What is the happiness of a woman

The phrase "women's responsibilities" in many women causes a feeling of tension, additional burden. And yet, it is very important to clearly know and understand that if I came to this world in a female body, then I have a certain duty in relation to myself, the world, God. And the fulfillment of this duty is necessary, first of all, to me.

Studying women's duties is also necessary for a woman in order to relieve herself of the extra burden, to get rid of what should not lie on our shoulders, which harms and destroys female nature, which does not allow a man to open up next to us or does not allow a man to appear next to with a single woman.

When a woman performs women's duties, her attractiveness grows because she is filled with feminine energy., it is filled with power and love, it begins to glow from the inside. And to such a woman you want to rush after work, such a woman attracts, for her, you want to splash yourself into a flat cake, she wants to wear her hands.

The most important duty of a woman is to be beautiful

If a woman is beautiful, it means that there is a lot of female energy in her, and she well understands how important it is to accumulate it, so that you can later give it to your lover, your family. This means that her priorities are right, and there is a high probability that she will not only attract a man to her, but also be able to create a relationship of harmony and love with him.

What does the beauty of a woman mean? It is very multifaceted - it is not only the appearance, but mainly the internal content:

  • the ability to care for your body;
  • a sense of taste and style, the ability to dress well with any budget;
  • neat haircut;
  • clean tidy look;
  • pleasant aroma, gentle dim make-up;
  • well-groomed face, hair, nails;
  • a relaxed body (a woman just needs to go for a massage from time to time);
  • smile, pleasant expression;
  • soft calm speech;
  • pacified inner state;
  • full of love;
  • attentive attitude to people;
  • sincerity, willingness to share their warmth.

When a woman constantly monitors her beauty and femininity, a man next to him has a desire to be courageous and noble..

The important duty of a woman is to be obedient.

The male ego is six times stronger than the female, and if a woman constantly emphasizes her superiority (and a woman sees developments more quickly due to her intuition and quickness of thinking), gives advice, points a man to mistakes, constantly argues with him and proves her point of view, everything what she gets is loneliness.

Yes, you need to give a man a chance to make mistakes. Yes, you need to allow him to make the wrong, in your opinion, decisions. In this case, you can express your point of view, but not to insist on it. Then the man will learn to take responsibility on his shoulders.

When a woman argues with a man, proves her innocence, she gets a conflict, a passive husband who doesn’t want to do anything, or an active ex-husband who has gone to that woman who understands what obedience means.

When a woman obeys her husband and respects him, he seeks to understand and protect her.

We are talking about adequate and normal people - if a husband requires unacceptable things from you (participation in drunkenness, satisfaction of his sexual desires and fantasies, harsh punishment for a child), you need to weigh them again and again - and do you need such a family?

Faithfulness and happiness women

A woman’s faithfulness keeps her family from falling apart. If a woman is faithful to a man even in her thoughts, if she thinks only of her husband, and does not look in the direction of other men, even during a conflict, if she never even had the idea that someone it could still be better, it keeps the family.

Even the thought of a woman about something else allows a man to discover the path to physical betrayal. When a woman is faithful to her husband, all her strength is directed only at him, he opens before her, trusts her. Women's loyalty gives a man the power to succeed in business, brings peace and tranquility to the house.

The loyalty of a woman opens up her intuition, the husband begins to listen to her.


The power of a woman is in her mind, in her thoughts. The more time she thinks about how good her husband is, how successful he is, the more she marks his virtues and draws his attention to them, the more energy she puts into finding his strong qualities, the more successful a man becomes. life - he receives from her the power to act and act effectively.

A woman is also very well aware and read protective prayers, charms for her husband and family, she can ask God for protection for her family, happiness for her husband and children. When a woman is pious, luck comes to her husband.

ABILITY TO MANAGE IN LIFE - woman's responsibility

Responsibility for the organization of the family life lies with the woman. This does not mean that, having come running from work, she must grab a mop and restore order, and then stand in the kitchen until morning so that the household can live another couple of days clean and full.

This means that the woman has the mission to organize all family members to perform all household chores, and not with violence — you all owe me, but in a feminine way, gently, finding an approach to each family member. When a woman begins to order, impose something in the duties of her husband or children, all she wants is a protest.

When a woman manages to establish teamwork in everyday life, she gives everyone the opportunity to show their best, and receives respect from her husband. The duty of a woman is to become the best friend for her husband (close to the heart of a friend), then she begins to control him (feel very strongly) and he does not resist such control.


WOMEN'S DISASTERY is manifested within the family, in her service to her husband, children, in her ability to give everyone what they need, free of charge, not counting points and then not billing for the work done. When a woman gives her family all the best that is in her, she gets back the desire of her husband to take care of her, to pay attention to her, to satisfy her requests.

When a woman selflessly serves her husband, he is able to fulfill himself in life, at work, and fulfill his destiny.

RESPECT FOR HUSBAND. If a woman humiliates her husband alone or in the presence of other people, or even mentally, he will not take care of her, will treat her dismissively, be rude and refuse to help. When a woman respects her husband, other people will respect him, he will become a popular and respected person in society and will achieve great success.

We women have many responsibilities. And all of them are included in the huge capacious concept - LOVE, which is kept and protected by the huge heart of a woman who wants to be a Woman and to bring her light to other people.

Be happy!

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