Vishudha - the chakra of awareness and self-expression

Vishudkha, Ajna and Sahasrara are the three upper chakras in the energy system. When they are revealed, a person experiences a genuine need to serve people, he sees his mission in bringing good and light to the world, and this understanding directs his activity. Today we will talk about the fifth chakra - Vishuddha, which is also called the throat, as it is located on the surface of the neck, near the throat. Her element - the ether, air, color - blue (the energy of creativity, insight, ideas), the motto - "I say!". Vishudha is responsible for communication and self-expression.

Gifts of Vishuddha

In life, you communicate not only with other people and higher powers. You communicate, first of all, with yourself: your body, your thoughts, feelings, sensations. Therefore, the main communication takes place inside you. When you are healthy, the internal communication of cells in your body and the communication between the physical body and the energy bodies in which emotions and thoughts live occurs naturally. If a communication disorder occurs (for example, you pollute the body with unhealthy food, smoke and thereby deplete its strength) - the body starts sending you signals to draw attention to a state of imbalance (skin rash appears, headaches become more frequent, etc.). Vishudha is the chakra, due to the development of which your contact with the physical body improves, and you begin to hear it.. You notice the signals of the body, more consciously look at your internal impulses, needs and feelings and see their consequences, watch everything happening around and ask yourself why this is happening, what is your personal responsibility and how to act. In other words, the opened fifth chakra gives you the awareness and understanding that your thought is an active pure energetic force that affects the whole world. She grants the ability to hear the voice of the universe and to perceive deep knowledge, to get inspiration and create.

Ability to express yourself

When the throat chakra is balanced, the person expresses emotions, thoughts, knowledge confidently and freely. He knows how to speak with everyone in his language, diagnose another person by the characteristics of the voice and sounds that accompany the word and give it additional meaning. The internal integrity of a person with an open Vishuddha allows him to be flexible in his judgments, free, and independent. He has the right idea about himself, confidently expresses his opinion, his feelings and reason are in unity. On the other hand, he carefully listens to others. The ability to express oneself creates internal depth, a correct understanding of the laws of the Universe, tolerance for opinions and feelings different from one’s own. The work of the fifth chakra gives rise to a feeling of confidence in support from above and motivates a person to realize his mission, which goes far beyond personal aspirations.

Chakra imbalance

When Vishudha is blocked, a person does not realize how his thoughts and feelings affect the body and the physical reality in which he lives. He resists taking personal responsibility for his life and does not believe in his ability to create life, so he prefers to see the reasons for his failures and illnesses not in his behavior or intentions, but in the fact that "everything around is bad." A person does not hear his body and cannot establish a balance between emotions and logic. When the throat chakra is in disharmony, a person has difficulty expressing his uniqueness. This is often reflected in speech - it becomes confused and unclear, too loud, with hesitation. Imbalance of Vishudhi leads to low self-esteem, constant self-criticism, fear of self-expression. At the same time, a person ceases to hear and understand the true meaning of spoken words.

On the physical level, the fifth chakra controls the throat, hands, neck, ears, face, mouth, teeth. Therefore, a weakened Vishudha can be identified by sore throat, sore throat, cough, runny nose, problems with teeth, hearing, thyroid gland or persistent chills.

Chakra spiritual purpose

Pure Vishudha gives us state of detachment and the opportunity to find inner peace. We get the ability to be at some distance from our problems, thoughts, emotions. Often people cannot solve their problems because they are too involved in them, so they seek advice from friends who can assess the situation impartially. Opening the fifth chakra, we simultaneously develop the ability to be an observer, and, therefore, to live consciously. Vishudha is very important for climbing to collective spiritual consciousness. As soon as we become part of the whole, we begin to feel the state of our chakras and the chakras of other people. It is like finding a new understanding of the world and a new feeling - vibrational awareness.

Remember your destination!

Now you know that your fifth chakra is very important. Take care of her! For a good work of Vishuddha, take care of those organs with which it is connected on a physical level: avoid hypothermia, monitor the health of the throat and hands, do not smoke. Be attentive to the voice of your body, listen to the vibrations of the universe, live consciously. Express yourself openly, create and find inspiration in creating good, bring joy, give inner warmth - this is your ultimate mission. Fill every movement with love and kindness: let your hands create beauty and do good deeds, let the words come from the heart, use them for praise and gratitude, not for criticism and rudeness. Do not judge, do not mock, do not hurt, do not lie. Be generous to everyone, for you are one with everyone!

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