What is a person's aura?

The word "aura" is rooted in ancient Greek culture and is translated from Greek as "a breath of breeze." The science of the esoteric is engaged in the human aura, which defines the very concept of "aura" very specifically. This concept is perceived as a very thin invisible shell for each living creature. This shell flows from the body of a person or animal.

In the Eastern occult sciences, the aura of a person is perceived as a cloud of fumes that emanates from their skin. It is believed that it is generated by the body and envelops a person throughout his life.

For centuries, scientists have been interested in questions of life, death, and life after death. Therefore, it seems quite natural to us to strive to explore the aura of man. Through her research as an invisible substance that influences us, scientists have always planned to get to the new, still unexplored depths of knowledge of the world.

Only psychics are able to see the aura with their non-equipped eyes, but it is considered that it is quite possible for everyone who wants to learn to see soy and someone else's aura.

In the twentieth century, science made a huge leap in front and scientists gave the world the possibility of registering and capturing the aura of a person through photography.

Today’s society is not characterized by a homogeneous approach to human aura. Someone believes in its existence and the possibility of research and fixation of this substance, while others do not.

The possibility of capturing an aura in the form of a photograph is explained by the fact that three scans of the human body with a special device read out the locations of biologically active points, then they are displayed on a computer monitor and a picture of the human body and substance around it appears before your eyes. Sometimes you can see holes in the aura of a person, as well as to see that it is thicker somewhere, and barely noticeable somewhere. Scientists consider this a bad signal, because the state of our aura directly depends on our emotional background, level of spiritual development, on how much we are energetically filled. Subtle aura means the loss of human bioenergy, and this leads to diseases of internal organs.

So, a photograph of the aura in the future is the optimal way to determine the degree of a person’s spirituality and the strength of his health.

Modern science is accustomed to call aura differently, not only as an individual magnetic field of a living biologically active organism.

Skeptics, of course, may doubt the actual existence of the aura, but I. Newton also said that there is some kind of ethereal environment around a person that transmits nerve impulses. Later, scientists found that an electric current runs through the muscles and nerves in the human body, and a magnetic field appears next to it. So the question of the existence of an aura is not so fantastic. Proving its existence, scientists have resorted to very weighty and reasonable scientific arguments.

Each person has his own personal space. If someone else intrudes into him, then we feel discomfort from communicating with this other person or from merely being with him. The personal space of each of us is different.

Such a desire to protect themselves from too close access to our body of another living organism, scientists again associate with aura and explain this by the fact that the frequency of electromagnetic oscillations of different people is not the same. That is why some members of the public who fall into our frequency of oscillations about their own, we let them close, while trying to distance ourselves from others.

A person who gets in tact with you feels like a warm, cozy, desirable object.

An interesting fact is that the long joint life of two people characterized by different frequency of electromagnetic oscillations adjusts them to the general way. The auras of two people arriving for a long time together are synchronized according to their pulsation mode.

English scientist Edward Hall established the boundaries of the aura of a healthy person. They make up a distance of 3.6 meters of skin. When someone else invades this person's personal space, touching his aura, the state of discomfort arises at the turn of 1.2 meters. Only close and dear people can go on rapprochement.

So, the human aura plays a very important role in the process of his life activity. It demonstrates the state of our health and the level of vitality and helps to define in a crowd of completely unfamiliar people in such a way, to say "your person."

Breakdown Protection

It’s not for nothing that we are detached from interaction with some people, communication with which seems unpleasant to us. If we allow friction between our aura and other people’s asynchronous auras, for example, in the subway or other public transport, in a crowd in a city square or at a public event, we can lose control and become irritable, hot-tempered, or weakened in a couple of minutes. All this is the negative impact of foreign, more active auras with a different frequency of oscillation, on our own aura.

The most sophisticated scientists who study the aura of a person believe that in the future it will be quite optimal to use the recommendations of several specialists at once to treat diseases of our body, it is: a therapist who associates any disease with the work of the subconscious; energy therapist - will correct your aura and restore, if necessary, its structure; and the usual therapist will prescribe medications.

The human aura has a very unambiguous color spectrum. It can be saturated with one or several primary colors and have several more color variations of a smaller spectrum.

The presence of a certain color set in a person's aura will help to characterize it correctly as a person.

The value of color in a person's aura


Red is recognized as the primary color, symbolizing the earth and the human body.

The presence of this color in the aura means the level of strength and energy saturation of our body.

It also depends on the shade. So dark red, more close to the burgundy color tells us that a person is easily irritated, has a weak unbalanced psyche. However, judging by his appearance, such a definition can not be given. Love with the prevailing dark red color of the aura &- these are always leaders. They love power and violence. They see this as a source for feeding their reserves of vital energy.

If light red prevails, then we have a very active egocentrist.

Scarlet color also means unbalance and the ability to aggressively attack others.

Pink color is characteristic of young people in the period of growing up. This is the color of immaturity. Its presence in an adult means that a person cannot get out of his childhood state and start making mature, thoughtful decisions.

In any case, the presence of red indicates nervous disorders.


This is the color of energy and vitality. His dominance symbolizes self-control and attention to others. If there is a brown tint, it is a sign of laziness or inner depression.

People with bright orange color of aura are prone to liver disease.


Symbolizes well-being and good health. A penchant for learning, a lively mind and a stable psyche are the distinguishing features of such people. Yellow with a reddish tint indicates modesty, sometimes reaching to weakness.


It speaks of a good and easy adaptation of a person to new events and people. Life in people with a predominance of green in the aura, is notable for ease. These are obvious optimists with a friendly attitude.


This is a spiritual color. It symbolizes a gifted person, for whom it is important to develop talents given by nature from the nature. Blue color also speaks of such qualities as: mercy and empathy for others.

Dark blue is a sign that a person is determined on the path of life and walks the path of life with confidence.

Purple and Lilac

The predominance of these colors in a person's aura means a transitional state. People in search and strive for definition (that is, for blue in the aura). The man has not yet found his calling, but he does not even sit with his hands folded. He is in creative search.


The color of spiritual perfection, harmony and peace. The purer the person’s thoughts, the more he approached the state of relaxation, the more white will be present in the aura.

And so, analyzing all the above, it should be noted that the aura of a person harbors in itself the whole human essence. Diseases, thoughts, sensations, inclinations, preferences - this is not a complete list of those personal characteristics that are reflected in our aura, as in a mirror.

The aura of a person is the whole person without a trace. Having learned to read information from it, we will open ourselves the path to self-improvement and harmony.

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