Tips "creative personality" from the writer tove jansson

Tove Jansson is not necessary to submit. Creative Personality - too. Who is a creative person? This is any person (each of us) who is not littered and not cluttered with absurd information (which fills this world) and therefore - can hear both himself (first of all) and really important things from the surrounding reality.

Well, and Tove Jansson - who is she? This is a man-model of such an approach to business. And one more small detail: a writer who never bothered, trying to serve a stupid crowd and stupid publishers, but quietly lived in the Mummi-Troll Valley she composed for herself. But in the end she made the whole world fall in love with this very valley and still a very tiny detail: she bought herself her personal island on the real Finnish land with the money she earned by writing. Like this.

writer Tove Jansson

If you follow the rules of life of Tove Jansson, then you are close to your personal island. And if you don’t, then the maximum you can count on is a bad apartment taken on a mortgage loan.

Tips for a Creative Person from Tove Jansson

(Do not forget Everyone is born of a creative person. But not everyone remains. And here we try!)

  1. Every morning, waking up to a NEW LIFE, anticipating, and, in advance - loving, all of its potential unknown possibilities,
  2. Do not overshadow the new day with the errors and concerns of the Eternal Day,
  3. To finally learn to understand that something incomprehensible around us can create only one sensation in a healthy person (guess what) Sensation - COMFORT. ("UNKNOWN" - this is the COMFORT. Who does not know ...),
  4. Learning to live as if you had just moved into an apartment, glad of it and you understand: “You shouldn't take all these things that seriously”,
  5. To begin, finally, to work in blessed solitude, where it is impossible for another invasion,
  6. Repair what has broken in your House
  7. Strive to do broken - usable - even in other people's (benevolent) homes and everywhere around you. (On the street). So - Existence is decorated !,
  8. Without any doubt to be able to - instantly evaluate the thing as worthless (or even dangerous!) And eliminate it in one sitting,
  9. Inspire others to do the same work
  10. Allow yourself the days of "absorbed reading excitedly" day and night. Do not ask yourself: "What kind of trash do you read?" and "Where do you waste your time?". Inspiration can even come from reading instructions for a tablet,
  11. To allow yourself the luxury of days in which you do not care about anything else, except - LISTEN TO MUSIC. The one that YOU need at the moment,
  12. To be able to resist any interference from outside. To set yourself up so that any intrusion with advice, suggestion is simply unthinkable for you,
  13. Eliminate from the personal space all the so-called "funny little things" that you never "amused." Fold these trinkets in a convenient box and send to a charity auction (trash can - in Russia),
  14. Instead of being offended by someone or something, learn to experience genuine relief. (Example: Oh! You gave me a bunch of hurtful words! Well, finally, you’ve discharged and I can understand better that you are so worried at the moment and that you don’t like me so much; you ate my cheese? Hurray! give up sweet snacks!),
  15. Learning to walk and knock with a hammer so that every sound you make on this earth PROMOTES A NEW EPOCH.

"Where to begin?".Start with tips nos. 8 and 13.

As the father of Tove Jansson said: "There should not be a single excess item in the boat." Of course, only if you are going to sail somewhere in this boat. And do not use it as a closet for folding junk.

The author: Elena Nazarenko

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