Voice hygiene

Our voice is closely related to the entire body system. A sore amount of muscles is involved in singing, both of the respiratory system and of the larynx itself, and if the lifestyle is not correct, the vocal apparatus may break down. The body must function as efficiently as possible and must be kept in good physical shape so as not to harm its singing apparatus.

As you know, vocal training requires a lot of energy, so you need to eat before a lesson or performance, the body should not be hungry, but it is also not necessary to overeat. Bundles at night should rest, they, like the whole body, need to recover.

In the process of singing a lesson you can drink plain water. If you are accustomed to quench your thirst with tea, then it is better to drink green or white tea. Although any tea is a little dry bundles. And one moment, tea should not be sweet. The sweet hour is not the closure of the ligaments. There is another delicate topic that is not usually spoken about aloud. For women, during menstruation for three days, one cannot practice singing, as blood rushes to the mucous membranes, ligaments thicken and good work during classes simply does not work out. And in general, everything can end badly: the formation of nodes on the ligaments or hemorrhage in the larynx.

If you are suddenly sick, you have a sore throat or a runny nose, you must wait for a full recovery, ligaments in this state are subjected to additional stress, and this is traumatic. The same goes for singing while intoxicated.

It is necessary to give up such a habit as smoking. Everybody knows the negative effect on the organism of this harmful habit: chemical substances settle on the ligaments, dry them, the edges of the ligaments coagulate, and the vibration is impeded. In addition, should not smoke and is located next to you.

A beginner can practice forty-five minutes a day. An advanced student will not be harmed in the amount of one and a half hours. The voice must be protected, the ligaments must be restored. You should also refrain from eating certain foods, such as nuts, seeds, cookies. Small particles of food cause a throat in the throat, it interferes with the work.

Voice hygiene is very important, because the quality of the sound, its fullness, strength and beauty depend on the state of the body. If you seriously decide to do vocal, then the rules that are given in the article should definitely help. Next time we'll talk about register singing. The theme is very important and complicated, but we will try to understand it and it will be another step towards path to vocal art.

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