The power of female energy

Know yourself

Energy, it turns out, can be feminine. And we can be filled with it in various ways: from choosing a hairstyle to donating to a charity foundation. But why do we need this energy, where should we direct it and what spheres of life should we feed it?

What is female energy and how to accumulate it?

Female energy - this is what allows a woman to be a Woman, gives her strength, fills her life with joy. There are many ways to find inner harmony and be filled with energy that gives us Vedic knowledge: to express love, to be creative, to travel, to create comfort, to develop spiritually, to take care of your body, etc. This can be learned from lectures psychologist Ruslan Narushevich.

Goal awareness

Knowing that energy is needed, women begin to accumulate it, store it: they arrange gatherings with friends, plant flowers, go to the park to feed the birds, sign up for yoga courses. And that's all. Energy saved up - what to do with it next? After all, what does not work is dead. Look at the perfect device of your body: each organ performs some vital function, its own mission. If some organ is deprived of the task and told him: just live, - in time he will die, because what does not work does not live. It is the same with energy - it needs to be sent somewhere.

Energy for yourself or for others?

If you save energy for yourself, ultimately, it will devastate, for the light should shine for someone. The lighthouse, which shines only in order to see the reflections of its light on the water, and not in order to light the way for others, is not needed by anyone. Why save power if they can not be given away? Why buy a beautiful set if there is no one to drink tea? Why paint a picture that can not take anyone to the wonderful world of magic and miracles? Why set the table if no one is sitting behind it?

Calling Women

Woman’s vocation is to bestow, inspire, radiate. This is her mission. Carry love and wisdom, share the inner light, give the world beauty, inspire your man, protect your family, transfer warmth and care to those who need them. You can read about the purpose of a woman in the article Purpose of a Woman - to illuminate the world with beauty. Only the surrendered can be considered alive. Only expressed love can be called love. Only shown participation is recognized by our heart.

Serving others

The real value and need of the soul is to serve others.. If you look around you will see how much you can do for the world. It is more pleasant to give than to receive gifts. It is much more joyful to give, than to accept, to help - than to remain indifferent, to do good - than to live alone, to decorate the planet - than to litter it, to show sensitivity - than to walk past, to sincerely smile - than to look frowningly, to stretch your hand - than to turn away, hug - than leave by slamming the door.

We often say that the world is so cruel and so unjust that people have become so far from each other, and there’s no help waiting. But do we help others so much? Why not understand a simple thing - the world begins with me and so much depends on how much I do for it. Smiled - the world became brighter, planted a flower - more beautiful, helped the passerby - kinder, hugged her husband - more beautiful.

Serving others gives energy a hundredfold more than pride and indifference. Therefore, love and nourish the world with your feminine energy, fulfill your own destiny and carry the light!