of readers how he was able to achieve this, reveals some secrets and gives useful practical recommendations.
  • "The greatest merchant in the world" - Osa Mandino. The book has already sold millions of copies of the world.
  • "Think and Grow Rich" - Napoleon Hill. Incredibly interesting book with a mass of personal examples and clear recommendations.
  • "Rich dad, poor dad". Autobiography. As a person managed to get out of the bottom of society and soar to the top of well-being. The book is equipped with a mass of useful business recommendations.

You should not buy a book that promises to teach you everything at once. It does not happen, it's just a marketing ploy. You will not benefit from such a book. Do not buy a book that fits "absolutely one and all," which is "unique in its kind" and "has no analogues." This is all the same marketing ploy. In addition, do not try to grasp the immensity. Start with what is currently most important to you! And then you will surely succeed!

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