What is mind?

Our mind is a strange and miraculous phenomenon which, ultimately, cannot be exhaustively described or defined. Despite all the attempts of mankind to determine what is the mind, not one area of ​​knowledge, be it philosophy, religion, physiology or psychology, no one can say this with accuracy.

We can only try to describe it. We know only a little about how it functions, we know that in the body it is somehow connected with the brain and the nervous system, we know that such aspects of psychological experience as memory, sensations, knowledge, perceptions and thoughts are characteristic of us.

But we do not understand these phenomena to the end.

We cannot go beyond the limits of our own system of ideas about the mind and see it as if from the outside, assess what actually happens and what our experience actually represents.

We also can not understand what is in essence "external world"since this world, again, is only our perception of the world, our personal experience. We can never get to "the subject itself"without going beyond his point of view on him.

To understand the mind, you need to expand the usual system of ideas about it.

Here is a quote from Suzuki Rossi:

"We usually think that the mind receives impressions and experiences from the outside, but this is not a true understanding of the mind. The true understanding is that the mind encompasses: when you think that something comes from the outside, it means only that something manifests in your mind. Nothing that is outside of you can do you any harm. You create waves in your own mind. If you give the mind to yourself, it will calm down. This mind is called "big mind".

Spiritual development requires that we tirelessly unravel the knot of ignorance of our own nature.

Sometimes in the process of searching, we manage to catch for a moment how subliminal impulses arise that encourage us to act, one might say, from beyond the limits of awareness.

"To be conscious" it does not mean to be able to wake or sleep: after all, even when awake, we are only relatively conscious. This is evidenced by the fact that we rarely know exactly why we are doing this or that act — we only vaguely feel that we are influenced by motivations rooted in the subconscious mind.

As our experience deepens, we will be able to discover the unexpected aspects of our own personality: here are the noble features that we couldn’t even imagine before, and our other manifestations, which can be very gloomy and alarming. We are developing "expanding" consciousness, including these very different sides of the mind and transforming them into an increasingly perfect harmonious whole.

The key to deepening and expanding consciousness is to develop the ability of the mind to explore itself.

This is a state in which we are aware of the very process of self-knowledge, a true self-analysis, as a result of which we come to the fact that we are beginning to master Knowledge.

Sometimes, feeling that awareness is too painful, we withdraw into ourselves or try to distract ourselves with something.

The ability of the mind to be aware is natural for humans and distinguishes them from other living beings.

But, of course, we are not in a state of recognition all the time. Often, we are simply absorbed in the flow of our own thoughts and experiences, not relating them to anyone or anything that lies behind them - then we are in a state called primitive consciousness. Sometimes they say that it is this level of consciousness that is characteristic of animals.

If desired, the ability to recognize the movements of one’s own mind is possible to develop. For this it is necessary to try to be aware of every action in everyday life, or at least learn to observe the mind while practicing in the classroom with self-development or yoga.

Such training will contribute to the transformation of being, transferring it from the level of primitive consciousness to self-awareness and, finally, to the level of enlightened consciousness.

The ancient Vedas tell us the following: "At a certain stage, the mind is our friend, but later it becomes our worst enemy." And only in such a state, when you control your Mind, and not you, it is possible self-development and spiritual growth.

Know and be aware, dear friends!

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