What to do at home

Know yourself

No one has ever died of boredom, however, according to psychologists, it is she who can cause depression and other psychological disorders. This is the way a person works that he needs to constantly receive new impressions, otherwise his emotional state will decline. But often, we do not know where these very impressions come from. Especially not clear what you can do interesting, being in the four walls of your apartment.

Books Against Boredom

Try to do the systematization of books in your home library (if any). Come up with some unusual criterion by which you will arrange the books. In the future, it will help you very quickly find the right literature.

In addition, while you distribute publications according to your chosen principle, you may be caught by some book that you haven’t read yet or read, but it has fascinated you so much that you want to read it again. Here, along the way, we found something to do - reading. This is not only an exciting process, but also a great way to develop the brain. Reading improves memory, helps to improve literacy and your eloquence.. This is not only interesting, but also useful activity.

Draw, so as not to miss

If you do not like to read, draw! Than? Yes, anything! Take paints, pencils, felt-tip pens, a pen, even if they are small and go ahead - create! The drawing process promotes inner relaxation, calms, helps to cope with negative emotions. Speaking of them, try to depict your condition, your emotions and desires in the pictures. Thus, you kind of create an expression of yourself in art (more on this in the article Drawing a Mandala).

While painting, you will feel how all the negative energy accumulated in you gradually goes away, freeing up space for creative imagination and an incomparable feeling of yourself as a creator of art.

Chat with friends

Have not you talked to old friends for a long time? Call them. Most likely, they will be very pleased to hear from you again. You did not communicate for quite a long time and now you have something to tell each other. So you will spend time with benefit, learn something new, interesting for you and please your friend. Anyway, communicating with a person who causes you to have positive emotions, sets you up for positive, helps to cope with a depressive state.

Cooking is not boring

Cook something delicious. Think about what you would most like to eat. If you are in a bad mood and you are sad, try to prepare some dish that contains products that stimulate the production of endorphins (for more details, see the article “Mood-enhancing products”). These hormones bring a little joy to your body. If these products do not suit you, eat something that will give you real pleasure. Having obtained the necessary taste sensations, you will feel much better, and the process of cooking a tasty dish can be a very exciting thing.

Turn on cheerful music to create a good mood. By the way, listening to music can be done not only in the process of cooking. If you really have absolutely nothing to do, then turn on, sing along and dance. You will help not only the mood. Your body will also thank you for creating a tone for it (about this in the article Treatment with music. What can music do?).

Keep a diary

You can get yourself a "written friend", in other words, a personal diary. Sharing thoughts, impressions and experiences with a notebook is actually very useful. You not only throw off the stone from your soul, but also focus on the important details that are part of your problem.

It is possible that after reading the next page of your manuscript, you will understand the root of all your troubles, and perhaps the reason why you miss. And when the essence of the problem is found, you have a new task: to come up with a plan for its solution, which can be no less fascinating occupation. It is also interesting and useful to keep a diary on the method of the morning pages.

Do not miss - take care of yourself

If you don’t want to take any action at all, get yourself a bath. Make it something unusual, add foam, aromatic oils, light candles. To give an even more romantic atmosphere, throw in a rose petal bath, for example.

Turn on relaxing music, it will help you to completely move away from the boring reality. It will also be useful to make yourself a face mask and hair. Improve your condition and appearance never hurts.

In general, any boring day at home can be turned into something special and interesting. Try to spend a day in Slow Life or enjoy the creativity!

There are so many interesting activities in the world that being bored and depressed in solitude is just a crime.. The main thing is not to be lazy to take several actions that will help get rid of boredom. You will feel that being alone at home is bliss, which you can not only enjoy, but also get some benefit from it.

Especially for womeninahomeoffice.com.ru- Marie Matveyuk