What does it mean to live consciously

Often we do not even notice how we are doing some things: we wash ourselves, have breakfast, turn off the light. All this has become our habit. And if you look at yourself from the outside, then you will be surprised how much happens automatically. A person who lives consciously, each of his actions is conscious and carries out meaningfully. And not only the action, but also every thought, feeling, emotion. What does it mean to live consciously?

It's not by chance

To live consciously is to understand that everything in this world does not happen by chance. All that is in life is the result of your own thoughts, intentions, desires, fears, actions and words. And if something happened, it means that the reason for this must be sought inside. The universe does not bear suffering and pain. It surrounds you with events that will give you experience and help you make spiritual effort, if you accept them. But all these events did not arise out of nowhere, you yourself programmed them at some point in your life. Taking responsibility for your life and everything that happens in it is awareness.

You surrounds living

Living consciously means understand that the whole world is alive. All that is around, has the energy of life. Knowing this helps to be more sensitive and careful about everything that surrounds you. Understanding that all living things have a soul, like you, you try on all your actions on yourself and feel more deeply how much energy you carry to this world. Sit and think a little bit what you gave the Universe today, how you treated people, what you told them and thought about them, noticed the trees and clouds that you met on your way, heard the snow crunch under your feet, did you fully enjoy taste of food. Learn to appreciate what surrounds you, to treat with love and sensitivity to the environment, because all living things need care and kindness.

Look from the heart

Living consciously means look from the heart and see your true desires. Ask someone what he wants. Often people, without thinking, begin to list the values ​​of the material world (money, high position, food, entertainment, etc.), or what they want to get in a relationship (so that they love me, appreciate, respect). A conscious life is an understanding that nothing is eternal, and the values ​​of the world are transient. The main thing that we have is what is inside. If you look at the world from this understanding, it becomes clear which goals are true and which are false. After all, much more important is not what you get, but what you give. Therefore, true aspirations should be love and selfless service to others. This is the food of your soul with which it can live and develop. Do not forget about it!

Stay here and now

To live consciously is to be in the present moment. Now there is no past, no future. Now there is only the present. therefore be total at every moment of life, be here and now. If you have lunch, enjoy the food, feel its taste, take it. Do not think at this moment that a meeting is waiting for you in the evening, that in an hour you will meet, that your mother will call soon. This is all unimportant now. Be here at this moment. Fully surrender to the cause that you are doing now, and discard all unnecessary. Then your whole life will become a meditation. Your pure consciousness, freed from the restless ego, which needs to strive for something, avoiding this moment, is awareness.

Watch from the side

Living consciously means observe from the inside and outside world, perceive events as they are, not giving them assessments and interpretations, not to mix their feelings with what is happening. When you simply look and accept, there is a holistic and immediate experience, and not thinking about what is happening. When you begin to think about something, look for cause and effect, put it into small details, look for pros and cons, you stop immediately perceive reality in the present moment. This does not mean that you need to stop thinking. But you need to rise above it and understand that you are not your thoughts. The state of the observer without assessments and judgments, allows you to see how the thought appears, what feelings it causes, what action it follows. That is, you do not just learn to directly recognize and see a detached external event, but also the internal response that it causes in you. Awareness gives strength, and with its help you will easily learn to distinguish the true from the false, the necessary from the superfluous.

Do you live consciously?

Come on check how consciously you live. Remember what day of the week is. Suppose friday. Remember what you did last Friday, and then what you did every next day until today. How is it going? The fact is that what we do consciously, we always remember. Take a sheet of paper and write on it everything that you could remember. Put the pluses in front of the list of cases that brought a sense of joy and satisfaction. The more advantages, the more conscious and attentive you are to yourself. On the contrary of the cases that you did with internal resistance, put minuses. Ask yourself: why and for whom did you do this, and did you need it? The more minuses there are, the worse you feel about yourself.

In carrying out this task, you will surely notice that you did a lot of things automatically, without remembering your actions. How do you feel from the past week? You worked, did household chores, made purchases, communicated with people, but do you have a feeling of the joy of life and the uniqueness of each of her moments?

Awareness is your original nature

Understand that you are a spiritual creation, not a soulless mechanism, and awareness is your original nature. Any deviation from its essence causes the disease. If you are meant to carry light, good, love, joy into the world, and instead you are despondent, angry and condemned, you cannot be healthy. Therefore, observe everything that happens inside you and listen to the voice of your heart. Realizing your “I” means revealing yourself through an understanding of your oneness with all that exists. Learn to live consciously, to remain in every moment, otherwise your dream can last for many years. On how to learn to live consciously, read here. Stop often and say to yourself, "I am." Look, watch, feel! Conscious life will give you an incredibly beautiful world, will enhance the depth of stay of each moment, and you will believe that you can do everything. You're. Everything is very simple!

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