What color is your name

Each of the colors of the spectrum corresponds to a specific wavelength. The shortest wave is purple, and the longest wave is red. Color, like sound, is vibration, and our name is nothing but a combination of sounds that together make up a unique melody.

Psychologists recommend to relax and present your name in a certain color. Then visualize the name of your loved one and see how the color of his name blends with yours. So you can check your intuition. Below are the colors that offers us color therapy name.

Red names

Red color symbolizes energy, passion, activity, determination, strength. People whose names are colored red are very lively, emotional, restless, and sometimes uncontrollable.. They are sociable and domineering. The personal life of such people is difficult, because they are by nature - leaders, often unpredictable and authoritarian. They are extremely talented, always striving to be the first, cheerful and active, but at the same time very hot-tempered.

TO red color names Alexander, Arkady, Artem, Ada, Alla, Alexander, Alina, Boris, Vladislav, Vladislav, Elizaveta, Ekaterina, Zhanna, Maxim, Margarita, Miroslav, Nikolay, Oksana, Semyon, Stanislav, Tatyana, Yakov.

Pink Names

Pink is the color of optimism, romance, tenderness. It combines red and white colors. The character of people with the names of pink balanced, calm, restrained. These are diplomats who competently carry on a conversation, listen attentively and give an opportunity to speak to the interlocutor. These are people free from stereotypes and prejudices. Their strength is that they do not expect anything from others, so they are not disappointed. They are polite, sensitive, patient and do not allow themselves harsh words to someone else's address. They are capable of compassion, nobility, love, purity and beauty. Pink color symbolizes self-sacrifice, giving to the world of love, warmth, tenderness.

TO pink names include: Anatoly, Aurora, Asya, Valentin, Valentine, Venus, Zinaida, Sofia.

Orange Names

Orange is the color of health, maturity, joy, warmth.. It reflects optimism, creative activity, self-confidence, responsibility. Such people are persistent and persistent, firm in their decisions. These are strong spiritual leaders.

TO orange names include: Angela, Galina, Martha, Pavel, Rimma, Svetlana.

Yellow Names

Yellow color symbolizes wealth, fantasy, courage, youth, creativity. This is the color of intelligence, clarity of thinking, analysis. People with the name yellow are hard in nature, rational, practical. Even if they receive a humanitarian education, they often find vocation in more precise and applied areas of activity: economics, engineering work, construction, design, and scientific activities.

TO yellow names include: Anton, Anna, Vadim, Victor, Denis, Dmitry, Zoya, Larisa, Nadezhda, Nelly, Fedor.

Green Names

Green is the color of harmony and balance. People with names of green, cordial, open, responsive and kind. They love nature and try to help everyone. This is the color of growth, change, so these people are not afraid of difficulties and willingly take risks. They are intelligent and interesting in conversation, often sensitive and vulnerable. If a person loves green color, it means that he could save a little bit of childhood.

TO green names include: Vitaly, Grigory, Eugene, Eugene, Inna, Igor, Lyudmila, Natalia, Julia.

Blue Names

Blue is the color of calm, peace, satisfaction. People with a blue name are sure of themselves, they feel protected and complete. They are sensitive, susceptible to another's grief, sincere, trusting, talented. These are spiritual people who often have healing abilities.

TO blue color include: Alexey, Valeria, Gleb, Daniel, Yegor, Christina, Lyubov, Leonid, Lolita, Marina, Oleg, Polina, Ruslan.

Blue Names

Blue color symbolizes wisdom and contemplation. People with the name of blue are calm, balanced. They are faithful to their close friends, ideas and ideals, a little secretive and restrained. Such people are demanding of themselves and others, and often their principles prevent them from being happy in the family.

TO blue names include: Vasilisa, George, Gennady, Maria, Olga, Ulyana, Yuri.

Purple Names

Violet color means mystery, mysticism. People with the name purple are able to see more than others and penetrate the essence of human nature.. They live for others, have good opportunities for spiritual growth. Women with such a name become faithful wives, able to instill in the man confidence in themselves, confidence and energy. Men with this name are vulnerable and are often selfish natures, but can easily adapt to change and always help close people.

TO purple names include: Alexey, Athanasius, Veronica, Valery, Victoria, Lydia, Maya, Nikita, Nina, Regina, Taisiya, Faina.

White Names

White color says about purity, innocence, freshness, clarity. A man with that name is wise, religious, spiritual. Often such people become priests and preachers. They are strong, persistent, self-sufficient, intelligent, tactful. Easily part with money, help others and serve higher goals.

TO white color include: Arthur, Anastasia, Alevtina, Clara, Lily.

Everything in our life matters: date of birth, zodiac sign, name chosen by parents. Color therapy helps to understand the hidden meaning of our names, to better understand ourselves and determine our own path.. But no matter what our name is, none of us are better or worse than others. AND everyone deserves happiness and love! So be loved and loved!

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