What time to get up in the morning

Does time of our morning awakening matter? How does it affect physical well-being and the possibilities of spiritual development? It turns out that a lot in our life decides what time we go to bed, how many hours we sleep and, most importantly, when we wake up. Mood, physical tone, activity, state of mind, self-consciousness, the ability to control events and even fate depend on it.. The morning rise determines our day, and the whole life is made up of days.

Vedic Knowledge Specialist O.G. Torsunov pays special attention to the relationship between the spiritual development of man and the time of his awakening.

Awakening from 2 to 3 am

Not every one of us can wake up at these hours. Such an awakening requires training, austerity, a very "clean" lifestyle. When all this is present, a person can, without problems for physical and mental health, wake up from 2 to 3 nights. At such a time of ascent, the ability to move strongly and quickly along the path of self-awareness is manifested. The activity of the sun in these hours is weak, but the moon continues to act on the mind is still very strong. As a result, the mind is at rest.

In such early hours, the most auspicious occupation for a person is a prayer to God, the chanting of the holy names, the reading of the Scriptures. The psyche at such a time of awakening becomes very sensitive, therefore, for people who get up so early, a solitary life is suitable, it is undesirable for them to be in places with large crowds of people for a long time. Awakening from 2 to 3 am is recommended for clergy and those who are detached from worldly life.

Awakening from 3 to 4 am

Those who wake up from 3 to 4 am, also activates the inner forces to comprehend their spiritual nature. When getting up during these hours, it is recommended to practice spiritual practices. And if you devote your morning to prayer every day, with time you can go far in realizing the divine nature of all things. The psychic sensitivity of those who get up at this time is not so high as to lead a solitary life, but they should communicate more often with holy people who have dedicated themselves to serving God, and as little as possible with people with a material, sinful consciousness.

Awakening from 4 to 5 am

Awakening during these hours is responsible for our cheerfulness and ability to look at things positively. At this time, our planet Earth is in a state of optimism. That is why all the birds, being in the state of goodness, begin to chirp, rejoicing in the new day. Also, when you wake up during these hours, our ability for creativity and creation is activated: we can easily develop our writing talent, musical skills, and artistic abilities. The time from 4 to 5 o'clock in the morning is also not intended for active, energetic activity, so it is better, after awakening, to read spiritual books, pray, send love to all living beings, communicate with the Supreme Mind, being in a state of joy and optimism.

Awakening from 5 to 6 am

People who wake up every day from 5 to 6 am acquire the ability to be alert and active throughout their lives. They easily cope with diseases and are in good physical shape. At this time, the activity of the Sun is still low, and the Moon has already lost its activity, so the mind becomes very susceptible to any information that is quickly remembered and permanently stored in memory. During these hours it is useful to engage in spiritual practice, knowledge, learning, memorizing the necessary information.

Ideally, a person should wake up before the Earth, that is, before 6 hours. So he can mentally have time to tune with her. Then the weather will not affect our well-being. But those who wake up later than 6 am, will no longer be able to adapt to weather changes, his optimism will be unnatural.

Awakening from 6 to 7 am

People awakening in this period of time, rise after the sun. This means that their vitality will be lower, and things will go unstable: with periodic victories and falls. Such an increase will also have an impact on the state of health, which, although it will be strong enough, will be greatly shaken in critical situations and in case of serious illnesses. The same goes for the mental state.

Awakening from 7 to 8 am

A person who wakes up at this time does not use the potential that he has. He condemns himself to a lower physical and mental tone. During the day, he often has a feeling of lack of time, vanity. It seems to him that he does not have time. One gets the inner feeling that for some reason there is not enough strength and energy, the concentration of attention necessary for successful activity leaves. There is a tendency to migraines, low acidity, enzyme deficiency, reduced immunity. Instead of activity, passivity, nervousness, irritability, fussiness, and tension are observed.

Awakening from 8 to 9 am

The rise in these hours dooms us to life difficulties, chronic diseases, disappointments, and failures. People who wake up every day at this time often have bad habits because they do not have the strength to defeat the shortcomings of their character. It is always more difficult for them to properly assess the situation, see the true motives of other people’s actions and make the right decision, and this leads to the fact that they often go with the flow, not having the determination and energy to change something in their lives.

Awakening from 9 to 10 am

People who get up from 9 to 10 o'clock are prone to depression, apathy, lethargy, unwillingness to live, nervous breakdowns. They often experience frustration, feel left out, offended by fate. They are subject to fear, suspicion, anger. Accordingly, this attitude attracts the life of suitable events and situations. It can be uncontrollable passions, wild habits, accidents, serious illnesses. These people are attracted by external aggression. They may become victims of violent acts, as they are in the low vibrations of destruction.

Knowing which clock is most favorable for awakening allows you to understand the causes of events occurring in life, as well as the origins of our mood, physical activity and energy, mental state.

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Wake up early, feel great and be in harmony with nature. Then everything in your life will be great!


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