What is dianetka

Dianetics is the science of how to rid your mind of programs that interfere with life. It gives methods by which situations in life disappear, they endlessly repeat themselves and all the time with a negative result. She gives joy and confidence. Dianetics works with our subconscious, relieving it of all the accumulated pain from childhood, and taking it out and recalling such situations that you don’t even remember. (Perhaps then you were few years old or you were still in the womb).

What does it work with?

If in fact, Dianetics studies conditioned reflexes, the ways of their creation and the ways of their destruction.

An experiment was conducted with rats, they were put in one place at the same time all the time during a certain period of time. They ran there and took this food. Then, instead of eating, electric current began to be supplied to that place. So it hurt them. But the rats still ran there again and again. (In the hope that there is food?). This is an artificially formed habit that has reached automatism. At this point, the rats do not think. Also people. You go out of the bath and turn off the light. Automatically. Do you think you need to turn off the lights? -Not. You just go out and as always turn off the lights for failure. Then you are not worried that you suddenly forgot to turn off the lights. So we have a formed conditioned reflex:

Out of the bath - turned off the light. And the rats had a reflex: came to that place - there is food. And this habit, brought to automatism, is very difficult to break. Dianetics provides one of the ways to get rid of such habits.

Yes, you do not need to unlearn how to turn off the light behind you, but what if in your childhood someone offended you and caused you physical or moral pain, and you were quite a baby and could not do anything. Just crying? And then you were again offended ... and offended ... But now you grew up! And someone has offended you again, and instead of giving change, to talk to the person to do something, you just get very upset and cry. Maybe this is familiar to you?

Now that you are an adult, you can resolve the situation in different ways. And you still behave like a child. Why? Cause that the conditioned reflex was created: I was offended - I am helpless and can not do anything, just pour out my emotions through tears so as not to save in myself. And there are other cases. For example, in your childhood you happily rushed around the house, and your parents began to shout at you, so that you wouldn’t make noise, that you’re running too late, you’re disturbing everyone, and then suddenly you ran, stumbled and fell. And then really your joy ended in tears. And since then, when something joyful and good happens in your life, you are convinced that something bad will happen soon. And then it even comes to the point that you forbid yourself to rejoice unconsciously, so that you do not feel pain. And all your life you live in suffering. Is it normal? Adequately? Inadequate - this is when a child sits sad and cries, instead of enjoying and sharing his cheerful mood with others.


So we got to the mechanism that offers Dianetics. The healing session is being conducted by the Auditor (a person who helps you remember your very first past situation, which has caused your conditioned reflex). He is a trained specialist, he asks you certain questions, but at this moment you don’t remember those feelings, no. You fully immerse yourself in that situation and experience all the feelings that you experienced then! This is unimaginable! But in the end, you remember because of what you have become so inadequately behave, remember, and the situation is resolved. And then, if you are having fun - you are all jumping with happiness, and if someone offended you, you gave change, and since then no one else will approach you with bad intentions! You become more confident. One such session takes 2-4 hours.

When a person got rid of all inadequate attitudes and unnecessary reflexes, in Dianetics he is called Clear. The goal of life, this science considers Survival. And this state allows you to enjoy life more, it is easier to achieve success, to become free from childhood traumas.

But in conclusion I want to say that no matter how good this method is, you become dependent at first on the Auditor. In addition, it should be found and better if it is a professional (since an ordinary person can make irreparable mistakes, or does not want to listen to all your pain, or begins to empathize and recall similar situations in his life. Dianetics does not recommend auditing each other, if you husband and wife). And once a professional, then you have to pay him money. But true healing is self-healing. And you can do it, believe me!

Well, if you do not have the strength and you don’t know what to do, then the auditor will help you. But then I advise all the same to use other ways of getting rid of complexes and such artificially created reflexes. These methods include: psychotherapy, awareness, meditation, introspection, and so on. I will tell you more about them in the following articles. So that you have more choice of methods of work on yourself, and so that your past does not prevent you from living.

Enjoy life!

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