Three ways to beat emotional addiction

Any dependence on food, alcohol, another person, etc. - especially if it overgrows the boundaries of common sense, has only negative consequences. This is a disease from which to get rid of, and, the sooner the better. Sometimes it seems that there is no way out, but it is always there. In extreme cases, you can contact a psychologist. In the field of getting rid of emotional dependence, there are a large number of psychotechnologies actually working, and a competent specialist will easily select the key to solving your internal problems.

And what can you do on your own without resorting to "heavy artillery"? We offer you three effective ways to get rid of emotional dependence.

Why does emotional dependence arise?

The mechanism of emotional dependence is simple: loving, we give. Its time, mental strength, tenderness, but for someone it is expressed even in a material equivalent. One way or another, we are subconsciously waiting for our investments to return to us and even bring dividends. When for some reason this does not happen, it feels like “emotional bankruptcy” We would, as they say, “fight off”. But how to do that? Hence all the perennial unrequited feelings, the inability to forget the past and open oneself to new relationships. All because of emotional dependence.

Psychological tricks

There are many techniques. We present one of the most effective and simple. The technique of imaginative emotional therapy, its author is the famous psychologist Nikolai Linde. With the help of this technique, you can effectively regain the "capital" of feelings that was wasted on another person and gain emotional freedom. The technique is very simple, but extremely effective, the results can appear immediately.

To implement the technology turn on your imagination at full capacity. Feelings (tenderness, caring, etc.) that were “invested” in the partner must be presented in a specific, visualized image. It can be sunshine, beautiful flowers, precious stones, a gold watch (a symbol of time spent), and indeed anything. Such images are very individual. It is necessary to find this specific, personally colored image, to present it as clearly as possible in front of you (for example, lying on the table), and then mentally absorb it, draw it into yourself and dissolve it in your body. That's all. Perhaps, after the first exercise, you will feel a significant improvement in your emotional state.

Subtle matter

You can use the esoteric practice of removing unnecessary links. Even if you are a materialist and do not believe "in such things", treat this as the next psychological trick. It doesn’t matter - why, it’s important - it works! Relax and close your eyes. Try to imagine that you look at yourself. Your body is surrounded by energy fields that form an aura. Imagine that from your aura to reach out to other people hundreds of threads: with someone, connections are stronger, with someone thinner. It can be whole ropes and wires. Create an intention to find a thread that connects you with a specific person, then it should stand out among the rest. Imagine that you cut this communication channel, and so that the energy does not go into space - imagine how you seal it.

Personal growth

Emotional dependence indicates the human immaturity, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence. Fighting addiction helps personal growth. It differs from the previous methods, where imagination was required, then you will need will and hard work. But believe me, the result will surpass all expectations: you will not only get rid of emotional dependence, but also improve your life. Find a lesson that has long attracted you, but you considered it for some reason to be inaccessible. Mountaineering? Diving? Parachuting? What attracted you to your childhood or youth? Perhaps some kind of art? Remember all that is desirable and forbidden. Maybe just did not have enough time? Change the scope of activities? Get a second degree? In fact, everything is possible. Start exercising, and you will feel how the road blooms under your feet. When you go far enough, then from the perspective of a new experience, your past emotional connections will seem insignificant to you. And also - naive, almost childish, and, perhaps, a little - touching.

In the fight against emotional dependence do not need to fight with yourself. This is the way of self-destruction. We must fight for yourself! And not with the outside world, but with the psycho-emotional complex, which was formed in relation to the partner. After all, your ex-lover is objectively not guilty of your experiences. It is necessary to immediately get rid of anger and resentment, they only increase the emotional dependence, even changing its polarity from "plus" to "minus".

Especially for - Olga Farusy

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